Move to Heaven – K-Drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

Greed and Envy

Episode 2 of Move to Heaven cuts back in time as we see Geu-Roo’s Uncle, Sang-Koo, leaving the correctional facility. Lawyer Oh shows up and informs him his brother has passed away, leading Sang-Koo to chuckle and actually be grateful of his death.

Within his will, Jeong-Yoo has named Sang-Koo to be Geu-Roo’s legal guardian. He’s not aware of Geu-Roo’s condition and eventually turns and walks away.

He heads to a local bar where cage-fighting takes place in the back. He asks the owner about guardianship, learning that he can take what’s Geu-Roo’s and make it his own. This is what changes his mind – and also piques his interest. According to Lawyer Oh, Geu-Roo has a sizable inheritance left behind, which Sang-Koo wants for himself.

Legally speaking, there’s not a lot Na-Moo can do but she agrees to keep an eye on Sang-Koo to make sure he doesn’t misbehave. Meanwhile, Geu-Roo and Sang-Koo start to argue, leading the former to begin beating his head against the door. Na-Moo heads back inside and explains the situation, with Sang-Koo forced into a tent.

Sang-Koo clearly resents Jeong-U marrying and turning his life around, and is completely indifferent to Geu-Roo’s needs. That evening, he walks nonchalantly up to Geu-Roo, who sits clutching a pillow tightly while sat cross-legged on the floor. Sang-Koo simply blows smoke in his face and promises to look after Jeong-U’s precious son.

Geu-Roo heads to the aquarium, eventually forcing Na-Moo there to help out as the boy pounds his head into the glass. In the morning, the pair are shocked to find the state Sang-Koo has left the house.

Na-Moo phones Lawyer Oh, who confirms there’s a three month trial period. If Sang-Koo fails the test for being a guardian in that time then they will have to reconsider a different option. Na-Moo promises to be a fair judge of character and remain impartial.

Well, Geu-Roo does his best to clean up the house, eventually heading out with Sang-Koo to the next address for work. Sang-Koo is quite the erratic driver and he speeds through the streets, much to Geu-Roo’s horror. Given how many traffic offences they broke, Sang-Koo is impressed by his work.

However, he’s less impressed with the interior of Ms Lee’s room. With maggots across the flor and an odious stench, he winds up being sick outside. He’s unable to continue on, prompting Geu-Roo to go it alone.

Inside, Geu-Roo follows his Father’s guidance, remembering his rules for how to properly undress this room and pay respects to Ms Lee’s memory.

Wirth a yellow box full of possessions, all the relatives are interest in is money. In fact, they’re so hungry for it they even put on gloves and collect up the putrid notes stashed under the mattress. They’re absolutely shameless and Sang-Koo watches this take place from the doorway. Eventually they tell Geu-Roo to decontaminate the notes so they can exchange them.

Eventually the pair head home after Mr Park shows from waste management. Sang-Koo throws the yellow box on the back and watches him drive away. Meanwhile, Geu-Roo sets to work decontaminating the notes. In doing so though, he heads back to the bank and intends to solve the puzzle of why the notes were under the bed in the first place. He’s figured something out.

The Episode Review

Move to Heaven switches perspectives slightly as we see Sang-Koo’s influence over Geu-Roo. Although it begins pretty badly, there’s already signs that Sang-Koo is going to learn from his nephew and mellow out.

The shameless Lee family, and the way they deal with the deceased’s memory, is a really shocking and despicable example of how money is the only thing this couple cares about.

Geu-Roo, of course, being unable to read the social situation, willingly gets the notes decontaminated for them. However, he susses out that something isn’t quite right.

Meanwhile, Na-Moo shows her worth as Geu-Roo’s friend, loyally sticking by his side in the wake of Sang-Koo’s influence. I’d imagine across the episodes we’ll be seeing more of her – and more of Sang-Koo starting to actually care for Geu-Roo as well.

Either way, Move to Heaven continues to deliver decent drama across this second chapter.

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