My New Boss Is Goofy – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

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In the first scene of My New Boss is Goofy Episode 4, Momose and Shirosaki are at a restaurant, sitting across from each other. Kinjo, another guy, receives a call from his boss. The boss scolds Kinjo for a job poorly done.

He does, however, see Momose’s goofy boss being pleasant and friendly with his employee. Consequently, Kinjo makes the snap decision to seek work with a manager similar to Shirosaki.

The following day, we learn that Kinjo has applied to the same workplace as Momose. He will be serving his new superior, Aoyama. Much like Shirosaki, we see that Aoyama too is incredibly friendly and helpful to Kinjo. Nevertheless, he’s also incredibly needy and needs a lot of attention.

Shirosaki, Momose, Kinjo, and Aoyama resolve to get together for drinks later that day. While seated together, the four of them share intimate details about their lives. We learn that Aoyama’s ex-wife had an affair with another man while he was away at work.

After a night of drinking with Shirosaki, Momose drops by to see his pet. However, he ends up falling asleep on the couch and spending the night there. He leaves quickly the next morning, feeling ashamed of himself for spending the night at his boss’s house. Shirosaki messages him later to express his appreciation for being taken home after a night of heavy drinking.

The Episode Review

In episode 4, Kinjo, who like Momose finds himself tormented by his supervisor, chooses to leave his position after witnessing a pleasant encounter between Momose and Shirosaki. Kinjo is able to make a career change and join the same firm as the other two, where he will be trained by Aoyama. And so it comes to pass that one day following work, Momose, Shirosaki, Aoyama, and Kinjo all agree to go out for drinks together.

Like the previous episodes, this one pushes unreasonable expectations in the workplace to the point where it becomes annoying. The central characters here seem incredibly self-absorbed to the point where they mistake abnormality for the norm. The bosses are not only pleasant and kind to work for, but also pamper their employees to an irritating degree.

We’re crossing our fingers that the show progresses and becomes more grounded in reality. However, at this point, the show is merely annoying.

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