Military Prosecutor Doberman – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Tae Nam Deserts The Military Camp

Episode 6 of ‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’ continues with the events following the rather humiliating trail of No Tae Nam. The episode opens with No Tae Nam being chased after by the military personnel. His voiceover narrates the reason for why he decided to desert the camp. He expresses the humiliation he suffered in the trial owing to Yong Moon Gu mentioning erectile dysfunction as a way for Tae Nam to escape the glares of suspicion. This announcement resulted in Tae Nam becoming a butt of jokes at the camp and he wished to be in prison than suffer this. He also said that he will no longer listen to his mother, No Hwa Young’s, orders.

Back in the trial room, Do Bae Man promises Cha Woo Ji to close the revenge matters in just three months. He also says that in such sensitive situations one has to be level headed than being emotional and thinking from the heart. Cha Woo Ji meets Yong Moon Gu outside the trial room where he’s giving a fake heartfelt byte to the media. Cha Woo Ji and Yong Moon Gu share a few indirect jabs and then part ways.

No Hwa Young is greeted with a host of media persons who question her about her son’s trial. She gives diplomatic and appropriate answers. Do Bae Man reaches just in time and meets No Hwa Young. He reports that he is back to the team, despite having left a while ago. He tries to butter her up with praises for the military and how he felt at home being there. He also offers to help in No Tae Nam’s trial since he has worked closely with Tae Nam before.

The scene cuts to Tae Nam leaving the courtroom. Yong Moon Gu speaks to him and Tae Nam expresses his displeasure over how the events have unfolded. He gets angry when he realizes that he has been a scare goat in a grander scheme of things. All these events have happened before he deserts the camp at night the same day.

Do Bae Man is back at the Military Prosecutor’s office

Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In meet up with their boss at the military prosecutor’s office. The trio share a few words regarding No Tae Nam’s trial. Cha Woo In’s answers are quite brutal and honest and this elicits a shocked even if slightly humorous response from the boss. After Cha Woo In leaves, the boss asks Do Bae Man to teach his juniors well. After Do Bae Man leaves, he receives a text from Cha Woo In who asks him to meet at a coffee café. The place is quite quirky.

Do Bae Man has a funny encounter with the café owner. He waits for Cha Woo In. She comes but with Mr. Kang. The same guy who gave Do Bae Man a piece of insider information regarding his parents’ case. Cha Woo In and Mr. Kang lead Do Bae Man to a secret room in the café which is used as their conference room.

Do Bae Man is shocked to see him there and does not want to work with him. Cha Woo In says that Mr. Kang is the one who has helped her all these years in her personal fight for justice. Do Bae Man is reluctant but he sits down to listen to their plan.

Cha Woo In plunges right into the drama and begins explaining their findings. She goes on and explains about ‘The Patriotic Society’ a secret organization which was formed by Lee Jae Shik’s father. Lee Jae Shik soon took over the reins. This secret organization deeply involved in making appointments for the army and increased the military power.

Cha Woo In explains how this ‘Patriotic Society’ was responsible for the deaths of Do Bae Man’s parents and her own father. She explains No Hwa Young’s rise to power and Brigadier General Hong Moo Seop who covered up Do Bae Man’s parents’ case. The Brigadier General is wary of No Hwa Young because she is very close to Minister Lee Jae Shik and can surpass the Brigadier General anytime. She further explains the key members of ‘The Patriotic Society’ and Mr. Kang pitches in his ideas too.

No Tae Nam’s humiliation at the military camp

Now comes the scene when everyone comes to know of No Tae Nam’s deserting the military camp. He is humiliated and made fun of in the canteen. In the washroom he is beaten by a superior. Frustrated by all this, he decides to run away. He gets into a cold storage truck, writing his frustrations in his letter to his mother. The training officer personally comes to deliver the news about No Tae Nam deserting the camp. She asks him to be careful since it is a big day for Minister Lee Jae Shik in his career.

No Tae Nam reaches a place and steals clothes from a rack. He meets some people at the construction area. He borrows a person’s phone and promises him a huge amount of money. Shortly it is revealed that he stayed true to his words and transferred the promised amount to that person’s account.

No Hwa Young informs the news to Yong Moon Gu. She tells him to use Do Bae Man for he promised to do whatever it takes to show his loyalty towards No Hwa Young.

Do Bae Man looks into No Ta Nam’s case

Ahn Soo Ho is a prisoner who was prosecuted by Do Bae Man. As a result Ahn Soo Ho harbours deep resentment for Do Bae Man. Do Bae Man tells Soo Ho that he will be out before two months and that he will receive a surprise soon. He also tells him that he should be angry at No Tae Nam instead of him.

After leaving the prison, Do Bae Man receives No Tae Nam’s news. He is not surprised for he had expected this to happen. He says to Yong Moon Gu that he will handle the case before the media catches wind of it.

Cha Woo In and Mr. Kang meet up for a discussion. Do Bae Man is unreachable and Mr. Kang is worried that he might be playing a different game on the side. Both of them also receive the news that No Tae Nam has deserted. This furthers the sentiment that Do Bae Man might be up to something without telling them.

Do Bae Man is out looking into No Tae Nam’s case. He visits the training camp where No Tae Nam was stationed. Later he reports the main findings to Yong Moon Gu. Moon Gu offers Do Bae Man a briefcase full of money to handle Tae Nam’s case quietly. He promises Yong Moon Gu to find him before anyone finds out that Tae Nam has been AWOL.

