My First First Love – Season 2 Episode 7 “Watching Her Watching Him” Recap & Review

Confronting The Past

My First First Love returns with episode 7, a slice of drama that begins with Tae-O helping the diner’s owner picking up the cups she dropped, not realizing she is his mother. Song I and Tae-O then leave the diner to go and watch the sunset together.

We then flashback to the past where we see Tae’s family coming yet again to ask for money. They start breaking things and threaten her in the process. This is what has led his mother to take the drastic step of abandoning him; she knew that if she stayed, her family would have made his life miserable.

Back in the present, Song finally tells Tae the truth. Upset and angry, he walks away, refusing to go back to the diner. Meanwhile, Do Hyeon meets his dad for a drink and asks him for some relationship advice.

Song then sends texts to all three friends, asking them to come to Jebu island to be there for Tae-O. Choe hun and Ga Rin arrive first. Ga Rin speaks to him and tells him that he shouldn’t put off talking to his mum. However, Tae decides to go home but just as he is about to leave, Do Hyeon turns up as well. He tries to convince him to go meet her but Tae explains that he is scared that she will refuse to see him. After listening to all his friends, he finally decides to go back to the diner and has an emotional reunion with his mother.

On the bus back home, Do Hyeon tells Song-I that being devoted to Tae the way she is, is something very special.

The next day, while Choe hun receives a call from the audition saying he has the part, Do Hyeon and Song-I meet, where he tells her that he knows that she has feelings for Tae and that he is moving away. They hug as they say goodbye to each other.

Tae comes back from Jebu island and speaks to his dad. He explains that he is going to accept his parent’s decision. He understands why they did it and also tells him that he is going to stay in touch with his mother.

The episode ends with Tae and Song talking in a restaurant. Tae tells her that he can’t live without her and she replies that she feels the same way and that they have always both lived the same life.

After the last emotional episode, My First First Love continues to pull on our heartstrings. Seeing all four friends coming together to help Tae face his past was certainly touching and really soldifies how tight their friendship is together. The penultimate episode indicates that most of the group will have a happy ending, with the exception of Do Hyeon who has realised that Song-I and Tae both have feelings for each other.

It will be interesting to see if the series will end all these different story arcs in a satisfying manner or if it will leave things open for a potential third season.

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