Military Prosecutor Doberman – K-Drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

The Fixer

Episode 8 of Military Prosecutor Doberman begins with a short flashback to three years ago. Cha Woo In is prepared to shoot No Hwa Young. It is but a dream though, as no shooting occurred in reality.

Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In receive disciplinary punishment

The scene cuts to Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In in the trial room. The two are faced with disciplinary action for their actions against Won Ki Chun.

After it was revealed that Won Ki Chun’s prosthetic leg was real, Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In are surprised. There is definitely something fishy with that detail, especially as Cha Woo In had video evidence about Won Ki Chun’s fake leg. Since the video was obtained through a hidden camera, it was not admissible as concrete evidence.

Do Bae Man is sentenced with three months’ probation whereas Cha Woo In is sentenced to ten days probation. Cha Woo In is also taken off all cases she was assigned to. Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In get into an argument as well. Cha Woo In is dejected, with her plans taking a huge hit. Yong Moon Gyu visits Do Bae Man to add insult to injury.

Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In speak about their future plans. Do Bae Man had taken full responsibility of the Won Ki Chun incident, and hence he had to face a stronger sentence. He encourages by telling her that that they have only failed but not given up.

Bae Man advises her to carry on from the inside while he is on suspension. Since both of them have been stripped of their titles, they decide to carry on the investigations in civilian attire.

Do Bae Man goes undercover

Do Bae Man goes to get new clothes and begins his investigations outside the military official’s limits. Cha Woo In sends him information unofficially. The boss almost catches Cha Woo In but her team members distract him and take him away to the trial room.

The CEO of Seollak – who also fixed No Tae Nam’s plans for fleeing the country – meets Yong Moon Gu. The two team up against Do Bae Man.

Officer Seo Joo Hyuk is tasked with handling Won Ki Chun and No Tae Nam’s trials. He is soft when it comes to No Tae Nam, but hard on the demeanor when it comes to Kim Han Yong’s trial.

No Tae Nam’s sentence is reduced to one month, whereas Kim Han Yong’s is extended to five years in prison. After No Tae Nam’s trial ends, his mother No Hwa Young comes in and informs him that he will be serving the front lines to show that he is working harder than any other soldier. She also warns that he will be ‘cut off’ if he disobeys her command next time.

Yong Moon Gu investigates the mine explosion incident

Yong Moon Gu asks No Hwa Young about Won Ki Chun’s prosthetic leg incident. She warns him to not interfere in the matters of her division or her subordinates. Yong Moon Gu is confident that Do Bae Man must have had some strong conviction to do what he did with Won Ki Chun.

Yong Moon Gu soft launches his own investigation about the mine explosion incident. The primary investigation officer reveals that he knew that Kim Han Yong was trouble.

The scene cuts to Kim Han Yong being transferred to prison. Cha Woo In’s teammates fake a scene that they forgot the documents and go back to their office. There, Kim Han Yong is met with Cha Woo In. She tells him that he can still find justice if he tells the truth.

The flashback scene at the start of the episode is shown again. Cha Woo In, who had aimed her gun at No Hwa Young decided to not take that shot. She matches her predicament to that of Kim Han Yong’s. This makes him emotional.

He reveals the CT scan which was shown to him was not of his brother’s since his brother has an oddly shaped brain and the one in the CT scan was someone else’s report. He also reveals that he was informed that Won Ki Chun did not save but shot his brother. The note is sent to Do Bae Man and Kang Ha Jun for further investigation.

The army surgeon charged with Kim Han Yong’s brother turned out to be the same doctor who treated Won Ki Chun. The chances of the reports being swapped and covered up are high, owing to the link between the doctor and Won Ki Chun.

Just when Do Bae Man and Yong Moon Gyu arrive at the hospital, the army surgeon escapes. Yong Moon Gyu enlists the help of the fixer to bring him back.

