My New Boss Is Goofy – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Ex-boyfriend? Ex-boyfriend?? Ex-boyfriend???

My New Boss is Goofy Episode 6 opens with Momose and Shirosaki at the office. The way Shirosaki turns his chair makes Momose think of his employer, who was rather violent. Momose tells himself in his inner monologue that Shirosaki is completely different from his previous boss. However, he is unable to overcome the unsettling sensation he’s experiencing.

The scene then shifts to Shirosaki occupied in his thoughts at home. Following that, he tries to take a photo of Hakuto, his cat. However instead of taking the intended shot, he takes a selfie.

Since Shirosaki has not responded to Momose’s messages, he gets restless and anxious at work. However, he and Kinjou later find Shirosaki’s phone in the refrigerator. The fact that Shirosaki wasn’t ignoring him eases Momose’s anxiety.

Momose happens to drop his phone in the fountain. Following that, he gets a new phone and takes Shirosaki with him to the shop. Though soon after, Momose receives a call from Kurono, his former boss. Without thinking, Momose freaks out and ignores his call. Following this, Shirosaki offers to drive him home and comforts him.

While in the cab, Shirosaki shows Momose a lot of kindness. Now, Momose answers the phone when his former boss calls again. His former employer keeps insulting him and threatens him with a visit to his house. Consequently, Shirosaki sides with Momose, and the two of them confront the former boss.

Momose is worried about his ex-boss paying a visit to his house after the call. Following that, Shirosaki extends an invitation for him to stay at his home. Despite his initial reservations, Momose agrees to move in with him.

The Episode Review

In episode 6, Momose opts to switch cellphone models shortly after dropping the phone into a fountain. His anxiety levels skyrocket when he receives an unexpected call from his previous employer Kurono.

Concerned regarding Momose, Shirosaki sets out to privately see him home. For as long as anyone can remember, Momose has avoided dealing with the wounds from his past. As a consequence of Shirosaki’s touching and personal story, Momose musters up the bravery to confront Kurono.

Similar to prior episodes, this episode stays true to the show’s tone while delving deeper into the plot. While I found the plot to be entertaining overall, I can see how some viewers could find it frustrating because it centres so heavily on Momose’s violent boss and how his character develops around it.

The show seems to have potential. However, it seems to be squandering it by fixating on a single arc endlessly. We’ll have to stay tuned to see where the show goes from here on, as we’re hoping things pick up soon.

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