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Episode 5 of Muted starts at Ana’s place. She’s not sleeping and she’s obsessed with the video feeds of Sergio, which she’s watching constantly. Greta rings at breakfast and suggests they talk about Sergio. After the stint with Natanael at the greenhouse last episode, which involved Sergio storming out and heading home, Greta is concerned that everyone is giving up on him and he could spiral.

Ana believes that she can help Sergio but she’s unaware that Cabrera is bugging her phone and office. When Noa and her husband wake up, Ana suggests that they have a day for just the three of them but Noa has school so Ana begrudgingly agrees to follow.

Whilst there, Noa’s teacher explains that Noa’s performance has dropped a bit as she hasn’t been herself lately. She’s told everyone there that she was adopted by Sergio’s family and Noa has also told all her friends this too. This seems odds, because as Sergio has somehow missed all of this in his search for his sister?

Anyway, Ana realizes that her husband, Benat, has been sleeping with Noa’s teacher. However, Benat soon fires back later on, pointing out that Ana has been posing as a fan of Sergio’s called Cristina while talking to Sergio behind bars. And just like that, he asks for a divorce.

Cabrera shows up to see Sergio, warning him that if he messes up again then he’s going to be in deep trouble. He hands over a letter, which is certainly not good news.

With Sergio’s heartrate sky high and Cabrera determined to undermine the investigation and have him arrested, Greta and Mikel decide to watch him on the monitors. They decide to keep following him on the monitors, with Mikel confident that they can track him depending on where he ends up. But when he heads underground, the tracker disappears.

While Marta and Eneko spend more time together, Greta phones Ana and asks her about Cabrera’s little slip about mentioning the laboratories earlier on. Ana reveals that they haven’t said anything, but they’re distracted when Sergio pops back up on the monitors again.

Sergio does manage to get a breakthrough, which comes in the form of finding Noa’s number. At the same time, Cabrera hands over the evidence from the lab to his superior, who dumps it nonchalantly into the river. This includes all the A-23 serum and they conspire together to make sure Sergio goes back to the Detention Center the following day.

In the middle of all this, we cut back to Marta who’s in two minds about what to do with Eneko. He goes all out to try and impress her, deciding they should move into a large apartment together. After being shown around, Marta is conflicted over where her true feelings lie.

Speaking to her pa isn’t going to help, given he was manhandled by our protagonist earlier in the episode, and her mum thinks Eneko is the one she should be with. Thankfully, fate steps in when she discovers that Eneko actually doctored a video of the pair sleeping together, making it out that it was Sergio. I mean, she did cheat on him with Sergio but this is a different situation and she’s had enough. Marta leaves the apartment sobbing.

Meanwhile, Greta finds the bug in Ana’s office but decides not to say anything to Mikel when he shows after, believing that he’s working with Cabrera. As for Sergio, he decides to remove his ankle tracker at the greenhouse but in doing so, it doesn’t alert the authorities.

Natanael shows up and begins spouting religious prophecies about angels but Arantxa, one of the girls we’ve seen across the season, hits him first, slamming a spade into his back.

As we saw earlier in the episode, Arantxa has been used to do “favours” for other men on behalf of Natanael and this is her just revenge. Sergio joins in too, smacking him in the back but just before hitting the killing blow, he’s encouraged to stop and to run. Silvia, one of the other women at the greenhouse who has largely been relegated to the background, gets involved instead and stabs him with the shears.

Without his ankle bracelet, Sergio heads down to the dock and messages Noa, asking to meet. However, Marta too decides she wants to get in on the action and messages Sergio asking for the same thing. As for Greta, it turns out she actually kept one of the A-23 serum vials for herself.

As this whole charade hits its crescendo, the doorbell rings and Sergio shows up to answer it. But who’s there? When Sergio heads over to open it up, he discovers Ana on the other side, who introduces herself as Noa’s mother.

The Episode Review

Let’s address the elephant in the room. After the big twist last episode that Ana is the one holding onto Noa, it throws a number of different questions into the fold. How did this happen? How did the police miss it? Why has this investigation team not realized that Ana’s position has been compromised from the start?

How has Sergio not discovered Noa? Given he has enough wherewithal to find numbers and get intel, he couldn’t even ask around the local neighbourhood or check online for clues? And that’s before even mentioning the schools and local government files. Not even a google search for Noa?

It’s such sloppy writing and it feeds into the idea of Sergio being a mute but only when the plot calls for it, undermining the whole idea of this guy being a mysterious stranger that may or may not be responsible.

We now know from this episode that Sergio’s parents were experimenting on him but we’re still unclear how all of this slots together and what led to his parents’ death – not to mention why Blanca started all of this in the first place.

The trouble is, there are so many loose threads and fumbling areas of this drama that just feels lackadaisical and poorly presented. The Marta subplot with Eneko being one such example.

As time has gone on, the wheels have well and truly come off from this drama, leading to a rather disappointing Spanish series.

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