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Episode 2 of Moonlight Chicken titled ‘Chapter 2: The Temporary Chicken Rice’ starts off with Jim asking about Leng’s girlfriend, Praew. At that moment, Wen texts Jim that he has arrived. Leng says Praew needs proper shoes for work and Jim tells him to go buy her a pair. He is suspicious as to who will help around the diner and Wen shows up. Leng leaves but not before joking that Wen got drunk at their diner only to end up working for them. 

Leng is hanging out with Praew and tells her of his dream of a silver necklace and she thinks they might have a daughter. He tells her to instead come up with lotto numbers and Li Ming arrives and teases them. They walk back home together and Leng asks about college. Li Ming reveals that he hasn’t decided which college to go to while looking at a work brochure.

They reach the diner and Leng takes Wen to the kitchen. Li Ming confronts Jim as he remembers Wen from the night before and Jim says that he and Wen are just friends. Jim then tells him to be careful about Supoch and Li Ming tells him to stop nagging and leaves.

While cleaning the Supoch’s house, Heart keeps interrupting Li Ming and they drop the bucket. Li Ming tells Heart to help mop the floor but the latter ignores him. Li Ming takes his hand and puts it on the mop and they exchange a look. Heart gives up and starts mopping.

After the diner closes, Jim tells Wen he can leave but Wen tells him to teach him how to chop up chicken so that he can help the next time. Wen keeps looking at him affectionately and Jim is flustered. After they finish up, Wen asks for a beer but Jim says he likes drinking alone. Jim also points out that Wen won’t have any money left if he spends it on beer and Wen teases that he may not be working for the money. As he is leaving, Jim gives him a can of beer.

The next day, Leng and Praew show up at Gaipa’s shop and they banter before they give a list of the items for the diner. Gaipa notices that the handwriting is different and Leng tells him it is Wen. He says that Wen doesn’t fit in since he seems rich but he’s handsome and warns Gaipa not to fall for him. Gaipa goes to the diner and meets Wen as he brings desserts for Jim.

Wen goes to the back as the two old friends talk about the Marina Food Court construction but when he asks for some direction, there is an awkward pause. Jim introduces Wen to Gaipa as the new waitstaff who says that he could have just helped around instead of hiring new help. Jim says the diner is not busy and that Wen won’t be around for long who looks morose.

At school, Li Ming is asked about college and he says he isn’t sure while his friends indirectly flex their wealth by talking about the private unis they might go to. They then go through some pretty girls’ photos while Li Ming is uncomfortable. He is given his assignment and he sees that he has failed and he is upset.

He goes to the diner and Jim suggests going to a free tutoring class he signed him for. Li Ming is upset that Jim didn’t ask him first and leaves for his job at Supoch’s. While cleaning up, Wen finds a pamphlet on how to work and travel and he looks in Li Ming’s direction. At Supoch’s, Heart is busy watching a movie and tells Li Ming he doesn’t need to do household chores. They banter by writing on a notepad and Heart apologizes for the bottle. 

Meanwhile, Jim is going through the bills and sees that Gaipa has paid for most of them and he smiles. He looks in the trash can and sees a beer and is conflicted as he thinks of Wen and Gaipa. At that moment, Leng comes over with Praew and tells Jim that she is pregnant. Praew says they must marry or her parents will not allow it. Leng doesn’t have the money and they start arguing. Jim tells them to be patient and find a way.

The next day, Jim has to pay for his car insurance but instead uses the money to buy something from the mall. He sees Wen working as an event planner and says hello. Wen takes him out for lunch and Jim realises that he isn’t as well off as he seems. Wen has to go back to work and buys him snacks and leaves.

However, Wen comes across Li Ming at the mall next to a work and travel organization’s stall and asks him about it. He helps him get the information and asks what Jim thinks about it to which the young boy says he hasn’t told his uncle. Meanwhile, Heart is waiting for Li Ming and looks disappointed when he thinks he won’t come.

Li Ming shows up and is ready to help around, but Heart asks him to watch a Thai movie without subtitles and tell him what happens in important scenes. Li Ming acts annoyed but agrees. As they watch, Li Ming offers to help him out with any other non-subtitle movie he wants. Heart thanks him for being his ears and Li Ming asks him out on a cinema date. Heart says he can’t since his mom doesn’t allow him outside. Li Ming holds his shoulder assuringly while smiling sadly.

At the diner, Jim gives Leng snacks and he teases him for giving him leftovers. He finds a gold necklace and Jim says he bought it for him as Praew’s dowry and Leng is touched. He also tells Jim to settle down soon as he cannot stay lonely and needs to pick between two people while looking at Wen (is he hinting at Wen and Gaipa?).

At that moment, Wen is called to his day job urgently and Jim gives him a ride. As they park, they crash into a couple on a bike. Jim realises he did not renew his car insurance as the couple asks for 3,000 baht. He looks for the money in his car but Wen pays them instead. He says it happened because he needed a ride and leaves. Jim buys him two beers out of gratitude but when he goes to the venue, he sees Wen chatting with his co-worker happily and leaves.

Wen sees and goes after him to see Jim smoking and drinking alone. Wen calls him unromantic and he says life is bitter. They talk about their dreams and Wen says he wants a home where someone waits for him. As they stare, he tries to kiss Jim but the older man tells him to stop. Wen backs off and apologizes for making him uncomfortable (we love a consent king). Jim brushes it off but tells Wen not to waste time on him as he can’t be anyone’s home.

The Episode Review

Oh, we all know Wen is not working at the diner for the money if him just staring at Jim all the time was any indication. But it looks like Jim doesn’t have much time for him as he not only has to take care of the diner but also his staff. First, we have Li Ming being your usual rebellious teen who won’t listen to his uncle while Praew and Leng have their own issues. And do we detect a love triangle with Jim also having feelings for Gaipa?

As for Heart’s antics, it is clear that Li Ming has no patience for them. And him not walking on eggshells around Heart just because he is deaf just may be why the two may get closer as Li Ming might help him feel ‘normal’. Well, we might have started the show for EarthMix, but GeminiFourth have totally stolen our hearts as Heart and Li Ming.

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