Mythomaniac Season 2 Ending: Recap, Review & Final truths revealed

The Final Truth

Episode 6 of Mythomaniac Season 2 begins with the family rocked by Nonno’s passing. Everyone gets dressed up for his funeral, although Patrick is a little uneasy with Sandrine tagging along given she hardly knew him. It also doesn’t help that she course-corrects his sadness at the service, pointing out that Nonno is his ex father-in-law.

What happens at the funeral?

The one person who’s not at the funeral is Lorenzo, who obviously dropped that almighty bombshell reveal about his mum at dinner several episodes back. And he’s not alone in his absence. Another who’s missing is Carole, who continues to embrace the Awakening with open arms.

Anyway, the funeral continues on and this strangely enticing blend of comedy and drama that Mythomaniac has always flirted with continues as the eulogies are read. Unfortunately, nothing really goes to plan. The music doesn’t play, Virginie refuses to speak up and Sandrine continues her icy hold over Patrick’s grief.

Eventually though the family head outside to have pizza, discussing what to do with Nonno’s ashes. Well, the kids decide to take it in turns keeping him in their rooms, which is a nice way of keeping up traditions, I guess. Only, Sandrine has a phobia of urns. Because of course she does.

What happens with the kids after the funeral?

Now, there’s obviously been a lot of ups and downs between Renan and Sam but given time has passed now, they’re in a very different place. Renan arrives after the funeral and learns Sam is about to start school soon. Renan meanwhile, is on the verge of getting his work published. He’s currently living in Paris but wants a roommate – something he propositions Sam about.

Virginie continues on with her party that evening, listening to music and eating buffet food. Elvira and Patrick are both there, catching up, while Sandrine is noticeably absent, given the tension growing between her and Virginie. Now, while Elvira and Patrick end up getting close and almost kissing upstairs, Carole returns and asks for 13,000 euros. These are fees for her time in the cult.

When they refuse, Carole heads back and packs up her things, preparing to leave. However, she’s offered the celestial grave as a gift, but that still leaves her 5000 euros to pay. So naturally she’s given an alternate; work on the boat owned by “The Hierarchy” and pay off her debts.

What is Elvira’s big secret?

Another big, lingering issue across this whole season has been Lorenzo. As we know, he was put into foster care as a child but a lot of this stems from what happened before that.

Elvira’s boyfriend (and Lorenzo’s father) was only every interested in having sex with her and just wanted to get physical. Given how young and naïve Elvira was at the time, she just went along with this – but unwillingly.

During a night together at an empty villa, he raped her and after the deed, Elvira tried to run away after being visibly spooked. Her partner followed, leading her to push the kid into the swimming pool.

Only, a tarp is covering it and he ended up struggling and drowned right there in front of Elvira that night. A part of Elvira wanted him to suffer and she stood and watched the boy drown.

As Elvira tells Patrick this after meeting at a motel in secret, he tells her it was an accident. For Elvira though, she’s convinced herself that she’s responsible for what happened. This now explains why she was so adamant on keeping Lorenzo away from her family.

How does Patrick react to this news?

This revelation, with the lies finally gone and the truth now out, encourages Patrick to do the same thing. He visits Minh Tri and the pair patch up their differences, with him even offering to go out for a beer some time.

As the episode comes to a close, we skip across to all of our different characters. With rain hammering outside, Carole prepares to join the Awakening on the boat, Virginie breaks down crying in Patrick’s arms while Renan heads over to see Sam, where the pair end up kissing.

How does Mythomaniac season 2 end?

Elvira meanwhile, heads out with her father’s urn while Lorenzo is now an expectant father. As he sits at a sunny café, sipping his drink and waiting for his partner to return, someone shows up, prompting Lorenzo to smile.

Who shows up to see Lorenzo?

It’s heavily implied here that this is Elvira, especially after she revealed the truth to Patrick earlier in the episode. There’s something of a poetic irony with the way everything plays out here, especially as so much of season 2 revolves around telling the truth. This is, of course, a stark contrast to the first where lies were the order of the day.

After Elvira’s confession, it would make sense for her to head over to visit Lorenzo, although it could also be Carole. Given we know she’s off on the boat with the Awakening, it could well be that she skipped out to see him. As we know, the pair have had their moments together this season and it could be a way of burying the hatchet.

Beyond those two though, it’s hard to point at anyone else being there. But what do you guys think? Who do you think is at the café?



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