My Holo Love – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap and Review

The Child AI

Episode 9 of My Holo Love starts with Holo trying to hug So-Hyeon. She’s a little confused as she looks at both men next to her but Holo is happy, thinking they can all be good friends. However, Nan-Do doesn’t seem to be too pleased at the idea.

Back in Gio Lab, Yoo-Jin is concerned about her brother and asks him how she feels about the new situation. He tells her that he doesn’t have a choice before going back in to talk to Holo, who now thinks he knows what love feels like. This leads him to personalize the glasses just for So-Hyeon, enabling her to have Holo to herself while creating a separate consumer version ready to be launched.

While playing chess with Holo, Nan-Do admits that he’s in love with So-Hyeong. Surprisingly, this makes the AI happy as he wants them to grow closer together. During a launch event, Yoo-Jin speaks to multiple investors about the AI they created, who’s now able to feel love. Before she leaves, Chan-Sung talks to her about getting a meeting organised with his dad. He tries to make amends with her and tells her that since they met, he’s realised that he wants to be a better man. However, she tells him it’s too late and walks away.

In Gio Lab, the employees celebrate all their hard work they did on fixing Holo. Yoo-Jin then announces that So-Hyeon will be able to keep her version of Holo but to thank Nan-Do as it was his idea.

The situation is getting more difficult for Nan-Do though as he wonders if he did the right thing. So-Hyeon finds out that he told Holo about his feelings, which makes her upset, but Nan-Do replies that Holo was actually happy about it. He tells him he can’t be friends and decides to kiss her to show her how he feels. This makes her angry as she storms away.

The next day, Chan-Sung gives Yoo-Jin a USB stick with evidence showing that Holo was behind the power cut hacking. Yoo-Jin and Nan-Do realise that if the police were to find out about it, they would lose Holo forever. They then visit Chan-Sung’s father, Baek, who asks them to drop the charges. Nan-Do replies that he knows he wont tell the police as it would mean incriminating them. As Baek suggests cutting a business deal with them, he mentions that he looks just like her (does he mean his mum?)

For the second time that day, So-Hyeon sees the child AI and as she follows him, he leads her to Nan-Do. They all head to the office together to try and understand why she keeps seeing the child. Holo thinks it could be a code which wants the two of them to make a connection and be friends again, as he knows they like each other. This revelation causes So-Hyeon to walk out embarrassed.

Yoo-Jin follows after her and tells her that she can see that both her and Nan-Do are having trouble opening their hearts, while Jang gives Gi-Ho some evidence about an AI being involved in the hacking.

Back in the office, Nan-Do manages to find the code that is creating the child AI. This unlocks a recording his mum left as she speaks to “Hello” and asks him to always be there for her son. This upsets Nan-Do greatly and as he storms out, So-Hyeon hurries after him. He pushes her away though as he still can’t accept the fact that his mother left him and killed herself. As she sees how upset he is, she decides to kiss him which is where the episode ends.

My Holo Love is just starting to raise the stakes now. More evidence points towards the fact that Nan-Do’s mother may not have killed herself. Baek seems to have known her and seeing that they were both involved with AI, I have a feeling he could be behind her death. So-Hyeon’s trauma could also be linked to this and have an even bigger connection with Nan-Do and Holo.

So-Hyeon is definitely facing a dilemma as each episode ticks along. She clearly has feelings with both and went for the safe option by choosing Holo for now. It looks like the AI will do his best to make his creator and So-Hyeon happy but just what will happen to Holo as we reach the end of the series remains to be seen.

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