Momodora: Moonlit Farewell Guide: “Fairy Springs” Walkthrough

Momodora: Moonlit Farewell Guide: Fairy Springs

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Fairy Springs

Fairy Village, Western Ward

Fairy Village, Eastern Ward

Side Quest- The Pendant


Fairy Springs

When you enter Fairy Springs, head to the right past the bell and up. Be careful of the enemies here, as they do tend to steal Lunar Crystals. When you reach the pink conch shell, double-jump up to the right and hit the Lumen Fairy.

Keep journeying up and to the left, and be sure to rush past the flowers below, which spew bullets out in your path. When you reach a crossroads, with a large monkey throwing projectiles from above, you want to head up rather than to the left (pictured below).

Be sure to put that double-jump to good use when you do. At the top, head to the left and you’ll find 1x Berry. Just past this you’ll find a large crab enemy that will keep marching toward you. You want to goad it out of the hiding place, jump over it and then proceed forward.

On the other side, inspect the light and you’ll gain 1x Grimoire. This will allow you to attune one more Sigil.┬áReturn back and head North. Your path so far should look something like this:

From the highlighted position above, head to the left all the way and be sure to pick up 1x Berry. This will increase your Stamina Regeneration speed. When you’re done, backtrack and head to the right. You’ll find Cereza there with her Bell.

Speak to Cereza when you get the chance, and then keep moving to the right. Defeat the enemies as you go and be sure to eat 1x Berry on the fat left before jumping to the higher platforms to increase your maximum Magic Affinity (pictured below).

The jumps up here are a little tricky to get right, but you basically want to sprint, jump and then hit jump again when you’re mid-flight to get enough momentum to pass.

Above, be sure to grab 1x Sigil ‘The Blessed’. Keep moving to the left, and after speaking to Dora, on the far left of camp you’ll find a tent and 1x Heavenly Lily, which will increase your attack power. There’s also a Heavenly Bell here. However, our real destination is to the right, nestled in a little alcove (pictured below).

Keep moving along the linear pathway, until you reach a glowing pink crystal. Slash at it a few times to make the barriers disappear. Use the geyser to bounce back up and then enter the next section. There are two more crystals in here so be sure to slash both of these.

However, before entering the area these forcefields were protecting, keep moving to the left to find a hidden area. You want to double jump up when you arrive to uncover the secret section.

Destroy the crystal on the far left and avoid trying to kill these skull-faced jellyfish. Instead, jump over them and then free the Lumen Fairy (shown at the top right of the screenshot above).

Now we can head down into this new area. Use your arrow to destroy the crystal through the gap on the right, but we first want to slip down into the lower level via the far left area, right past the exploding enemies on the ground.

In this section, use the slight rise in the cave incline to dodge-roll past the crab. Ignore the Sigil higher up for now and instead, move all the way to the right, where you’ll find a Heavenly Bell and someone caged.

Drop the cage and after receiving some thanks, hell head off to the village we’ll be visiting later on. He’ll also have a Side Quest for us, so bear that in mind! For now, stand on the geyser to the left of this to shoot up to a higher level.

If you’ve been following our guide thus far, the route you’ve taken should look something like this:

Remember the Sigil we couldn’t quite grab before? Well, if you go left at the top of this section, past the fairy and the blacked out crystal (which we shot with an arrow before), you’ll find an area you can drop down. This will lead us right to 1x Sigil ‘Glazed Aegis’.

This time, after blasting up to the top with the geyser, we want to keep going up, zig-zagging past the projectile-spewing white snakes that show up.

At the crossroads at the top of this section, take a right and drop down to speak to Cereza at the water. In doing so, this will deepen your bond with her.

This time, go left and before you start ascending up the platforms, drop down to the lower level. Here, you’ll find 1x Berry.

As you climb up the platforms, watching out for the white snakes, go to the right first. In this room, destroy the pink crystal and on the lower level, above the crab, you’ll find 1x Lumen Fairy. Keep going all the way to the far right and you’ll find another Heavenly Bell and Cereza there waiting for you.


Fairy Village, Western Ward

Beyond and to the right, you’ll notice the map sections changing slightly to yellow from blue. This is our next new area in the game. Head to the right until you reach the platform with a white snake charging at you. Drop down, defeat the enemies, and then head all the way to the right.

Grab 1x Berry and defeat the enemies that show up in this area area including a rather challenging gold crab. This is a variation of the larger crabs we faced at Fairy Springs.

