My New Boss Is Goofy – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

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In the opening scene of My New Boss is Goofy Episode 5, Shirosaki informs Momose that they must leave early the next day for a business trip. They later find out that Aoyama and Kinjo are also traveling to Kumatte Land for advertising-related work.

Two separate narrative threads are then followed. The trip’s luxury and comforts make Momose ecstatic. However, he makes an effort to rein in his excitement so as not to offend Shirosaki.

Later, when Shirosaki and Momose arrive at an inn, Momose continues to exhibit enthusiasm. Shirosaki then requests a meeting following this. He quickly expresses regret for his overenthusiasm. Shirosaki, however, assures him that they can incorporate his enthusiasm as part of their advertisement. He then expresses gratitude to Momose for showing so much enthusiasm.

Aoyama and Kinjo, in the other timeline, visit the toy-themed amusement park for business purposes. They choose to go all out in order to break ground on an authentic advertisement.

While leaving to get home, rain starts pouring, and transit isn’t running. The PR personnel then recommend that they stay at the hotel within the amusement park.

While staying at the hotel, Kinjo falls sick but is too frightened to call for help. Aoyama, however, helps Kinjo in his recovery after learning of the situation. All four characters hope that their commercials do well at shooting stars as the episode concludes.

The Episode Review

After deciding to go on a business excursion, Momose and Shirosaki spend the fifth episode visiting a hot spring hotel. Simultaneously, Aoyama and Kinjo travel to Kumatte Land for a day of work. After staying at the hotel, Shirosaki realizes something necessary as he watches Momose simply enjoying his stay.

On the other hand, after ending their stroll through Kumatte Land, Aoyama and Kinjo are abruptly struck with severe rain as they make their way home. They are able to get a room at the hotel with the help of the public relations department. A cold, however, strikes Kinjo.

The characters, notably Momose and Aoyama, are too focused on themselves in this episode, as they were in the previous ones. This show is absurd and excessively coddles its characters, making for an annoying viewing experience because of its insistence on making a big deal out of relatively basic things like a manager scolding an employee for a job poorly done.

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