My Holo Love – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap and Review


Episode 8 of My Holo Love starts as So-Hyeon realizes that Holo has forgotten her. He tells her that he wants his memories back but at the moment he is unable to leave the screen and the virtual room he is locked in. This causes Nan-Do, Jin-Seok and Yoo-Jin to discuss Holo and question what they can do to fix him. Nan-Do tells them he’s trapped in a locked room but only he can find the key to get out. So-Hyeon then arrives and offers her help.

Yoo-Jin receives a call from Chan-Sung and as they meet realizes that he has deceived her; it was his company who was after their AI. She storms away then relays her findings to her brother.

The next day, Nan-do tests Holo’s abilities and then his morality by asking him questions about love and their situation. Next, So-Hyeon speaks to him about what he uses to be like to see if it could trigger his memories. After speaking to her mum on the phone, she heads into the lounge and sees Yoo-Jin drinking. She tells her that she understands how she feels as she has also been betrayed by someone close to her. However, she explains that Nan-Do acted that way because she is the first person he has ever liked. After showing her his room, she reveals that he created Holo, who is the opposite of himself, as a way to cope.

The next morning, Nan-Do and So-Hyeon have another awkward encounter at breakfast. Nan-Do remains quite cold towards her but suggests heading out with the glasses to see if they can trigger Holo’s memories.

Meanwhile, Yoo-Jin arrives in the police station to give them a file with evidence against Magic Mirror, while Nan-Do and So-Hyeon reach the rooftop of her building. She realizes that he was the stalker all along and she did in fact kiss him when she was drunk. She berates him about it and heads to the other places she went with Holo.

They then decide to re-enact the scene where they first met, when Holo asked Yoo-Jin to drop the glasses in her bag. Nan-Do puts them on and as she walks towards him she seems disturbed, while Holo starts to remember but tells them that it wasn’t the first time he met her. Nan-Do finally tells her his name which makes her remember him from her childhood. They then realize that Holo has gone back to the first version called “Hello” that Nan-Do created when he was a child.

This leads them to the orphanage where he first created the AI. The headmistress gives him his portable computer his mum gave him but quickly becomes upset and tells her to get rid of it. Storming out, So-Hyeon hurries after him and tells her that his mum gave it to him just before she killed herself. Meanwhile, Yoo-Jin and her people meet with Chan-Sung to discuss a settlement figure following their hacking attack. Chan-Sung goes to see his dad afterwards to tell him that they should worry about the police who are onto them. His dad replies that the charges will be dropped soon and suggests organizing a meeting with Yoo-Jin.

In the park, Nan-Do and So-Hyeon find the bench he was left on. So-Hyeon sees a holographic Nan-Do as a child, who infact has been waiting there all along. As she comforts the child AI, Holo sees a door opening in his room and as he steps out, the child AI disappears. Nan-Do gets a call from Jin-Seok to tell him that Holo’s memories have been activated. Suddenly, So-Hyeon starts to have visions of the traumatic day she had as a child, which seems to have caused her blindness.

After she collapses, Nan-Do offers to carry her on his back. They talk about their childhood and both blame themselves for their parents leaving. He tells her that he is happy to have seen her again as the only happy memories he has are with her. As he confesses his love, Holo reappears and tries hugging her as the episode ends.

My Holo Love has so far managed to blend in the humour, drama and romance quite well. This is, of course, something that Korean dramas excel in. This latest episode is no exception as we see just how difficult Nan-Do’s childhood has been and how he never really got over his mother leaving him. I’m also quite intrigued to see what happened to So-Hyeon, as this traumatic event caused her condition.

Both our protagonists have one important thing in common; they both blame themselves for one of their parents leaving which is a big burden to carry. This has made them very lonely and they both have trouble letting people in. Holo seems to be the one helping them and so far the show has done a great job developing the story and the characters. This makes My Holo Love one of the better Korean Dramas on Netflix and certainly worth sticking with if you’ve made it this far.


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