MF Ghost – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Man in the 4 Car

MF Ghost Episode 7 opens with Kakeru, Nozomi, and Kanata driving bumper to bumper. It’s Ren’s turn to update the scoreboard, and she unknowingly lets her guard down.

Meanwhile, Akaba chases Jackson and effortlessly manages to overtake him. Jackson recalls the top 3 drivers in MFG: Michael, Akaba, and Kouki. However, Kouki skips this year’s race to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday, expressing his wish to spend time with her since the previous year’s tournament earned him a substantial amount of money.

The scene shifts to the battle between Michael and Fuujin. Aiba holds his position against Yuudai.

Ogata radios in to check on Kanata’s tire status as he has been driving quite fast. Kanata assures him that he knows tire management very well and it won’t be a problem.

The drivers engage in their respective battles, and Akaba manages to overtake Takuya, securing the 6th position. Kanata falls behind due to his car’s insufficient power, but he does his best to keep up. Kanata impressively catches up every time they encounter risky spots, leaving Kakeru baffled by his skills.

Aiba realizes that his front tires have worn out faster than expected but manages to maintain his position. Akaba pursues Yousuke with the intention of closing the gap for an overtake. Kanata continues to chase Nozomi and Kakeru despite the disadvantage.

Meanwhile, Kyouko admires Ren’s physique. Ren also compliments Kyouko’s physique, and they have a conversation about dating. On the track, Jackson blocks Daigo’s attempts to overtake. Akaba swiftly overtakes Yousuke, and Daigo successfully passes Jackson. As the racers approach the last section of the race, things intensify as their tires wear away at the end of MF Ghost Episode 7.

The Episode Review

MF Ghost Episode 7 continues the race, showcasing a significant number of position changes on the leaderboard. It maintains high pressure as rivalries between strongly built characters unfold, leading up to the anticipated outcome of the competition.

Unfortunately, Kanata faces challenges due to the power disadvantage of his car. Right now it is challenging to envision Kanata climbing the rankings under these circumstances. However, there might be a shift as the cars’ tires start losing grip, creating an opportunity for talent to shine through.

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