My Name – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Sting Operation

Episode 5 of My Name begins with Gangjae stabbing Jiwoo in the leg. It’s a nasty, piercing blow and the twist that ensues gives off a sickening sound. However, all off this is a ploy to bring Mujin out into the open, as Gangjae takes a picture of Jiwoo and sends it on to him.

Given Mujin has already been stabbed in the gut, he’s not exactly in a great position but he drives to meet his former subordinate nonetheless .Only, both Pil-Do and Jiwoo are handcuffed in a car, which is dropped into crusher.

With time running out, Jiwoo manages to slip out to safety, thanks to Mujin driving square into the controls used to drop the crane and stopping it. As police sirens wail, Jiwoo manages to save Pil-Do before it’s too late, allowing Mujin to slip away.

When Captain Cha and the others show up, they notice the black car that’s driven straight into the controls and start to grow suspicious. Mujin though manages to make it back to his empire, where he’s patched up and deep in thought. Taeju is not happy that Mujin has sacrificed himself twice for Jiwoo, but he challenges his right-hand man, asking just what he’s done to make himself trustworthy.

Speaking of trust, Pil-Do decides to put faith in his partner, as Jiwoo undergoes surgery and recovers from her wounds. While she does, big changes are made to the Narcotics team as they’re now commissioned to carry firearms.

At the same time, Taeju steps up his efforts to find Gangjae, interrogating Cheol-Ho and trying to find out the truth. This cat and mouse game continues, as Mujin’s goons and the Narcotics department both remain determined to get their hands on Gangjae first.

When Jiwoo awakens, Pil-Do is there and he talks about his little sister. Her beer was actually spiked in the past, resulting in her death, which explains why he’s so adamant on doing the right thing for Narcotics. He doesn’t know who’s responsible but he is determined to catch as many dealers and bring them to justice. Knowing about Jiwoo’s past from her file, Pil-Do remains determined to help her out.

Jiwoo’s confliction continues as she heads out for lunch with the other detectives on the force. They have chamomile tea for her (the same drink she gave Mujin to help with his insomnia) and they have some hot food. Unfortunately this closeness also has the adverse effect of Taeju watching from afar and snapping pictures, sending them on to Mujin of her possible compromise.

Knowing that his “friend’s daughter” is deep undercover, he decides to commission her a ticket out of this set-up. When Jiwoo finds out that night, Mujin demands that she follow his instructions and leave the country.

Ji-Woo refuses though, despite the dangers of staying on, as Captain Cha steps up his efforts to find out the truth. In fact, he has Jiwoo’s phone bugged, with all calls received and sent monitored from now on.

Only, at the station Jiwoo runs into Sergeant Cho who seems to recognize her. He claims it’s from the Violent Crimes Department but Jiwoo is not so sure.

Inside the office, Cha and Cho discuss Jiwoo and how she completely disappeared off the grid. Cho remains tightlipped about the truth, but when Jiwoo meets him in private later on, he’s quick to divulge why. He spills that Donghoon’s murder was buried by Cha and wishes her luck. Is he telling the truth? Or is this another mind game? Either way, a big manhunt is issued to try and find Gangjae.

Sergeant Cho though heads down to the docks and questions Mujin over what he’s doing with Jiwoo. He scoffs and claims Mujin is the devil. Cho is also a junkie though and after seemingly buying off his silence all this time, Mujin is convinced that his silence needs to be permanent this time. With chains weighing him down, the man is killed and thrown in the water.

Returning to his empire, Jiwoo rings and tells Mujin that Gangjae is fleeing via a boat out the country. Only, before he does Gangjae actually rings Captain Cha and decides to give them some intel. In order to catch Mujin, he wants immunity and if they grant him that, he’ll give the police what they want.

The trouble is, this all seems to be leading toward a big confrontation that’s going to get Jiwoo into some serious hot water.

While Gangjae waits in position, Choi Mujin and the others show up. They’re completely surrounded by the Narcotics Department officers, who are ordered to stay in position by Captain Cho. Waiting for most of the soldiers to be injured or incapacitated, Cho gives the order for them all to move in.

Gangjae skips away from the crowd and leads Mujin to a secluded area suspended above the ground. Jiwoo, unaware of the sting operation, shows up and charges toward where the pair are fighting. Pil-Do also happens to be there, and watches as his partner charges into the thick of action.

In fact, Gangjae stabs Mujin numerous times but just before hitting the killing blow, Jiwoo shows and holds him up at gunpoint. Now, if Gangjae confesses everything then her cover is blown. So naturally, she shoots him twice and watches as he falls to the ground (a little too slowly I may add) while Pil-Do witnesses this act. Mujin though manages to slip away, thanks to Taeju arriving just in time.

The Episode Review

This explosive chapter of My Name combines great action, tense set-pieces and some really clever character work to make it the best of the season so far. There’s some great work done here by all the different actors and the blurred line I mentioned before about right and wrong is starting to become ever-more confusing.

It would appear as if Sergeant Cho is working in collusion with Mujin to stay quiet, which would back up the idea that Mujin is actually the one responsible for Jiwoo’s father passing away. That’s still speculation at this point but it does seem like that’s where the show is going.

However, understanding more about Pil-Do and seeing him warm toward Jiwoo is a nice touch, and it’s one that continues to see Jiwoo’s resolve shake as she finds herself torn between two worlds. The chamomile tea is another very nice and subtle nod toward these bonds of friendship.

Either way though, My Name has been a thoroughly enjoyable watch so far and the ending hints that we’ve got lots more drama to come in the final three episodes.

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