Move to Heaven – K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Missing Box

Episode 3 of Move to Heaven picks up right where we left off, but this time showing Lee Yeon-Sun withdrawing money from her bank every week. It’s always 50,000 won and this, as it turns out, seems to be as a direct result of her dementia.

Geu-Roo figures it out too and takes a lollipop, heading outside as he follows a location tracker on his phone. Only, in following a map app, his phone dies

Thankfully he manages to make it back home where both Na-Moo and Sang-Koo stand waiting for him. In fact, Na-Moo deices to join him at work but her Mother is not happy. She believes the job entails cleaning out bodies and immediately berates her for low aspirations. Na-Moo does manage to convince her Father, who agrees to let her work for three months.

When she heads back to Geu-Roo’s house, she finds him distraught and caught in a headlock with Sang-Koo. Geu-Roo is trying to find the yellow box to give back to the family – the same yellow box that Sang-Koo threw in the waste. Eventually he admits to throwing it away.

This prompts the trio to head out up to the dumpsite, intent on trying to find the yellow box. That is easier said than done of course, as the group find themselves sifting through garbage for it. Eventually they find it but upon speaking to Ms Lee’s son, Park Cheol-u, Geu-Roo refuses to give him the money. He needs to follow the boy instead.

Well, as they head up to a tailor’s shop, it turns out the money was actually being saved up by Ms Lee to buy Cheol-U a suit. He’s not interested in this though, claiming he just wants his money.

However, as he wrestles with the yellow box it spills out some thermal underwear still in its wrapping. It turns out this was the first thing he bought his Mother with his pay-check. It also links back to Ms Lee’s desire to try and buy a suit for him. It’s all linked together, and Geu-Roo figured it out by himself. Cheol-U breaks down and finally begins grieving, sobbing for his deceased Mother.

That evening, Sang-Koo is stopped by the club promoter and forced back into the ring again. She has a disclaimer and makes him throw a fight for her. He sports a cut lip for his troubles. It seems he has a debt and needs to fight in order to pay it off. This may also explain why he’s so hell-bent on the Geu-Roo inheritance.

Na-Moo senses something is up, especially when she notices Sang-Koo showing with cuts and bruises over him. It seems her initial theory that he has a girlfriend has been thrown out. Anyway, a new case for Move to Heaven brings the trio together. Only, officer Jun-Yeong happens to be there, someone who Na-Moo clearly likes.

Anyway, they show up at the scene but it’s in a rough way. Blood stains the floorboards and it seems a killing took place two weeks back. There’s not much to investigate though, especially with the crime scene already examined.

With his usual ritual, Geu-Roo removes his hat and pays his respects to Lee Seon-Yeong before starting work.

The Episode Review

With the conclusion to the Ms. Lee case confirmed, Geu-Roo’s knack for figuring things out leads to an emotional and well written conclusion that finally sees Cheol-U open up and allow his feelings to be shown. It’s a big moment and one that echoes that of Sang-Koo too, whom we see more of this episode.

It’s clear there’s something going on and it appears as if he has a big debt to pay. This would explain his brash attitude and just why he’s so keen to inherit Geu-Roo’s fortune. Either way, this plot line is left tantalizingly unanswered.

While it seems there are echoes of romance on the horizon, this obviously isn’t that sort of Korean drama. In many ways the show really rests on the incredible acting of Tang Joon-Sang who brings this character to life in the more realistic way possible.

With a new home to clean out, it seems we’ve got more emotionally stirring scenes to come.

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