As he leaves Yong Moon Gu’s office, Bae Man receives a phone call from Cha Woo In. They share a few words on Do Bae Man’s actions. Both share information on how they found out about No Tae Nam. She informs that she bought the company which supplies stationary to the camp and that is how she knows. Do Bae Man takes her in confidence and reveals that he is the one who orchestrated No Tae Nam’s desertion. They both meet Mr. Kang and he reveals that he made this attempt in order to put a dent on No Hwa Young and Lee Jae Shik’s plans.

No Tae Nam is met by a friend who comes to pick him up. He asks about his pet Bolt, and his friend says that he didn’t bring him along for the cat is costly and the dog might spoil it. Earlier, when looking for No Tae Nam’s belongings, Do Bae Man came across a few pictures of Tae Nam with his dog, Bolt. This dog might play a small but important role in the further events to capture Tae Nam.

Hwa Young, Lee Jae Shik and a couple of others meet at a shooting rink. They exchange a few diplomatic words. She keeps the news of her son’s deserting under wraps.

The scene cuts to Tae Nam and his friend at a club. The friend informs that the others fell off the grid and even changed their phone numbers. No Tae Nam meets with a high level fixer. Meanwhile his friend is out getting drunk. Cha Woo Ji meets this friend under a disguise again. She dons the same disguise she had put on last time. She knocks him unconscious and takes him to a deserted place. She begins asking him questions and even cuts his finger when he doesn’t answer. He soon relent and gives away No Tae Nam’s plans to flee the country by boat.

The scene then cuts to Yong Moon Gu receiving a call from No Tae Nam. Tae Nam reveals that he will be leaving the country soon. He expresses his anger once again over the way things turned out the trial. He says that Yong Moon Gu is just a tool for No Hwa Young. Frustrated, Yong Moon Gu shouts at Tae Nam. Tae Nam cuts the call.

Yong Moon Gu calls Do Bae Man and brings him up to speed. Do Bae Man is already on his way to capture No Tae Nam. He says he won’t let No Tae Nam escape because it will ruin what he has worked for in the past years. DO Bae Man reaches the port just in time as the boat is leaving. He fights off a few goons, and sees that there is a decoy on the boat. The fixer whom Tae Nam contacted to set him up, greets Do Bae Man.

The scene cuts to a flashback. It is revealed that No Tae Nam ordered for a private plane instead of a boat. The boat is just a smoke screen to buy time for Tae Nam to escape by air. It is also revealed that Do Bae Man has an enemy in the fixer as well. The boat is turned around towards the shore. The scene cuts to the airport where Tae Nam meets his pet dog Bolt.

We are then taken to the appointment ceremony of Minister Lee Jae Shik.

No Tae Nam is waiting in the lounge with his dog. An attendant comes up to him to take Bolt away for boarding. Tae Nam is greeted by Cha Woo In in her disguise as a red headed woman. No Tae Nam figures out the game and runs away. A short scene reveals that a tracker was put on Bolt’s belt for Do Bae Man was confident that Tae Nam would take Bolt away if he was leaving the country. The chase continues at the airport.

On the shore, Do Bae Man is greeted with a bunch of goons ready to fight. He fights off the goons and then plunges into the sea. The scene again cuts to the airport where No Tae Nam is running away from Cha Woo In. The two finally engage into a hand to hand combat.

Here on the other hand, a slightly funny scene ensues as the goons don’t go after Do Bae Man in the water. None of them can swim. The North Korean soldier spy that the fixer hired as his bodyguard also says that he can’t swim. Do Bae Man swims away and is met by a group of soldiers out to rescue him on a boat. The goons run away.

Back at the airport, No Tae Nam is finally caught. The onlookers filmed the scene of their fight and the video went viral immediately gaining millions of views. The news of No Tae Nam deserting the camp also broke on the internet and became a sensation. The news reached the media persons present at the appointment ceremony of Lee Jae Shik as the Minister of Defense. The focus is immediately shifted to No Hwa Young as she leaves the hall.

Yong Moon Gu also sees the news and is devastated. He also gets the briefcase full of money from Do Bae Man. Just then Do Bae Man calls him. Do Bae Man has corrected his ways. He says he will only take what makes up for his salary and not the surplus bribe money.

No Tae Nam is brought to the prison. Ahn Soo Ho is present there as well as he recalls Do Bae Man’s words.

The scene shifts to the military prosecutor’s office. Cha Woo In is just wrapping up for the day when DO Bae Man greets her. She explains why she chose Do Bae Man to be a part of her plan. She praises him for his tactics and says that he is better as friend on her side than an enemy getting competent.

Just then No Hwa Young enters the room and the episode ends.


The Episode Review

The preview for next week shows that No Hwa Young and Yong Moon Gu have realized Do Bae Man’s intentions to some extent. The scenes also show No Tae Nam’s time in the prison.

This episode heavily focused on No Tae Nam’s deserting the camp and the chase that follows. There were no forced attempts at humour or product placement, so it was an enjoyable watch. The episode also set tone for the forth coming episodes. While No Tae Nam’s time in prison will be a focal point, the show appears to also be steering more towards Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In’s revenge. Now that he has made enemy out of No Hwa Young and Yong Moon Gu, things are bound to heat up.

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