My Tiny Senpai – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Is This How I Look To You?

In episode 3 of My Tiny Senpai, at work, Akina is attempting to play matchmaker yet again. He is seen interacting with Shinozaki, telling him about the past and how Shiori was thrilled to have him work for her. She overhears the conversation and is embarrassed and shy. Following that, we are transported back in time and see things through both of their eyes.

From Shinozaki’s perspective, he thinks Shiori is staring at him to keep a close eye on his mistakes. From Shiori’s viewpoint, she is incredibly excited to have someone work under her and she wants to be as helpful as possible.

Shiori and Shinozaki discover a crane game with stuffed animals on their way back to the office. The two kinds of teddies in the game remind them of each other. He attempts to win the teddies to give her after seeing how excited she is about them. He does not win the teddy on his first two attempts. On his third attempt, though, he wins two of each kind. He then gives both teddies to Shiori, who is overjoyed.

At work, their superior asks them to come up with ideas for a dating website. They have never been in a relationship before, so they have little to offer. At home, the two teddies remind Shiori of her and Shinozaki. When the feminine teddy falls on the masculine-looking teddy, she imagines herself getting close to Shinozaki. She quickly pulls herself together and attempts to stop herself from getting carried away while blushing.

The Episode Review

Episode 3 advances the anime’s plotline and it discloses how Shiori and Shinozaki initially met through Akina, their superior. The episode is lighthearted, charming, and chock-full of sexual innuendos. The one thing the anime appears to lack is depth.

At this point, My Tiny Senpai appears to be focusing on superficial factors such as attractiveness. While that is crucial, so is the other side of the coin. It’ll be interesting to get to know the protagonists as people and the qualities they admire in each other, aside from their physical attractiveness.

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