My Beautiful Man – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

My Beautiful Man Episode 4 returns us to the scene of the graduation-day crime. As Kiyoi pushes Hira, his phone drops into a pool of water. Hira doesn’t care if it breaks, as there’s no reason to see Kiyoi now anyway.

Presently on the university campus, his friend Koyama wants to hang out. Hira notes how things are different in university, where he can choose to be among people he likes, rather than packed into a box. He credits Koyama with saving him from stuttering during the photography group introductions.

The two are having dinner at Hira’s house when Kiyoi’s commercial comes on TV. Koyama notices his rapt attention but Hira brushes it off. They talk about photography, Hira confirming he’s only ever taken photos of one person, someone beautiful. From his roundabout description, Koyama asks if he means a guy. He doesn’t push him further but says he’s that way too and invites Hira to join him on his birthday.

They meet at a café for a live performance where Koyama’s brother is the show’s director. As the lights dim, Kiyoi makes his entrance, freezing Hira in place. Afterwards, Koyama asks if Hira enjoyed the surprise of seeing Kiyoi perform.

Koyama introduces Hira to his brother, who calls Kiyoi over to meet his fan. Kiyoi, same as ever, calls him a stalker, surprising the brothers. As Hira stutters, Kiyoi explains they were classmates. Koyama gets defensive when Kiyoi calls Hira creepy.

Kiyoi mentions an after-party and Hira immediately accepts, but it’s awkward as he’s meant to be celebrating with Koyama. Hira backtracks, saying he’s busy as Kiyoi replies that it makes no difference. The two head back to Hira’s, Koyama apologising for springing everything on him. Hira acknowledges Kiyoi has always been like that. After Koyama departs, he gazes at photos of Kiyoi, marvelling at how quickly he’s thrown back to old sensations.

Now that he’s seen him, he can’t stop himself from attending another show. Even in disguise, Kiyoi spots him straightaway, seeming annoyed but inviting him to the after-party. Knowing it’s pointless Hira goes along anyway, watching Kiyoi from across the room. Within earshot, other cast members remark on Kiyoi sitting with another actor that hits on all the guys. It’s a revelation for Hira, but not one he thinks will matter.

Stumbling out after a few drinks, Hira is followed by a drunk Kiyoi who tells him to put his number in his phone, should they need somewhere to rehearse. He asks why Hira changed his number, getting a vague response.

Kiyoi inquires whether he’s dating Koyama and the way Hira hesitates while saying no, makes him ask if it could happen. Hira’s confused, asking if he is bothered, instantly flaring Kiyoi’s annoyance. He asks if Hira likes him or Koyama but kicks his shin when Hira is too dumbfounded to reply.

The next day, Hira wonders whether it’s worth pursuing Kiyoi, certain he’ll fail. Kiyoi calls but hangs up, forcing Hira to phone him. He claims it was a wrong number but then asks if he can rehearse at Hira’s house. About to turn for home, Hira is grabbed to take care of a sick Koyama.

Agitated, Kiyoi is furious at himself for having waited for Hira for so long. He doesn’t get him, but can’t help thinking that for several insipid years, all he’s done is grow up.

The Episode Review

It’s the tail end of My Beautiful Man episode 4 and we finally hear from Kiyoi – a shift that will absolutely transform the narrative. However Kiyoi has appeared outwardly to date, on the inside he’s been waiting for Hira.

Now that they’ve reconnected, Kiyoi is flashing indications of interest, yet keeping in character and not fully showing his hand. He clearly doesn’t realize just how thick the wall is between Hira’s headspace and the potential reality Kiyoi is dancing around. Hinting won’t work with Hira; he’s going to have to be a lot more obvious.

Then there’s poor, sweet Koyama. Even if Hira resists the urge to follow Kiyoi around, it doesn’t seem like he really appreciates Koyama beyond friendship. Or maybe there isn’t enough room inside his head to think of anything beyond his obsession. Finding Kiyoi seems to have delivered quite a shock.

What will Hira do? Lean toward the person who cares for him or the person with whom he’s infatuated? And again with the saving – once more he’s hanging around a person who he perceives has saved him. What would you do? One option seems a better choice for one’s mental health… But that’s not how BL dramas go. Nor hearts. Let’s see.

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