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Make A Wish

Episode 3 of Moonlight Chicken titled ‘Chapter 3: The Dream of the Eternal Moon’ begins with the planning team of the Marina Food Court construction having a meeting and we see that Wen is a part of it.

While going through the plan, Wen sees that one of the locations is Jim’s diner and they are already negotiating the demolition. They move to on-site planning and go through the market before stopping at Gaipa’s stall and thanking his mother for her help.

Turns out she will be representing them to talk to the other food sellers and convince them to sell their space. The leader asks about the Moonlight Chicken diner and Gaipa and Wen share a look. She says if they mention money, the deal will be signed swiftly. She however adds that the building is historic and if she was the landlord, she would turn it into a street market for tourists.

At the Supochs, Heart is teaching Li Ming sign language and they keep finding it amusing as they struggle. Finally, Heart writes that he is thankful that Li Ming is learning sign language for him. They then start talking about travel and Li Ming is excited.

Later, Wen visits the diner and sees that Jim is heading out to a shrine with a large order. He offers to tag along and Leng jokes that he wishes he was Jim. At the shrine, Wen sees that Jim gives the delivery for free to the shrine for a festival. On top of it, he refuses to be named as a sponsor. 

As they later offer prayers at the shrine, Jim sees that Wen is bothered. He tries to cheer him up and Wen instead asks if he truly has no chance at a relationship with him. Jim turns to pray and we go into a flashback where we see Jim with his ex at a shrine before the opening of the diner. They loudly pray that the diner is proof of their love and to help make it successful.

One day, the ex gets a call and Jim sees that it is from someone called Khwan with whom he has tons of selfies. The ex takes the phone and says he is going to visit his mother which has Jim paranoid. They were probably engaged or married as Jim later has a ring that he takes off angrily.

He tells all of it to Wen and how he has a love-hate relationship with the diner. They end up talking about Jim’s sister who wasn’t sure about homosexuality but he did prove that love is universal with what he had with his ex. Wen also adds that gender has nothing to do with unsuccessful relationships which Jim accepts.

The next day, Song, the landlord drops by and warns Jim that Marina wants the land and he is considering it. Li Ming sees Jim giving Song a free meal and is annoyed since he is rich. Leng tells him about the food court and he is further frustrated. Jim says they can buy the property for 300,000 baht and everyone is disheartened. At that moment, Wen calls Jim and asks to meet him.

They meet up and Wen tells him that he is working on the food court construction. While Jim says he is not angry he tells Wen not to come to the diner and leaves. He instead hangs out with Gaipa while Leng watches them from afar. Gaipa asks him out to the Loy Krathong festival and Jim says he’s getting too old for it.

They end up talking about the food court and Gaipa convinces him to let his mother figure it out with Song. In return, he asks Jim to come with him to the festival if he is free and the older man laughs and thanks him for his help.

The next morning, Jim is called to Li Ming’s school because of his low grades. As he leaves, Li Ming sees him and looks worried. At the diner, uncle and nephew have a confrontation and Li Ming tells him about the work and travel options in USA. Jim is upset while Li Ming runs away.

Wen sees the boy at the mall and sits with him. He offers to get him a phone case and they see that Jim is trying to reach him. Li Ming tells him he has no idea what he wants to do and could even try being a bartender. Wen relates as he had transferred his faculties mid-year.

At the diner, Jim is annoyed that Li Ming keeps avoiding him while Leng and Praew try to help by making them flower baskets for the festival. Praew says she saw Li Ming with Wen and Jim tries to call them while looking at the work and travel brochure. Meanwhile, Li Ming aimlessly roams through the city.

He finally heads to the Supochs and sees that the adults will be out late. He understands that it was probably why Heart was trying out some alcohol the first time they met. The mischievous son takes Li Ming to the bar and gives him a bottle to try out which he tries to refuse at first.

Wen, on the other hand, has dinner with his father who has dropped by. He asks him about his relationship and Wen says it is complicated. His father says that love is not complicated, falling out of it is. Wen finally picks up Jim’s call and invites him to the restaurant while his father asks if it’s his new boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Heart and Li Ming get drunk and laugh as they fill up the bottle with tea. As they go to keep it, their hands touch and they both move away. Heart smiles while Li Ming asks him to do the Loy Krathong ceremony together to which he agrees.

Jim reaches the restaurant and is awkward while Wen’s father tries to smoothen things by talking the whole time. After they finish up, Wen tells Jim that that’s his step-father and he got close to him after seeing how happy his mother was. Jim, however, feels he is a terrible parent as he can’t deal with Li Ming. Wen tells him to listen as his nephew probably just wants some freedom. He then wonders if he and Jim are fine and Jim offers to get flower baskets for the ceremony.

At the Supochs, Li Ming makes a basket and they float it in a bucket. Li Ming asks if they can float a basket on a river next year to which Heart agrees and they make a pinky promise. They then start laughing and dancing around the bucket. Meanwhile, Gaipa floats the basket with his mother who asks him to find a lover with whom he can continue the tradition. Unfortunately for him, Jim takes the baskets Praew had made and gives one to Wen. They make a wish and float them. 

In Heart’s bedroom, he cannot stop smiling as he turns to see Li Ming in bed with him. Li Ming asks him to read his lips and wishes him goodnight. A shy Heart turns away but turns back and they smile together before going to sleep. As for Wen, he goes home and is drinking a beer while a man is asleep in his bed.

The Episode Review

Of course, Wen would be part of the rival team that could very well run Gaipa and Jim’s business to the ground. No romance drama is complete without a couple of hurdles thrown in. Maybe Gaipa’s mother is foreshadowing what may happen as we do hope that Jim can save his diner by buying the building. We may also get a sudden historical landmark clause that can stop Marina from demolishing it.

As for Li Ming and Heart, they completely have our hearts and they aren’t even doing that much. Their friendship is absolutely adorable from them having a sleepover to Li Ming learning sign language so he can communicate with Heart.

We are also still yet to get any subtitles for the sign language as fans assume that the director wants us to experience the same thing Li Ming does while talking to Heart. This theory feels stronger in this episode as we unknowingly end up learning some of the signed words along with Li Ming such as ‘thank you’. 

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