My Beautiful Man – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

My Beautiful Man Episode 3 gathers everyone at Hira’s house to make signs of support for Kiyoi’s competition. Hira is pleased to be the only one to know Kiyoi’s dream of becoming a celebrity. Shirota spots an exchange between Hira and Kurata, jumping on the opportunity to tease. Kiyoi shuts it down gracefully, saving them both and leaving Kurata enamoured. Hira recognizes that look – Kiyoi has just gained another obsessed fan.

Although Kiyoi doesn’t place in the competition, he appears unbothered. Hira follows him to discover he’s much more affected than he’s shown. Afterwards, the rest of them keep talking about the competition, making it awkward. Hira is nearly at his limit with the level of insensitivity, picturing taking them all out by machine gun.

Kiyoi fakes a reason to escape for a bit and Hira follows, even though he doesn’t think anything he could say would be comforting. Surprisingly, Kiyoi opens up about why he wants to be on TV, but perceives Hira’s response as pity. Hira tries to explain it’s not pity – he likes him – but Kiyoi is angry now, spouting the word ‘hate’ and throwing him to the ground before running away.

Back at school, someone reveals that Kiyoi has always wanted to be an idol, calling him a narcissist, but that’s just the beginning. In class and online, Kiyoi’s friends and fans turn on him. Hira ponders that it doesn’t take much to change the hierarchy.

Later, Kiyoi defends Hira to Shirota over a simple mistake and afterwards, an insulted Shirota takes revenge, spilling juice over Kiyoi’s head. Hira sees red, imagining a machine gun as he goes for Shirota.

The teacher quietly commends Hira for defending Kiyoi, but that’s not how Hira sees it. Still coated in juice, Hira spots a now-clean Kiyoi resting in an empty room. They chat and bicker, Kiyoi eventually asking Hira if he likes boys. Hira doesn’t know, but he doesn’t like other boys or girls, only Kiyoi.

Kiyoi says it’s creepy but asks if he wants to kiss him. He offers his hand, teasing at first but then allowing it. Kiyoi looks away as Hira kisses his hand like he’s sacred.

From that day, they often hang out at Hira’s house. Hira does Kiyoi’s homework, and takes him on the back of his bike but believes he has no effect on Kiyoi. Yet Kiyoi allows him to take photos and continues to quietly stick around.

At school, the girls are excited to see Kiyoi appear in a fashion magazine, scouted after the contest. Hira believes that signals the end of their time together. On the last day of school, the guys make up but Kiyoi can’t hang, saying he has plans.

He heads out, Hira tiptoeing behind but Kiyoi is not surprised to see him, asking if he has something to say. Hira, silently looking at his shoes, is shocked when Kiyoi kisses him and then pushes him away. Kiyoi exits with a ‘see you again.’ Devastated, Hira interprets it as ‘goodbye – don’t follow me anymore.’ His king has left.

Sometime later, on a university campus, Hira meets with a boisterous friend but feels his world is without color. For several insipid years, all he’s done is age.

The Episode Review

Ah, who doesn’t feel that? There have definitely been a few insipid years in the last several. That aside, is that how you would interpret a kiss? Hira’s view of the world is unique or perhaps reserved for the chronically low-self-esteemed. He finds the most negative interpretation in any situation. But you can almost see why he thinks that way – based on his experience.

Kiyoi, apart from a couple of little moments, is remarkably disassociated, playing the role of king quite well. But then again, to date, this has been Hira’s story – we only know what he sees, what he thinks even three episodes in of My Beautiful Man. And of course, there are three sides to every story, including the truth.

Presumably, after the coup d’état, Kiyoi feels some sort of loyalty, kinship or at least gratitude toward Hira. Cause he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would feel lonely enough to hang out with the class gopher. Or perhaps he appreciates having someone by his side who asks nothing of him and keeps fairly silent. And maintains a full supply of ginger ale. There’s something to be said for having a place to hide when you need it.

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