Muted – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Final Push

Episode 6 of Muted starts with Ana showing up at Sergio’s door, dropping the bombshell that she’s Noa’s mother. She promises to help organize a meeting so he can see her. Ana mouths the words “stay calm” for the cameras, but when Cabrera shows up at the office just after, he’s concerned over exactly what Ana is up to.

In fact, he phones Aguirre and explains that Ana is completely out of her mind and she could be killed. Aguirre isn’t concerned though, pointing out that they’ve found Natanael dead at the greenhouse, and given it’s right next to his cut ankle monitor, it’s enough to put Sergio behind bars again.

Does Ana reveal the truth to Sergio?

Ana explains that she adopted Noa shortly after what happened to his parents, and she was actually here during the reconstruction phase. She phones Noa, but Benat answers and tells his wife that there’s no way Noa is going to go for this. Jut before Ana passes the phone over to Sergio, Benat hangs up.

Ana calmly explains that she knows what Blanca has been up to, as well as the experimental drug she used on him. In fact, Ana shows off the secret room too and it causes him to spiral. Things only get worse when Marta arrives and reveals the truth about the big experiment Ana has and where all the cameras in the apartment are. Sergio systemically heads round and destroys almost all of them, but a few remain.

Eneko shows up too and with all our main players in the apartment, Sergio demands that Noa be brought to him or he’ll kill Marta or Eneko. While all this is going on, Mikel phones his superiors and decides to work as a whistleblower, outing Cabrera as a crook and revealing about the serum and the extra evidence.

Ana manages to get Marta and Eneko out, and outside the apartment the pair have a heart to heart but it’s their last chat, as Marta decides to walk away from her partner, unwilling to forgive him and unwilling to go back.

What does Sergio confess?

Noa and Benat show up at the secret base and begin looking through the monitors. Ana speaks calmly to Sergio, who admits that things got intense when Blanca started experimenting on Noa. That was a step too far for him and when he told his father, he believed Sergio and asked her to stop medicating them. The argument became more and more violent, and his father, not Sergio, pushed her over the balcony.

He was wracked with guilt, wondering just what happened, and so he jumped after. Sergio could only think of Noa so he went to the bedroom to care for her.

After this confession, which should actually give them enough to exonerate Sergio, Ana goes one step too far in this investigation, wrapping her arm around Sergio and telling him that she understands him. She too has never found a place to fit in and makes it all about her.

What really happened to Sergio’s parents?

As the pair embrace, Noa decides to head over and see her brother. She heads up into the apartment and is reunited with him. “Sergio what you said isn’t true,” She says, as we’re taken back to that time period and we see exactly what transpired.

Back then, Sergio and Blanca ended up having a big argument. Javier looked after Noa while Sergio grabbed a box cutter and pricked Blanca before she started dropping blood all over the apartment. He eventually slammed her into the wall and then slashed her violently with the box cutter, knocking her off the side.

Javier, having seen all of this, questions just what Sergio has done but then he threw Javier over the edge too. And Noa happened to be watching all of this take place. It turns out Sergio was a murderer all along, not a misunderstood mute. Blanca was medicating him to control his rage.

Noa is not there for Sergio, she’s there to get Ana out. But Ana decides to stay. She feels like she’s found her purpose with Sergio, given she’s never really fit in and now she’s found solace with Sergio, who also never felt like he fit in and ended up killing his parents as a result.

How does Muted end?

As the pair of them are out on the balcony, Sergio throws Ana over the edge to the ground below. The camera shows a figure standing, watching what’s transpired. And one is led to believe that it’s Sergio.

The Episode Review

Given the feminine scream and hair swaying in the air, one can deduce that it was Sergio who pushed Ana over the edge to close out this miserably written series that has completely gone off the rails these past few episodes. Not only do we have the situation with Noa, but the police investigations across the board have just been really poorly written.

The fact that Sergio removing his ankle monitor, which is against his parole anyway, didn’t automatically result in him being taken back to the detention center is bizarre. Likewise, did Noa not give a statement to the police back then about what really happened that night? And why was Ana allowed to adopt her? How did that transpire?

Why has Sergio decided to stay quiet at random intervals during the series? And what happened to Cabrera at the end? What about Aguirre and his seeming knowledge of the experiments done on Sergio? Who was funding all this? And how did the police not have any knowledge of it given they didn’t do a thorough job of investigating anything?

There are a myriad of questions accompanying this series but ultimately the most important one is – who greenlit this without checking the script? What a disappointment.

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  1. the last 4 minute make me curious…Sergio standing at the balcony, and invite Anna to the Balcony, after view moment they huging, in my opinion they suppose to jump together..and a while the picture become blurr, after that somebody Fell…in my opinion, she push sergio due to she realize that S*rrg is uncontrollerable…for me, anna is alphafemale and sociopath…

  2. I’ve read about 10 articles and this is the first one to correctly deduct it was Sergio who pushed Ana. The falling figure had white pants and the figure standing at the end was in all black. Definitely too many holes pertaining to the police work done.

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