My First First Love – Season 2 Episode 8 (The Finale) Recap & Review

Farewell My Friends

Season 2 of My First First Love has been quite the wild ride. With plenty of twists and turns along the way and a mature tone, the Season 2 finale does well to round out all our characters and give them a perfect ending befitting of the series.

The episode itself begins with Tae meeting Se Hyeon where she tells him that she is going to Tanzania. They have decided to remain friends. Tae then goes to help Do Hyeon pack as it is the day he is moving out. They have lunch together and Tae tells him about what Ga Rin and Choe Hun have been up to. Do Hyeon tells him that he is going to follow his dreams too but also that they will see each other again and wishes him happiness. Song-I finds a present left by Do Hyeon: a handmade leather bag for all her architect material.

Back at the house, the group get a surprise. Ga Rin’s mum has found her and wants to take her back home. Ga Rin later explains to her that she is happy here as she is finally able to make her own choices.

Meanwhile, Song-I tells Tae she has an interview for an internship the next day so he decides to take her shopping for a new suit. They share some fun and touching moments but Song-I seems a bit uncomfortable with all the compliments Tae gives her. She asks him how he can suddenly call her beautiful and smart when he always used to call her ugly and stupid. He replies that it’s easy and that because it took them a long time to get there, he doesn’t want to waste any time. They both finally reveal their feelings for one another and kiss.

The next morning, Ga Rin tells her friends that she will be leaving when her dad gets back to Korea,. much to the relief of Choe hun who thought she was going to leave overnight without saying goodbye.

We then jump forward in time where a few days have passed, and the day of Ga Rin’s departure has arrived. Her friends are all there to say goodbye and we see that Choe hun is leaving as well.

We’re then given another time jump, this time to a month later, with Song-I and Tae O still happily dating. Ga Rin send a text to everyone to come meet her. As they arrive, she comes out of a building. She explains that she has bought it to create opportunities and space for people to meet just like Tae’s house. She wants to use it for clubs and as a workshop to give people a place to meet and make friends.

Song, Tae and Ga Rin later go and see Choe at his work to congratulate him on his success. His mother also comes and they have an emotional reunion. The episode ends with both protagonists happy with each other and with Song-I and her mother now living together.

The final episode of My First First Love brings, as predicted, a happy ending for all our characters. All of their stories come to a full circle and while it was quite predictable that Song-I and Tae o would end up together, it was still a very enjoyable finale nonetheless. The show manages to keep the same tone and pace throughout and as the episodes have progressed, we’ve watched each of our characters grow and evolve gradually.

The ending doesn’t leave things open for a third season though as everyone seems to have settled well into their adult lives. Whether Netflix renews My First First Love remains to be seen but, in the meantime, we’re given the perfect ending to the adventures of Tae-o and his friends.


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10 thoughts on “My First First Love – Season 2 Episode 8 (The Finale) Recap & Review”

  1. I’m confused so do hum and ga rin stay boyfriend and girlfriend or do they just stay friends

  2. Ever person who has watched “my first first love” has their own thoughts and expectations but as per my thought i really like this drama because like the name already said my first love that means song i and tae o are predicted to end with each others and thats what my first love means no matter how many peoples will stay by your side comfort you or not but there is nothing like your first love because she/he is the first person whom your heart accepted the first time.
    This is my thought☺️

  3. Guys you’ll really think the ending was bad..!??
    Plus jisoo getting the girl is like a dream come true😂 plus they look really cute together come on💕💕

  4. Why do hyun and song-yi don’t end up together. I ship them so much an I felt so sad for do hyun because he sacrifices for his family and let go her love. I don’t want to watched it srsly never it’s such a good drama at first but it’s suddenly being a boring drama. I don’t dare to watch season 2 bcs I had known that song-yi will accepted tae o… sorry this is my opinion and pardon my broken english

  5. At first it was very intresting and i thought it was different from other korean dramas but they always dissappoint with their endings.its so devastating.It had so much hope of becoming a great drama..i dont know why i love Korean dramas so much 😩

  6. I hated the ending. They don’t match at all. It made me so mad, it kind of felt like it was unfair to the character. It’s so weird that she ended up with Tae O, it doesn’t make sense. To me she had to be with Do Hyeon, they were perfect. The ending only left me frustrated.

  7. So disappointed with the ending😥
    Song-I and Tae o are bad match, they are like brother and sister now getting romantic with each other, yuck!
    Wish it end with Song-I and Do Hyeon together, they are perfect together.


  9. so did the mother of Song-I break up with his partner to live with Song-I?

  10. What is the title of the song on season 2 episode 8 when ga rin, hun were leaving?

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