My Tiny Senpai – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

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In episode 7 of My Tiny Senpai, Takuma and Shiori meet up at the shrine and immediately set out to explore the gathering. Then they band together in order to make sure the girl in need of help feels secure. Yutaka and Akane talk about their relationship while imagining them as parents to a child in the future.

Shiori and Takuma go back to work shortly after the break. Shiori thinks she towers over her new friend at their first meeting. However, it turns out that all she has on is a pair of boots.

Afterwards, Ishiyama from PR approaches Takuma with requests for work that go beyond what his senpai has approved. Shiori arrives just in time to defend her Kohai, derailing his attempts at persuasion. That evening, however, Ishiyama repeats the same trick on Hayakawa, causing her to put in unpaid extra hours.

Since Akane is the manager, he obviously inquires about her late hours at work. He advises her to stop doing favours for other people and says he’ll have a talk with Ishiyama regarding this. Later, during dinner, Akane and Hayakawa catch up on each other’s romantic lives. Interestingly enough, that’s where they meet Yutaka, and then they all have a fantastic time together.

On a Sunday morning, Takuma realises that he feels unusually heavy, and he wonders if he is experiencing sleep paralysis. Yutaka, who desperately needs to get more pictures of Shiori, is in fact seated on top of him in order to wake him up.

Takuma’s sister has proven to have an obsession with his senpai from the moment she met her and hopes he will eventually date her. However, Takuma is less forthright about his emotions and has not yet taken any action in response to her advances. Strangely, he doesn’t even have any Shiori pictures on his cell phone.

Takuma remembers the time he spoke with Shiori and thinks it would be great to have pictures of the two of them together. But he wonders if he should even be asking for it.

Yutaka grabs Takuma’s cell phone while he’s distracted, texts Shiori about how much he is missing her and the fact that he wishes he had a picture of her on his phone. Takuma grows frantic when she reveals that she has already messaged his senpai without his knowledge.

Shiori, meanwhile, has a hard time accepting that Takuma would send her such a text. She heads to the shower to get cleaned up before she sends him a picture. When she eventually does come back, however, Takuma has already apologised to her and explained that his sister had been the one who had sent the text.

Since Takuma is constantly too quiet and reserved to make requests for pictures, the above scenario makes much more logical sense to Shiori. What’s interesting is the fact that Shiori responds by asking if he’s sure he doesn’t want a picture of her. When it comes to making a move, Takuma simply freezes under the pressure. He tells his sister she needs to say she’s sorry.

Yutaka listens to her sibling and additionally sends multiple pictures of her sibling to Shiori. Takuma worries regarding what his senpai will think of him the next day when he returns to the workplace. When he runs into her on the street, he is taken aback by how normal she appears to be.

To avoid asking for separate photos, Shiori suggests they pose for a shot together instead. The manager sneaks up on them from behind some bushes and seizes the opportunity to snap a photo of them together.

The Episode Review

Throughout episode 7, Yutaka and Akane keep wishing for Takuma and Shiori to become a couple. Following the holidays, Ishiyama approaches Takuma with an assignment, though it turns out that it truly is not his responsibility. Even though Shiori stands up for her Kohai, he later attempts to pull the same thing on Hayakawa and forces her to work extra hours.

The episode maintains the same tone as previous episodes. The episode is humorous, pleasant, and entertaining. This episode contained significantly fewer cringe-worthy moments than previous episodes, which is an excellent move by the writers. Overall, the episode was a fairly fun watch.

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