The Misfit Of Demon King Academy – Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Transfer Student

The Misfit Of Demon King Academy returns with another intriguing episode that deepens the lore surrounding our Demon and starts tying the past with the present. All of this is intertwined around some dizzying action set pieces late on and some nice foundations set for the episodes ahead.

Before we get there though, the episode begins in the past with a glimpse of the Great Spirit of Water Lignon. This impressive watery demon is no match for Shin though, who dispatches it and requests to be resurrected by Anos. However, in doing so he’ll have to start over and lose all of his memories thanks to a lack of Source Magic. By comparison, Anos comments on how good the Source Magic is for Hero Kanon who continues to return time and time again.

Back in the present, a new transfer student arrives at the academy. Unfortunately, thanks to the sword being stolen Anos’ team are deducted points. However, Anos quickly susses out what’s going on and calls the teacher out for her part in coercing a student to do this.

On the back of this class, one of the students who stuck up for him – a girl called Misa – introduces herself. She believes he’s the Demon King Of Tyranny. After introducing him to her fellow believers, she admits that she’s actually half-spirit and half-demon. Along with all the other girls in her group, Anos requests they show him what they’re all made of in the Magic Sword Tournament.

It’s a simple enough concept – if the competitors call pull the swords from the ground then they get to train with Gaios Anzem and Ydol Anzeo. Although Anos pulls his out effortlessly, the new transfer student Ray does too. He immediately offers his services to Anos after making quick work of the sword teachers. In order to prove himself worthy though, Anos tells him to team up with Misa and the girls in order to take him on.

The next day they do just that and we return to the familiar site of castle building. This time though Misha and Sasha work together for Anos and create far stronger magic. This helps aid them going forward as they go toe to toe with Misa and the rest of Ray’s team.

While they successfully defend the castle, Ray and Anos fight but our hero ditches a normal sword and decides to use a twig instead. Even with this in hand, Anos manages to best Ray. The duo talk in the aftermath of their fight and comment on how it may not be the first time they’ve crossed swords.

After an eventful skirmish, Anos outstretches his hand and introduces himself properly, which is where the episode ends.

The Episode Review

Is Ray the manifestation of Hero Kanon from the time gone? It certainly seems that way but he’s now with Anos and on his team so that should prove to be an interesting dynamic going forward. Furthermore, Anos is now surrounded by a whole group of loyal foot soldiers and this is certainly starting to mirror his presence all those years ago too. He’s certainly starting to get some of his mojo back.

Will Anos actually face a competent, difficult threat this season? That’s the big question still hanging over this one but for now, Misfit bows out with another decent episode.

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1 thought on “The Misfit Of Demon King Academy – Episode 5 Recap & Review”

  1. ray cannot be hero konan because if he was hero konan he will have still have his memories and skills of his past life intact.
    according to anos voldigoad “if you are good at source magic you will be able to transfer your memories and skills of the past life into your new vessel.
    anos said that the hero konan is good at source magic with an exceptional 7 source .so if the hero konan resurrect,he will be resurrected with his memories and skills intact in his new vessel.
    But as for shin who is not good at source magic,if shin resurrect he won’t have his memories just the same way that ray doesn’t know Anos.
    if you also look at physical appearance you will find out that shin has the same hair color as ray(that is silver hair)while the hero konan has gold hair .
    And also the hero konan is a better swordsman than Anos Voldigoad
    so there was no way anos will win the duel against him with just a stick.
    so therefore ray is shin not konan.
    Therefore i conclude and i am sure that ray is Shin(the right hand man of the previous incarnation of Anos voldigoad)

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