The Misfit Of Demon King Academy – Episode 4 Recap & Review

When One Becomes Two

The Misfit Of Demon King Academy returns with a touching episode focusing on Misha and Sasha’s true lineage. With deeper characterisation for all involved, the early trappings of this anime look to be peeling away in favour of something far more promising.

The episode begins with Sasha rushing off with the staff while Anos and Misha discuss what’s going to happen next. Misha was originally Sasha but because Sasha destroyed her Zecht, then that means the two parties can be no more. In layman terms it means that Misha was once Sasha but now, they occupy separate bodies. With the magic broken, the time they have is now coming to an end. An end that’ll come to fruition on Misha’s 15th birthday.

Anos suspects he knows who’s responsible for this – Ivis Necron. He concocted a special spell to try and make a more powerful demon but despite a lifespan of 15 years, Misha realizes her time is coming to a close. As she looks to apologize, Anos steps forward and hugs her. He promises to make her wish come true and help rekindle her relationship with Sasha. In order to do that, it means stopping Sasha in her tracks.

Sasha, now armed with the staff, conjures up a Zexis spell – something which the girl created herself and allows one to “sync the sources”. After Anos thwarts her threat, Sasha is forced to grant Misha her wish.

Delt will transform Misha into an original but only if she can reject Sasha. It turns out this girl has done everything she can possibly think of to make Misha dislike her for this very moment. Despite her best efforts, Misha still can’t shake her affection. Unable to let go of what they have and with time running out, Anos makes a bold decision. He decides to send their sources back 15 years to meddle with time. If he can make it so they become two individual souls, they can live as separate entities.

Anos has the power to do this of course and  agrees to give them a share of his magic power via Gyze. Just before he sends them back however, Ivis Necron appears and plunges a sword straight through Anos’s chest. Only, that’s nothing to our overpowered protagonist of course and he swats the demon away.

The God of Time is clearly not happy with what’s happening and vehemently declines Anos’ request to send these girls back through time to save one demon soul. However, Anos is stronger than time itself and manages to prevent the God from freezing him. Amusingly, it’s only taken stopping a God to convince Sasha and Misha that Anos is the true Demon King and they are eventually sent back through time to change their own fates.

In the aftermath of this, Ivis kneels before Anos outside the Academy and reveals that someone took over his source and caused him to lose his memories. Thankfully Anos has his true memories reinstated and all seems well with the world. At least for now.

Misha and Sasha both appear before him as time corrects itself into this new reality. Both of these girls are individual souls now while Anos contemplates over peace and how good a feeling it is. As the trio stand together, Anos wishes both girls a happy birthday.

The Episode Review

With a touching ending and some nice creativity injected into the plot, Misfit Of Demon King Academy is starting to come into its own here. There’s some nice inner conflicts brewing and the threat of someone more powerful (or at least powerful enough to challenge Anos) is something to look forward to.

The ideas of loyalty and themes of peace vs war play heavy over this one but it’s the more character-centric story that wins out the day. Demon King is much more consistent this week in that respect and it’s doing well to creatively avoid the overpowered protagonist tropes. So far so good though, it’ll be interesting to see where the show goes from here.

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