My Tiny Senpai – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Shall We Go Somewhere Before We Head Home?

Episode 5 of My Tiny Senpai begins with Shiori and Akina discussing how they intend to contribute to the office Christmas party. Shinozaki overhears their conversation and concludes that Shiori loves Christmas. He continues by telling himself that at the very least, she will be there for Christmas.

The scene then shifts to Shiori and Shinozaki attending a client meeting. Following the meeting, they come across a store that sells loungewear. She imagines him looking adorable in the bear-themed loungewear. Shinozaki, on the other hand, considers how adorable she would look in the bunny-themed loungewear.

They are walking when they come across two bloggers who think they are a couple. When Shiori explains that they aren’t, the female blogger begs her to pretend that they are for her video. Shiori agrees when the blogger says they barely get any views. Following that, Shiori and Shinozaki playfully pretend to be a couple, answering the bloggers’ questions. Later that day, the video becomes popular, and Shiori is utterly embarrassed.

Shiori and Shinozaki’s coworkers ask if they’re dating the following day. They clarify that they aren’t while growing extremely embarrassed. A few days later, Christmas arrives. Shiori, Shinozaki, Akina, and Hayakawa can be seen enjoying themselves at the office party. When Shinozaki sees Shiori walking alone to the station after the party, he asks if he can accompany her and she enthusiastically says yes.

They appear to have a great time walking together and bond quite well. Shiori then asks Shinozaki if he has any plans for Christmas. When he says he doesn’t, she suggests they go somewhere else before returning home, to which he agrees. They exchange gifts after spending more time together. She gives him the bear loungewear while he gives her the bunny loungewear. Both appear overjoyed as a consequence of this.

Following that, Akina and Hayakawa appear out of nowhere and start teasing the two. They even push them to share their contact details with each other which ends up with Shiori and Shinozaki exchanging phone numbers. Shiori and Shinozaki too push Akina and Hayakawa to do the same. As a consequence, they share their phone numbers with each other.

The Episode Review

The episode advances both love stories in the narrative and additionally marks a significant turning point. This episode features the exchange of contact information between Shiori and Shinozaki, and Hayakawa and Akina. It is entertaining and endearing but also quite cringe-inducing. The anime frequently pushes cringe-worthy awkwardness and cuteness, which can make for an uncomfortable viewing experience.

The show prioritises physical attraction while downplaying emotional intimacy. While attraction is necessary, focusing solely on it can occasionally cause the show to become overly superficial because viewers want to get to know the characters and their relationship with each other on a more personal level.

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