Move to Heaven – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Suffering In Silence

Episode 4 of Move to Heaven begins with a statement regarding Seon-Yeong’s murder at the hands of her boyfriend. Apparently Seong-Yeong came at him with a knife and threatened to kill herself. The pair wrestled with the knife and eventually this led to Mr Kim falling on top of her, the knife plunged through her belly.

With the trio from Move to Heaven ready to clean up, Sang-Koo is mistaken for a corpse cleaner outside. Meanwhile, Gu-Roo plays Moonlight Sonata while fixing up the yellow box for the relatives.

With the residents stressed out, the landlord arrives and asks them to move the van. Geu-Roo believes they should split this job into two days, with the first seeing them tidying the apartment up and the second sterilizing and cleaning.

As Sang-Koo heads back inside, ripping down the wallpaper, this very act brings back bad memories of the past for him. Specifically, he remembers the cries of his parents fighting as the horrific domestic abuse starts to show – and explain – Sang-Koo’s defences.

Elsewhere, Na-Moo and Geu-Roo head to the kindergarten the deceased worked in with numerous books for the different students. Once there, Geu-Roo notices a sign for Rose class and believes they need to find Eun-Mi. It turns out Seon-Yeong knitted clothes; a gift for her unborn child.

Eun-Mi sobs though and claims this is all her fault. She discredits the statement given with Seong-Yeong being aggressive with the knife. In fact, bruises indicate a history of domestic violence and Seon-Yeong even quit her job too.

Geu-Roo finds himself unable to sleep and deliberates over the lack of a pet at Lee’s apartment. In the middle of the night, Geu-Roo immediately heads out. Sang-Koo reluctantly follows as our protagonist gets to work finding a camera that could shed light on what’s happened. Eventually he finds it, tucked away inside the air conditioning unit.

While Mr Kim gives his statement, Sang-Koo demands they phone the police. Well, this then sees video footage of what happened from that night played for the investigators to see.

Mr Kim grabbed a knife and came at her, stabbing the girl nonchalantly in the stomach while declaring there’s only one way she can leave him – and that comes from her dying. He put on an act this entire time, and now they have the evidence to put him away. And it’s all thanks to Geu-Roo of course. He was the one who noticed an instruction manual for a security camera.

It’s a satisfying end for what’s otherwise been a very traumatic case. Anyway, Geu-Ru sees the murderer leave the prosecutor’s office and shows Mr Kim a mosaic drawn up by all the other kids, who clearly think the world of her.

Unfortunately that life was sucked out of her long before she died thanks to the domestic violence’s she suffered from. It’s such a tragic loss of life and one that hopefully sees Kim realize what he’s done while behind bars.

More of Sang-Koo’s woes are realized when we cut back to Geu-Roo’s house. It urns out he’s got to pay five million won a week – and that’s just interest. If he can’t pay then he’s going to be forced into fighting again.

Na-Moo notices Sang-Koo leave an estate agents and heads in for more details. It turns out he’s trying to sell Geu-Roo’s property but right now she’s not sure of all the details surrounding why.

Well, that evening Sang-Koo witnesses the same domestic abuse coming from his neighbours. This time he can’t sit back and watch. Noticing the girl is barefoot, he stops the man from striking his partner and gets involved. He beats the man, repeatedly striking him in the face over and over again. Na-Moo can only watch from afar, shocked.

Eventually, Na-Moo heads back home and exhibits concerns about Geu-Roo’s wellbeing. However, Geu-Roo confirms that his Uncle has never struck him. When Sang-Koo heads home again, his nephew notices a cut on his wrist and immediately gets him treated with ointment,

Day turns to night and Na-Moo continues to track Sang-Koo. In fact, she follows him all the way to the club where she witnesses him fighting first-hand. Well, fight is hardly the word. Sang-Koo is beaten down to a pulp, repeatedly smacked in the mouth to repay a debt that he’s seemingly never going to repay.

The Episode Review

Move to Heaven delivers another very good episode here, one that sheds light on a brand new case with Ms Lee, while furthering Sang-Koo’s issues regarding his unpaid debt. Seeing Sang-Koo forced into fights that he’s going to lose is tough to watch and I wonder what drove him to this point.

That’s not all though, Geu-Roo once again comes to the rescue and manages to put away Kim, who was very believable from his witness statement. When the truth is finally revealed though it’s a shocking segment and one that reinforced that you can never really trust anyone.

With Na-Moo now aware of what’s going on with Sang-Koo, it leaves the door wide open for where the next episode may go with this.

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