Military Prosecutor Doberman – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Won Ki Chun’s prosthetic leg

Episode 7 of Military Prosecutor Doberman picks where the drama left off last week. The episode opens with Yong Moon Gyu’s rage at Do Bae Man’s betrayal. He cancels the inauguration ceremony and decides to assume his position of CEO at the IM Defense with immediate effect.

No Tae Nam is captured and put in military prison

No Hwa Young is humiliated by her son and goes to apologies to Minister Lee Jae Shik for the scene at the ceremony. Lee Jae Shik slaps her and asks her to settle the matters once and for all. She promises to give up her uniform if her son becomes an issue once again. Lee Jae Shik leaves and she enquires where No Tae Nam is.

Back in the military prosecutor’s office, No Tae Nam is being questioned by Do Bae Man. Do Bae Man initially plays along but then shows his true colours. Cha Woo In stops the recording in the interrogation room and Do Bae Man starts hitting and acting like a real military person. Do Bae Man threatens him and settles down in his chair.

Cha Woo In turns on the cameras and Do Bae Man assumes his role as No Tae Nam’s lapdog and confidante. He rattles of Tae Nam’s crimes and asks him to sign the papers agreeing to the confession.

No Hwa Young talks to Yong Moon Gu and is aware that Do Bae Man is behind all this. She goes to the military prosecutor’s office and gives straight orders to go by the book in No Tae Nam’s case. She sternly says that there will be no exceptions as long as she is in command.

The scene shifts to the prison where No Tae Nam is being kept. Ahn Soo Ho, whom we met earlier is also present in the same prison, but in a different cell. The short flashback reveals that Do Bae Man comes clean to Soo Ho about his father’s death. He calls for a truce between them and ignites the fire for revenge in Ahn Soo Ho.

Yong Moon Gyu discovers that Cha Woo In is the daughter of the deceased Cha Ho Cheol. The scene cuts to a flashback during the fatal accident all those years ago. He soon connects the dots to No Tae Nam’s case.

Cha Woo In visits the victim of No Tae Nam’s harassment case. The young lady is now working at a fast-food joint. The two women share a heart-to-heart moment and give each other strength to fight their battles.

We then jump to the DMZ Mine Explosion Incident. The incident tells how Won Ki Chun got his title ‘The Mine Hero’. He saved his comrade from an active minefield, without fearing for his life.

Ki Chun lost a leg in that incident too, but he became a hero among the peers. He is the first target in Cha Woo In and Do Bae Man’s revenge plan. She explains what role he played to bring down her father six years ago.

Won Ki Chun gets shot

Then we are brought to a book signing event where Won Ki Chun has published an autobiography of the mine explosion incident. Won Ki Chun is shot at the book signing event by none other than a military personnel.

Cha Woo In and Do Bae Man are present there, and Cha Woo In stops him from saving Won Ki Chun. She says that she didn’t plan this, and he leaves. This person who shot Won Ki Chun is the younger brother of the comrade Won Ki Chun saved in the mine explosion accident. The investigation reveals that he shot a blank instead of a real bullet.

Cha Woo In and Do Bae Man along with their team discuss the events and get to investigating. Kim Han Yong is taken to the investigation room.

Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In are informed to go ahead with the investigation because the lawyer is running late. It is revealed that Do Bae Man knows the lawyer.

The duo get to questioning with an aim to ruffle his feathers. Cha Woo In reads the scene and reveals that there is more to the story than what Kim Han Yong is letting know.

The lawyer comes and he is late. His intentions are clear – to save Won Ki Chun and indict Kim Han Yong at any cost. The small dialogue exchange between Cha Woo In and the lawyer changes something in Kim Han Yong who has just arrived at the scene in handcuffs.

Won Ki Chun is in the hospital surrounded by journalists and get well soon bouquets. He gives his emotional byte to the media to keep up his image of a hero.

Cha Woo In visits him with a bouquet but there is something hidden in it. Won Ki Chun and Cha Woo In exchange a few words. She makes a jab which he clearly misses because he is unaware of her identity.

Cha Woo In visits Kim Han Yong’s brother in the hospital. She is reminded of the time after her father passed away. Back at the military prosecutor’s office, Do Bae Man and his senior share a few light moments where the senior comments on how cold the two women No Hwa Young and Cha Woo In are.

The men are on their way to meet No Hwa Young. She gives the senior personnel a list of corrupt officials to bring to justice to and she orders Do Bae Man to follow her somewhere.

She takes him to a construction site to show her stance on the decision. Do Bae Man rattles of the legal issues and her threat serves the scene very well.

The scene then cuts to Cha Woo In who delivers a report to her senior. He just calls her to inspect her nails and check if she has any nail paint on. This brings way to a small lecture on ethics of a military personnel and the treatment of women in the army from Cha Woo In. There is a light tone to the scene, but it packs a punch.

We are taken back to No Hwa Young and Do Bae Man returning from the hotel construction site. She enquires about Won Ki Chun’s case. It leads to a slightly heated argument between the two. She then visits Minister Lee Jae Shik. He is angry at her decision about the hotel, but she soon calms him down. She proposes a diplomatic plan for him to succeed ahead.

No Hwa Young has something up her sleeve. She calls Won Ki Chun to visit. It is then revealed that his image of a hero is a fake one. It was him who shot Kim Han Yong’s brother. She kicks him on the amputated leg and he falls to her feet. He begs her to save him.

The scene shifts to Yong Moon Gu being welcomed at IM Defence as the new CEO. The employees applaud at his arrival. He remembers the time when he and No Hwa Young framed Cha Ho Cheol.

Cha Ho Cheol was just calling his daughter when Yong Moon Gu came to take him away. The call line remains open and she hears everything. Back in the present, Cha Woo In also remembers the phone call and the time she spent learning fighting skills from her father.

Won Ki Chun’s prosthetic leg – fake or real?

Cha Woo In informs Do Bae Man about having some big evidence. The bouquet she kept in Won Ki Chun’s hospital room had a hidden camera in it. It records that Won Ki Chun did not lose a leg. He has been faking it all along.

The scene cuts to day 1 of the trail for Won Ki Chun’s shooting incident. Do Bae Man calls the lawyer in the case and blackmails him with certain pictures. He also drops a threat to turn the lawyer’s life to worse by piling up cases against him. Do Bae Man asks him to wear wireless earphones and repeat the lines he says. The trial begins.

The lawyer repeats the lines like Do Bae Man and the floor is set for Cha Woo In. She, being the lead prosecutor on the case cross questions Won Ki Chun regarding the mine explosion incident as well. Truth slowly starts to come out of the shadows. Won Ki Chun is agitated at the allegations and leaves the trial hall.

As he leaves, he is caught by Do Bae Man and a hoard of media personnel. Do Bae Man announces the reopening of the mining explosion case. He goes to show proof that the Mine Hero is fake. He takes a hammer and crushes Won Ki Chun’s prosthetic leg. Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In are shocked to that the leg is indeed a prosthetic. No Hwa Young then enters the scenes and the episode ends.

The Episode Review

After a lot of twists and turns, the drama has turned quite interesting. With the shift in focus from No Tae Nam to the whole military, the episode invoked curiosity to find out what happens next.

Won Ki Chun’s prosthetic leg reveal is indeed shocking and it will further reveal more twists that No Hwa Young brought in for her benefit. The tension has become thicker and with a lot of episodes to go, the development looks explosive if carried out well.

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