My Name – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Horrifying Truth

Episode 6 of My Name begins with Mujin alive – but barely. Far enough away from prying police eyes, Taeju drops him off with a burner that he claims is safe. Mujin’s destination is a reclusive mountain temple, where he’s patched up by a monk there. However, Jiwoo is most certainly not safe.

Following her actions, shooting Gangjae in cold blood, she’s in hot water with the police. Before she can face the music, Pil-Do heads over to her place and shares a drink. He knows she shouldn’t be alone and encourages her to loosen up and find some hobbies to occupy her mind.

Given how tightly wound she is, Jiwoo loosens slightly and opens up about her past, including how Gangjae tried to rape her. This is enough for Pil-Do to understand what’s driving her, slipping away that night when he believes Jiwoo is asleep.

In the morning, Jiwoo receives a package outside from Gangjae; his final act of defiance. This happens to contain a picture of the police force with her father front and center. Only, her father happens to sport the name of Song Joonsu. Now, given Cha said that he died shortly after joining the narcotics team and Sergeant Cho was killed for knowing too much, could it be that the police are involved after all?

Jiwoo is determined to find out the truth and heads up to the temple where Mujin is currently recovering. There, he confirms that Donghoon was, in fact, an officer but he flipped on them and shifted his allegiance. He saved Mujin’s life, which served as the catalyst for when everything changed.

Mujin never told Jiwoo all of this because, well, he wanted her to have conviction and find out for herself. This has been a lesson he’s been trying to instill in her all this time, reinforcing that Donghoon lived and died by the organization. Will Jiwoo do the same? Well, according to Mujin, Cha is the one who killed her father as he couldn’t face the betrayal.

Pil-Do remains dedicated to finding and stopping Mujin no matter what, but his dedication to the team and Captain Cha could well prove to be a decisive point. In fact, it’s so decisive that Mujin doubts Jiwoo’s ability to pull the trigger and instead tasks Taeju with killing the police captain.

Taeju does just that, showing up in Cha’s apartment that night and stabbing him numerous times. However, Cha gets a few good shots off to Mujin’s right-hand man but slips away just as Jiwoo shows up at his apartment. She uses her bare hands to head inside, despite noticing the blood on the doorknob, and remains determined to find out the truth. Cha fires off a shot but it wildly misses her.

Finding out that she’s Jiwoo, Cha weakly grabs an envelope and passes it over to her, just as Pil-Do shows up. When he breaks in, Jiwoo slips out the window and makes it back to her car. In doing so, we find out the truth about Sanghoon.

It turns out Jiwoo’s father was deep undercover and gave Mijun a gold lighter. Unbeknownst to him, it had a tracker inside which Mujin found out by accident after using it to beat up one of his subordinates in the office. When the tracker slipped out on the floor, Mujin is livid and realizes he has a mole in the organization.

To make matters worse, Mujin also finds a typewriter and numerous reports sent back to HQ. It turns out Donghoon was a cop through and through until the end. Cha even had a final letter from her dad, reinforcing this fact.

Within the letter, Donghoon’s final goodbye is all too much for Jiwoo who finds herself distraught and shaken by what she’s done. Determined to get rid off the organization’s mark, she takes a lighter to her chest.

The Episode Review

The truth comes crashing down as Jiwoo finds herself sickened by the thought of working for the very people she’s been trying to hunt. This now makes Cho’s words about Mujin being the devil ring a lot truer as his fatherly influence has been completely misplaced to turn Jiwoo into his own personal pawn in this game.

Captain Cha looks like he may have a tough fight on his hands now, given how much blood he’s lost, and it’ll be interesting to see how the Narcotics team respond to this.

The acting from Han So-Hee at the end there as she discovers the truth is absolutely heartbreaking and incredibly well acted. The whole scene perfectly shows her kaleidoscope of emotion and it’s no wonder that she’s as torn up as she is.

It would appear as if Jiwoo is about to get her revenge and double-down on working for the Narcotics team but of course, her role at the police is still in question.

Either way, the final two episodes look set to explode in dramatic fashion.

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