Momodora: Moonlit Farewell Guide: “Gathering The Moonlit Dust” Walkthrough

Momodora: Moonlit Farewell Guide: Gathering The Moonlit Dust

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Moonlight’s Repose

 Remnant of an Unknown Phantasm (Boss Fight)


Moonlight’s Repose

In order to get our Moonlit Dust, we need to take a detour right the way back to Lun Tree Roots and to Moonlight’s Repose. If you’ve been following this guide thus far, you should have that marked on the map and you should already have the Golden Moonlit Dust too, which can be found in Koho Village.

When you show up at Moonlight’s Repose, be sure to grab 1x Heavenly Lily just to the right of the Cat.

Cross into the new section. Head all the way to the right and tap up to enter the next darkened area. Go to the left and read the slab on the wall before crossing (by pressing up) into the next section.

There will be very similar-looking rooms in here but be sure to pray at the Heavenly Lily next to the slab before you pass on. Each of these sections will have a number of enemies to fight, and the slabs help to flesh out more of the world too, so be sure to read each as you move on.

There’s also a Berry here too which will increase your maximum HP.

Finally, in the next section we’ll have a boss fight to contend with.

Boss Fight – Remnant of an Unknown Phantasm

This spider will swing down from the ceiling and send out projectiles in all directions. Be sure to jump ad attack, but vary your stance because it will drop a whole bunch of bones on your location if you stand still for too long.

Another move that Phantasm tends to favour comes from spewing red clouds out which will explode when they’re either side. Be sure to stand directly below the boss to avoid damage. There’s also a Laser attack too, where the Phantasm will send a laser jet down directly below, so make sure you avoid this, standing to the left or right or Phantasm and attacking.

When it goes down, you’ll be rewarded with 1x Sigil: ‘Phantasm Blade’.


Cross into the next section and grab [Silver Moonlit Dust] from the ground, just to the left of the next slab.

Now, head back to Ashen Hinterlands and speak to the Great Serpent. Dora will be there and after some dialogue, you’ll be granted the Lunar Atunement ability. This will let you traverse Moon Mist. If you press down and attack, it’ll activate the atunement and let you pass previously inaccessible areas. At this point, you can gather a few collectibles that we need before continuing on.

These two areas are in the underground section of Koho Village and just under the Heavenly Bell to the left of the Great Serpent.

Once you’ve grabbed both of these, it’s time to head onto our next section, Meikan Village!

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