My Holo Love – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap and Review

The Reset

Episode 10 of My Holo Love begins with So-Hyeon kissing Nan-Do after seeing how upset he is, while Holo watches the whole thing. He suddenly has a vision of Nan-Do’s mother and apologises as he believed he is the reason why her son and So-Hyeon are unhappy. However, he tells her that he knows the feelings he has are not real but an algorithm. She replies that not everything he feels is a lie, especially the pain he’s experiencing at the moment. As we cut back to So-Hyeon, she tells him she likes him and that he deserves to be loved by someone.

Going back inside, she gives him his old computer that she kept for him. Nan-Do then decides to talk to Holo and sees that he has been crying. The AI tells him that the pain he feels is real andhe didn’t know that love would be so painful. Nan-Do asks to see his mum again and as he watches the recording, he starts crying again.

The next morning, the police arrive to search Gio lab and arrest Nan-Do. Gi-Ho takes him in the station and tells him that they have evidence that their AI was behind the power cut and that he will have to be discarded. Nan-Do defends him and explains that he did it to save them and wants to prove that he’s just as human as he is. Unfortunately, the policeman replies that he has no rights as he leaves the room.

Baek suddenly bursts in and tells him to hand in his company and the AI or everyone working for him including his sister will be made criminals. At the same time, Gi-Ho speaks about the situation with the chief, who is working closely with Baek.

In the lab, Chan-Sung convinces Yoo-Jin to sign the paper handing her company over to Magic Mirror. She agrees to it, feeling like she doesn’t have a choice, while the police are busy getting rid of the programs. Nan-Do returns to the lab and is devastated to see what has happened during his absence.

In the evening, Nan-Do waits for So-Hyeon by the swings and breaks up with her. Holo later asks him why he ended things, to which he tells her because everything will be discarded, she’ll end up hating him and it’ll be easier that way. Holo is still happy though as he believes that all the memories they have together make him real and that they both need to be together. Nan-Do protests tearfully though and tells him that they need him in their lives too.

The next day, employees from Magic Mirror arrive to take all their equipment away. Baek arrives and as he enters the server room, he tells Nan-Do he doesn’t believe AI can have feelings. After pressing a button, we see Holo’s room slowly changing back as he’s being reset.

So-Hyeon tries the glasses on in the morning and as she’s unable to see Holo, she rushes over to Gio Lab but is soon stopped by Magic Mirror men. As she turns around, she sees an advert showing the new version of Holo the new company is planning to launch.

Back home, So-Hyeon tries the glasses on again and a new version of Holo appears with his memories wiped and ready to be customised. As they drive away, she finds out that all the data from the beta test has been erased too and Magic Mirror has taken over the company.

Meanwhile, we see that Holo has become popular among the population and has become very commercialised while Nan-Do has been stuck in his room frantically writing on his walls. So-Hyeon is also very unhappy as the new Holo is nothing like the original one and she’s also missing Nan-Do.

Yoo-Jin and Chan-Sung drink together and he apologises to her. After showing her the sales figures, he tells her that he thinks his father is planning something, especially seeing that he’s not making a lot of profit thanks to making Holo affordable for everyone.

In the evening, Holo decides to create a rooftop party for his user as it’s her birthday. However, it doesn’t make her happy. After making her blow out virtual candles, he tells So-Hyeon that he can be her boyfriend as he sees how lonely she is. As he tells her he has fallen in love with her, she replies that he’s not Holo and takes her glasses off.

Yoo-Jin arrives in her brother’s room and sees the following words written on the boards : “I am going to be a ghost again” while So-Hyeon finds the small portable computer hanging on her door handle. She rushes into the street looking for Nan-Do but she falls before she can reach him.

The episode closes as Gi-Ho talks to his colleague about the fact that the glasses could be CCTV cameras and someone might have access to all of them. We then cut to Baek as he watches multiple screens and orders Holo to show him Nan-Do. As we see Nan-Do putting a bike helmet on, Holo replies that Nan-Do is gone.

As we reach the last few episodes of My Holo Love, the main antagonist, Baek, has managed to take over Gio lab and has become quite the threat. Gi-Ho might have touched on exactly what his plan is; he could be using the Holo glasses as a way of taking control of everyone around him, making him very powerful. Was this his plan all along? Also if Nan-Do’s mother was aware of this and potentially trying to stop him, could this be the reason why she died?

With only two episodes left, My Holo Love still has quite a few questions unanswered. However, the drama carries on delivering quite tense and dramatic moments, especially now that Nan-Do has decided to disappear, leaving poor So-Hyeon alone again. Just what will happen next to our characters remains to be seen, but in the meantime My Holo Love remains a consistent and engaging show to watch.

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