My Tiny Senpai – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

When It Comes To Him, I’m Not Sure Yet…

In episode 4 of My Tiny Senpai, Hayakawa sets out to attend the otaku event as it is taking place in the city after all. She gets quite upset regarding how far away the event is being held and is grumbling to herself regarding the inconvenience that comes with it.

At that point, the manager approaches Hayakawa, who is startled to see him because he clearly knows her. She explains that she isn’t who he believes her to be because she feels embarrassed. The situation is clearly absurd, and Akina ends up complimenting her on her interests. She attempts to write a manga manuscript later that evening but is unsuccessful despite staying up late. 

Shinozaki observes Hayakawa appearing exhausted while at work the following day. Shortly after, unexpectedly, Akina invites her to dinner. During their conversation that night, he says that he would like to accompany her to an otaku gathering. Hayakawa is shocked because she had anticipated him judging her.

The friendship between Shinozaki and Hayakawa is eventually brought up by Akina and Katase the following day. Following that, the topic of various workplace relationships comes up.

Once Shinozaki and Hayakawa meet for a meal, the latter tells him that the manager learned that she counts herself as an otaku. She feels fortunate that he is unaware of her obsession with BL manga series though. Funnily, Akina and Katase, who were sitting at the table behind them, had been listening in and have now joined them.

Shinozaki is taken aback when Katase greets him on the occasion of Halloween while dressed as a pumpkin. Unexpectedly, Akina, who is seated at the desk sporting cat ears, also appears in a celebratory mood. Hayakawa feels embarrassed when he forces her to put on one as well once she goes to speak with him. Despite her strong desire to remove them, she lacks the courage to speak directly with the manager about it.

Shinozaki and Katase enjoy sweets together shortly afterwards that day. Katase opens up her mouth and requests that Shinozaki feed one to her. He now experiences embarrassment. He slowly gathers all of his boldness and tries to feed Katase, though it is already too late. Unaccompanied, Katase devours a bit of chocolate.

She begins smothering Hayakawa in kisses as soon as she walks into the room, and Akina takes pictures of them doing so. Turns out, she is out of control because she consumed one of the sweets containing alcohol. She leaves Hayakawa and goes to speak to the manager. Thereafter, she acknowledges her boss’s dedication to work.

Katase ultimately directs her gaze at Shinozaki. She thinks back to his initial days at the firm and is pleased with his achievements. He receives an emotional hug from her. Akina believes that this happens an excellent opportunity to inquire about her opinion of Shinozaki personally. Interestingly, Katase says she’s unsure whether she likes him yet.

The Episode Review

The episode primarily focuses on the budding connection between Hayakawa and Akina. Their growing bond is endearing and adorable, but just like Katase and Shinozaki’s situation, it is shallow. The episodes contain a fair amount of humour as well. It’s not the kind of humour that many people will appreciate, though.

The show gives a lot of weight to physical appearance. While that is extremely important, superficial relationships are difficult to root for. It will be interesting to see how things progress in the upcoming episodes.

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