My Name – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Deep Breath

Episode 7 of My Name begins with Jiwoo in hospital waiting to hear from the captain. He’s hurt, having been in surgery for four hours while Pil-Do confirms they’ve found blood and fingerprints at the scene. Are they Jiwoo’s?

Mujin realizes that Jiwoo has uncovered the truth and decides she needs to be killed. It doesn’t take long before Jiwoo is grabbed outside her apartment, a bag thrown over her head and three goons dragging her to a bath full of water, ready to drown her. However, Jiwoo hits back.

Taeju steps into the scene when Jiwoo dispatches the other goons and reveals the harrowing truth. It wasn’t actually Mujin that killed Donghoon after all, it was him. He was the one who landed the killer blow. Jiwoo manages to thwart the threat of Mujin’s subordinate as the pair fight, eventually leading to Jiwoo killing Taeju.

Meanwhile, Pil-Do and the other officers receive a tip-off from the temple about Mujin. Only, they don’t actually have to wait given the crime boss shows up at the police station on his own accord.

Now, it turns out Mujin has his own agenda here, which comes from antagonizing Pil-Do about Cha and claiming these officers are prey for the predators (that being Mujin.) Mujin’s lawyer happens to be Ms Kang, who walks past the officers nonchalantly and sits with Mujin while he’s being interrogated.

When Jiwoo shows up, Mujin reveals that he’s going to prove his innocence. However, Jiwoo is quick to dispel this confidence, claiming the mole (herself) can’t be used anymore. She also mentions the warrant they’re about to obtain, which will arrive in a little under a hour. According to Mujin though, he can prove he’s not the one responsible for his heinous actions.

This proof comes in two forms. First up, the knife that Mujin used is removed from evidence while the police check the CCTV footage from the night of Cha’s death and realize it matches Jiwoo’s car and description.

Jiwoo somehow manages to skip out the front of the station, as Pil-Do can only watch in shock as she takes off. How on earth did none of the other officers stop her? Anyway, she gets away with the knife, subsequently resulting in Mujin released thanks to a lack of evidence against him. It would appear as if Jiwoo is planning this to get her revenge on the crime boss. It’s also a test too on Mujin’s part, determined to see how far Jiwoo is willing to go for her cause.

Pil-Do is unsure what to believe, reflecting back on Jiwoo’s moments of vulnerability while our protagonist grabs the knife and throws it in the water in the middle of a long stretch of road. She’s alone and it would seem that she’s going after Mujin on her own.

Meanwhile, Mujin heads back to Dongcheon Gym where he finds Taeju’s corpse ready for him, serving as a warning that Jiwoo is ready to come for him now.

After paying her respects to her father, Jiwoo prepares to leave… but is stopped by Pil-Do. He figures out that she’s at the crematorium, thanks to an earlier inquisitive eye at her apartment. There was no urn on the wall and as such, Pil-Do realized she was seeing off her father.

Pil-Do quickly arrests Jiwoo while Mujin decides to have Kang do everything she can to release her from custody. Why? Well, apparently he wants her to come for him. I guess he owes her that much. So while Kang sets to work figuring this out, Pil-Do sits down with Jiwoo and demands she open up and tell him her real name.

The Episode Review

A few plot contrivances are just starting to creep in now as this story draws nearer to its conclusion. Specifically, this comes from how on earth Jiwoo managed to leave the police station so easily when officers are supposed to be chasing her. Surely they would have alerted everyone and she’d be captured a lot sooner? And that’s before mentioning not running the plates on her motorcycle or chasing after her using CCTV footage to track her down.

Gripes aside though, this is another good episode, albeit one that’s not quite at the lofty heights we’ve seen from the middle chapters of this season. Essentially this serves as a proverbial deep breath for the intense finale to come.

Seeing Pil-Do confront Jiwoo at the end like that is a nice touch, although Mujin’s motives over letting her be released is a little sketchy. Either way though the final episode certainly promises to be quite the dramatic affair.

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