My First First Love – Season 2 Episode 6 “Something Only I Can Do” Recap & Review


The Fallout

Episode 6 of My First First Love begins with both Tae-O and Song-I still dancing round why they were upset to begin with. However, Song tells him he should go visit his dad more. Tae explains he has everything he needs and thinks his Mum sent him Song to be the perfect friend for him. He also jokes about it and explains that she didn’t realize that she was actually quite flawed and that he had to look after her instead.

Choe-hun and Ga-Rin gather everyone for an announcement – they reveal that they are now dating, much to the surprise of the others.

After giving their friends the big news, Ga-Rin walks Choe-Hun to his audition. Meanwhile, Song finds the box Tae’s mother sent and discovers her address.

Tae-O asks Choe-hun when he started to have feelings for Ga Rin. He explains that Ga Rin has always supported him and that there wasn’t a particular moment; it just happened naturally, a bit like him and Song-I. He tells Tae that he guessed he had feelings for her and asks if he will tell Song. Tae replies that he is not sure she will be able to handle it and he doesn’t want her to be hurt.

Song-I and Do-Hyeon have lunch together but Do worries as she seems distracted. They leave each other agreeing to meet later in the evening.

Do-Hyeon comes across Tae and asks him if he has made a decision to which he replies that if he has, only Song-I will hear it.

In the evening, Do-Hyeon asks Song what has been on her mind. She remains very vague but explains that she knows something that could either help or hurt a friend. Do asks if that friend is Tae and she replies that she must take that friend somewhere. This makes him angry and tells her that if Tae has to be taken somewhere, someone else should take him but she explains that only she can. This prompts him to leave her there, looking very upset.

The next morning, Song-I comes to the house and tells Tae that she is taking him somewhere. They take the bus to Jebu island where they first spent their happy moments together. After having drinks in a coffee shop, they take a walk on the beach which leads them to a place called Tae-O’s Diner. They enter the restaurant and as they are about to order some food, they are greeted by the owner who is none other than Tae’s mother.

The latest episode brings the story forward quite a bit and ends on a real cliffhanger. This season has certainly been quite bingeable as each episode has given us new developments when it comes to the characters as well as a fair few twists along the way.

Even after starting to date, Choe-hun and Ga Rin remain the comical duo. It will be interesting to see how Tae reacts to see his mother alive and if this dramatic event will bring him and Song even closer as they would have now lived something similar together. With two episodes to go, the door is left wide open for the story to follow.

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