Moonlight Chicken – Episode 5 Recap & Review

False Hope

Episode 5 of Moonlight Chicken titled ‘Chapter 5: Wrong You In The Right Time’ starts off with a flashback of Wen and Alan in bed in 2017. They take a polaroid to celebrate their first anniversary and we see the board then fill with anniversary Polaroids right till their 4th year.

Following a timelapse, Alan asks Wen for one more chance. It is then revealed that Wen broke up with him because he did not love him anymore and tried staying friends only for Alan’s sake. They start fighting and they apologize, with Alan asking Wen to remain friends. 

It then cuts to Wen calling Gong after the fight with Jim and Alan at the diner. He asks to crash at his place but Gong tells him to clear things once and for all instead of giving Alan false hope. Wen heads home and Alan offers to treat his head wound. Alan apologizes and asks him what can he do.

They have a similar conversation to their argument during their breakup and Wen goes to bed. He texts Jim who tells him that they need to talk face-to-face. Jim then recalls his conversation with Wen about the romantic movie and how love hurts. 

The next day, Jim and Li Ming are having breakfast and the restaurant owner tells them that the landlord Song has asked her to move out soon. Gaipa arrives and tells Jim that his mother can loan him the money to buy the diner from Song. Jim refuses and Gaipa offers his mother’s land deed for a collateral loan instead.

At that moment, Li Ming spots Wen with his colleagues and invites him but he refuses and leaves while Jim looks awkward. They head to the shopping market and Li Ming asks if Jim fought with Wen. Jim refuses to answer and Li Ming tells him that he likes Wen. He buys bubble tea for himself and Heart and leaves while Jim looks confused.

At the Supochs, they talk about what they want to study and Heart tells him that he is suffocating at home and wants to go out and work. Li Ming tells him that work in real life is not fun and offers to show him what real work looks like.

They work as mascots in the mall and end up meeting Wen who finds the two cute. Li Ming asks him about working at the diner and that Gaipa is helping out now that Wen isn’t around. Heart starts taking photos and Li Ming asks Wen to take photos of them as they play around.

Meanwhile, Jim meets Alan with Mrs. Hong’s land deed and they have a tense interaction. While Alan does his duty as the head loan manager, he warns Jim not to take things that are his as Jim accidentally takes his pen. At home, Alan mocks Wen when he asks about Jim’s loan. He, however, points out that he doesn’t let his personal matters affect his work.

At work, the Marina team leader is annoyed that some of the building owners are yet to sell their properties. Wen asks if the project can be delayed but the leader hints that one way or the other, Marina will get its way since they are rich and powerful. Then at break, Gong tells Wen that Alan asked him about Jim but he didn’t tell him. He once again tells Wen to move out and cut ties with Alan once and for all.

Wen says he is looking for a new place and tries to call Jim but he ignores him. He heads to the diner and calls Jim who cuts the call. Wen looks hurt and Jim says he simply doesn’t want to talk to him. He says he doesn’t want a complicated relationship and goes back to work.

Wen goes for a run and recalls everything that Jim, Gong and Alan have told him. He invites Alan to dinner and they reminisce about their first date. He finally tells him that they have broken up for good and Alan asks him why he gave him hope by being his friend. Wen says he also hoped they could work it out but he now needs to let him go. He returns his couple ring to Alan and says they can finally be friends.

At the diner, Jim and Leng are hanging out while Li Ming borrows Leng’s bike. Jim offers to pay for the gas and Leng instead takes it for his kid. They start talking about gender and sexuality and how they will love the child regardless. At that moment, they see a gay couple showing PDA and Leng asks Jim when he will settle down. 

Meanwhile, Li Ming and Heart drive around Pattaya. Li Ming offers to show Heart around and he thanks him for letting him feel normal. Li Ming says that to him Heart is normal and they smile. They stand next to each other and nudge each other’s shoulders while looking over the city. Li Ming then offers to teach Heart how to ride the bike but the poor boy ends up crashing it.

While Heart only sprains his wrist, his parents create an uproar and admonish Jim. Li Ming tries to tell the truth but Jim tells him to stay quiet. Mrs. Supoch continues to scold Li Ming till Heart steps in and tells her that he wants to live his life normally. She cannot understand him while Li Ming translates for him and points out that it has been 3 years since Heart went deaf yet she never learned sign language.

Heart claims she’s ashamed of his deafness and leaves while his mother tears up. Li Ming follows Heart to his room and holds him while he cries. At home, Jim tries to tell him to be careful but Li Ming simply says he will take responsibility for his actions and storms out. At that moment, Jim sees Wen at his door. He has his bags and says he doesn’t have a place to stay and they hug.

The Episode Review

Wen is literally us viewers while looking at how adorable Li Ming and Heart are together. Even when Li Ming is chatting with Wen he makes sure to include Heart and keep him in the loop and help him feel normal. No wonder Heart feels comfortable with him as he learned sign language just for him while Heart’s own mother never tried.

Li Ming is honestly the best friend and nephew anyone could want as he also roots for Jim and Wen. Despite Jim not telling him about his fight with Wen, Li Ming keeps trying to patch the two up in his own way.

As for Wen’s ex… Honestly, if First wasn’t giving us such a heart-wrenching version of Alan, the possessive ex, we’d probably hate him. But we can’t since despite everything, he’s just a broken-hearted man wanting to stay in the life of the one he loves especially since Wen keeps giving him false hope. And even while he hates Jim’s guts, he doesn’t let it impede his work as he helps him with his loan.

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