Moonlight Chicken – Episode 4 Recap & Review

Right Person, Wrong Time

Episode 4 of Moonlight Chicken starts off with Heart waking up and smiling on seeing Li Ming. He pretends to sleep but Li Ming wakes up and catches him and he says he likes the other boy’s eyes. They play around with their fingers while their legs are intertwined.

Elsewhere, Alan cuddles Wen and he tells him to go back to his spot annoyed. They have a tense conversation at breakfast when Wen rejects Alan’s invitation to the restaurant opening of someone called James. He points out that if he goes he will have to pretend to be still in a relationship with Alan. He gets up and leaves while Alan looks upset.

At work, Gong catches Wen trying to Google how to turn a one-night stand into a relationship and tells him not to put too much meaning into sex. He also tells him to cut ties with Alan before getting into a new relationship.

At home, Jim tries to get in touch with Li Ming while going through his room. He remembers catching him trying to smoke and starts going through his closet. Li Ming enters and is angry that he doesn’t trust him after that one mistake. Jim instead says he was worried and that he is responsible for him while Li Ming counters that he wasn’t asked to be born into poverty.

He says he wants to live his dream and asks if Jim is happy with just running a diner. He leaves while his uncle is stunned and looks at the approval formal he needs to sign to allow Li Ming to work and travel as a minor. Meanwhile, Li Ming is sulking while working at the Supochs and Heart tries to cheer him up by spraying water on him.

He tells him to cut it out but then sprays water on Heart and they start playing around. As they change into dry clothes, Heart can’t stop staring at Li Ming’s body while teasing him by giving him a pink tee that says ‘touch me if you can’.

That evening, everyone throws Jim a surprise birthday party and Li Ming apologizes. Leng also reveals that the surprise party was Wen’s idea. They open Gaipa’s present which is a liquor bottle while he texts that he cannot make it. Later, Wen crashes in Jim’s bedroom and asks if it is alright to which he responds that they are all adults.

They talk about Li Ming and Wen tells Jim to accept that his nephew has grown up. He also gives a customised tee as a gift to Jim and tells him to try it on. Wen keeps staring at him as he changes and asks if he likes him. He tries to kiss him and Jim remembers his ex. Jim abruptly thanks Wen for the present and leaves to take a shower. 

The next morning, Wen tries to play a movie on the DVD and when it doesn’t work he asks Jim to narrate it to him. Jim recalls it is about love at the wrong time as a man is torn between a girl and his fiancee. He also tells him that Li Ming got his name from the male lead. He adds that even if the person is right since the timing is wrong it won’t work.

Wen looks dejected but ends up playing with Jimbo the cat. They play with the cat food while Alan tries to reach Wen. When he goes home, Alan nags him for staying out and not picking up his phone. Wen tells him that he found a new place and to move out. A frustrated Alan goes to Gong and asks him to help since he’s his friend too. Gong says he should respect what Wen wants but Alan simply asks about Jim from Wen’s Instagram story.

Gaipa shows up the next morning and offers to take Jim’s car for registration. He drops Jim at the bank as he looks into getting a loan for the diner. With no collateral, the employee calls for Alan who happens to be the department head. He recognises Jim and is flustered as he gives him advice.

Meanwhile, Gaipa is all smiles as he heads home and his mother asks if he made any headway with Jim. He says it is tough to hit on an older man as he can’t tell if Jim is simply nice or likes him. She tells him to play hard to get or do whatever but just not have any regrets. He asks if she regrets that he is gay and she tells him she loves him but he needs to find a boyfriend soon. She cheers him up and they listen to music together.

As for the Supochs, Heart pretends to be sick in front of his mother while Li Ming hides in his room. After she leaves, they sneak out on Li Ming’s scooter and roam around Pattaya. They eat street food and Li Ming takes him to a special mass for the deaf community that he found.

He sees that Heart is happy and asks the Father what he can do to make him comfortable. The Father suggests treating Heart as any other person, talking to him and using physical touch as assurance. Li Ming decides to sign the hymn being sung to Heart while they feel the speaker’s vibration.

At the diner, Wen comes up with Christmas decorations and says he wants to spend the holiday with Jim. They decorate the diner while Wen tries to convince Jim to dress up like Santa Claus. At that moment, Alan appears and confronts them. He addresses Wen as his boyfriend and tries to pick a fight with Jim. In the commotion, Wen falls and hurts his head. Jim tells them to leave and an angry Alan walks off.

Wen asks Jim to believe that he broke up with Alan long ago but Jim tells him to go. Meanwhile, Leng is going through his bills while a pregnant Praew is asleep and we see a pawn shop receipt hinting that he sold off the gold necklace that Jim had bought him. At the Supochs, Heart has a work and travel brochure probably given to him by Li Ming and he looks conflicted. Alan is crying at home while an upset Wen walks around town.

The Episode Review

Heart and Li Ming are going to make the viewers’ hearts combust. They are absolutely so cute together and so open about their affection for each other that their relationship is refreshing in contrast to the secrets surrounding Wen and Jim’s relationship.

And while a lot of fans were not sure how to feel about Wen cheating with the way it was portrayed in the trailer and the first few episodes, thankfully that has been sorted out with Alan being an ex he lives with. It would have further been cruel for Jim to know he had become a homewrecker especially since his ex had cheated on him.

As for Mrs. Hong, she has officially gone to the top of the list of best TV moms. Not only does she help Jim around when she doesn’t need to, but she is also super supportive of Gaipa. Whether he is gay or seems to like someone who is older than him, she loves him unconditionally. The world would indeed be a better place if everyone’s parents were as loving as her.

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