Do Bae Man takes the hard drive from the army surgeon’s computer and brings it to Kang Ha Jun. No Tae Nam’s pet dog Bolt is with Kang Ha Jun since the day Tae Nam was arrested. Kang Ha Jun hands over the dog to Do Bae Man and it leads to a slightly hilarious situation.

Do Bae Man is entrusted with a dog’s responsibility. He takes the dog home and is met with his aunt. The scene is funny to watch for he is like a child who needs to be schooled and his aunt leaves no chance to do just that. He tries to explain the situation but then she gets annoyed and kicks him out of the house.

No Tae Nam’s nightmare begins

Later that night Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In update each other about the day. Cha Woo In laments a little that No Tae Nam got off so easily to this Do Bae Man counters that he actually didn’t. He places No Tae Nam’s archenemy (aka Ahn Soo Ho) right next to him. No Tae Nam’s life in the military just got a lot worse.

Ahn Soo Ho jovially greets No Tae Nam. They both settle in the camp and Soo Ho imparts details about their job at the station.

The information he gives only further frightens No Tae Nam. Tae Nam asks Ahn Soo Ho how he got to the military prison and Soo Ho replies he will tell him over the time. Soon the other guards arrive in the barracks. No Tae Nam is infamous in the military and the soldiers have already picked up on that scent.

The Army surgeon is found

The army surgeon is off to a gaming parlor. Do Bae Man found him and so did the fixer. Here Do Bae Man and the fixer clash over taking hold of the surgeon. Do Bae Man and the goons engage into a fist fight and the fixer slips away with the surgeon.

Do Bae Man rushes to the hospital to verify the identity of the other person enquiring about the army surgeon. The nurse confirms that it was Yong Moon Gyu.

Do Bae Man updates Cha Woo In about the happenings. She informs him that she found out the person who had sent the note to Kim Han Yong. On the other hand, the army surgeon is being severely thrashed by the fixer and his goons.

Yong Moon Gyu arrives at the scene and asks the surgeon about the truth. The surgeon, being very beaten up rattles off the details quickly.

Do Bae Man meets the person Koo Hyun Suk who left the note to Kim Han Yong. Do Bae Man takes him on an emotional ride. The person readily reveals the exact details that happened on the day of the accident.

The man recounts that it was a foggy day which made it difficult to see clearly at a distance. He also mentions that Won Ki Chun had gone to the toilet during the five minute break. The area was an active minefield. Won Ki Chun saw some movement but could not see anyone clearly.

As he moved, he stepped on a mine and fell to the ground. Hi ears went numb and he shot the first person who came near him. After he regained consciousness, he saw that he had shot his comrade. The only witness was Koo Hyun Suk, who left the note to Kim Han Yong.

Do Bae Man, Kang Ha Jun and Cha Woo In discuss these details. Cha Woo In comes to a conclusion that perhaps Won Ki Chun got his leg amputated for real right before the trial. Won Ki Chun’s incident happened right after No Hwa Young achieved the position she was coveting for so long.

Since Won Ki Chun’s incident happened at the DMZ, it would have led to a huge mess and a scandal and hence it was covered up. Here, Yong Moon Gyu comes across the same information from the army surgeon. He goes to meet No Hwa Young.

Yong Moon Gyu has the same suspicions as the trio. What happened to Won Ki Chun’s leg? No Hwa Young goes into a flashback.

It is then revealed that she drugged Won Ki Chun and asked her aide to cut off his leg as is the story. When the aide trembles to go ahead with it, No Hwa Young herself cuts off his leg. Yong Moon Gyu is shocked to the core after learning the truth.

The Episode Review

Episode 8 of Military Prosecutor Doberman really picked up pace. It brought in the necessary twists and turns, and also provided a path for further course of action. When it seemed that Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In’s plans are severely crushed, they found a new way out.

The pacing of the drama was also good, jumping back and forth with flashbacks. The main and supporting characters play their parts well, and certain scenes worked well as comic relief. However, it was all washed over by the ending scene where No Hwa Young does the epic reveal.

What’s next for our characters? We’ll have to wait and see!

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