Defeat this and as you ascend up with the geyser, you want to move to the right using the two platforms to double-jump over into this section. Be sure to slash at the berry hanging up to release another Lumen Fairy.

Return to the previous section and go all the way to the left. Ascend up and you’ll find yourself right in the path of a horrific venomous viper.

Boss Fight – Viper Archdemon Sorrelia

This huge viper has some big magic attacks that you need to watch out for. Beyond that though, it doesn’t have too much HP to whittle down – especially if you’ve been following our guide to grab all these Heavenly Lilys.

Slash away at the viper and watch out for the red lightning attack. When a beam of light shines on your location, quickly dodge out the way to avoid the bolts. Viper will also use a projectile attack, spitting out three eggs that will bounce across the battlefield. Be sure to stay on the far right to avoid being hit

There’s a tail whip attack here that can do some nasty damage and a spinning lightning attack too, which will be a bit of a pain to dodge.

At he 50% HP mark, Viper will do some big damage and start using the twin lightning bolt attack, which will then increase to four bolts. It’ll spin in circles around the tail section, You need to time your jump to avoid being hit, making sure the bolts are at a diagonal angle before jumping for maximum effect.

Slash away and be sure to get up nice and close for this one. Your melee is going to be far more effective than arrow hits for this fight. Eventually it’ go down.


With the Viper destroyed, the way forward will open. You’ll be summoned to the Fairy Village, so go ahead and move over there now.

Fairy Village, Eastern Ward

This area is one big vertical section, with different residents up and down you can speak to. Make note of the mouse we saved earlier just to right of here, and let’s crack on.

Go south and take the elevators all the way down. Here we’ll be graced with something brand new that’s never been seen in any videogame ever… fishing. That’s right, Momodora even has fishing too! Speak to the girl above the lake, and she’ll hand over 1x Fishing Tools.

To fish, you’ll need to spend 1x Lunar Crystals. You can go ahead and do this now if you wish, and you’ll be able to catch a variety of different fish. Some are rarer than others, including Anchovys and Tuna.

When you’re done, head just to the right of the lake and pray at the Heavenly Lily. This will increase your Attack Power.

With all of this done, we now want to go as far up as you can, taking each of the elevators to higher levels. At the final one, you’ll be face to face with the Queen.

The Queen will reveal more details about our mission, including finding the Black Bell and, if possible, finding the location of the moon gods too. More importantly, she’ll hand over 1x Spiral Shell. This very useful shell will now unlock the ability to Wall Jump, which will grant us access to previously inaccessible areas.

To use this, jump toward a wall then hit jump again to wall jump. Go back whence you came, left of the village, and you’ll find a good wall to practice this on.┬áJust before you do though, it’s a good idea to jump into a quick Side Quest.


Side Quest – The Pendant

Side Quest – The Pendant

Just to the right of the Heavenly Bell, you’ll find a Side Quest, for a guy wanting us to return a lost pendant. We’ll get back to that later. For now, he’ll hand over Mertil’s Pendant.

Now, keep moving left, past Cereza and the bell (Cereza wil tell you there’s something up with the Lun tree if you stop to talk to her) until you reach the next area where the wall jump will allow us to ascend up. We’ve marked it on the map below:

Once you reach this area, head all the way to the left… and we’ll have another Boss Fight to contend with – Very Big Spider.

Very Big Spider is, well, a very big spider. It’ll attack with several different moves, which you need to watch out for. The first will see either of its front legs slam down into the ground and hit for big damage, so watch out if you’re underneath them.

Spider will also disappear up and drop three rocks from overhead at its original location, so be wary of this too.

When it has around 50% Health left, Spider will speed up its attacks and those slams into the ground will be accompanied by shockwaves heading out either side too, so be wary of that.

Be sure to watch out for its attacks and you should best it. With it defeated, the Spider will drop 1x Bloodstained Pendant.

With this in hand, return it to the quest giver for your reward.

Reward: Fairy Icon


With the Quest completed, it’s now time to crack on and get to our main mission. Remember what Cereza said about the Lun Tree? Well, we now need to go back to Lun Tree Roots.

Before that though there’s a collectible we’re missing in this area. We’ve marked it on the map below in case you too have missed this one:

Head to this area, drop down and grab the Berry that’s nestled just below here next to some enemies. Using the map above, you can also plot a route back to Lun Tree Roots too, by heading up and all the way to the left.

Follow the path, and you’ll make it back to Lun Tree Roots, and, beyond that Demon Frontier, which is where our next stage is.

<< Springleaf Path

Demon Frontier >>

You can check out our full walkthrough and game guide here!

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