MF Ghost – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Tragic Rallyist

MF Ghost Episode 6 commences with the commentators praising Kanata for the driving school he came from and claiming Takumi was also an instructor there. Kakeru notices Kanata behind Nozomi. The commentators enlighten us about Takumi’s achievements and mention his disappearance after an accident.

Fuujin maintains his position in front of Michael, not giving him space to overtake. Michael takes an opportunity to catch up and then swiftly overtakes Fuujin. With the position change, Kyouko updates the scoreboard followed by a diplomatic answer, not singling out any specific driver as her favorite.

At a turn, Kanata swiftly overtakes Nozomi with a drift. The commentators compare Kanata to Michael. Just then, Kanata also overtakes Kakeru. Kakeru keeps track of the distance he needs to maintain to overtake Kanata. Mami updates the scoreboard and declares Kanata as her favorite driver. This visibly alarms Ren.

Michael and Fuujin enter the long straight. Entering the long straight, Aiba drives close to Sakamoto, taking advantage of the slipstream. He then overtakes Sakamoto. The battle between Daigo and Akaba continues, and Akaba manages to successfully overtake Daigo.

Kakeru and Nozomi approach Kanata from behind and use the slipstream on the long straight to overtake him. Nozomi signals for him to join their slipstream, and he tags along. Mr. Ogata is surprised to see Kanata overcome his biggest obstacle, the long straight, with the help of the slipstream.

The two leaders pass through the starting gate followed by the other cars. Ren catches a glimpse of Kanata and heads up to update the leaderboard at the end of MF Ghost Episode 6.

The Episode Review

MF Ghost Episode 6 keeps tensions high with a few more changes to the leaderboard. The chapter very interestingly utilizes the various advantages the cars and drivers possess to execute strategic overtakes while preserving the distinctiveness of each move.

Kanata manages to advance two places within a few moments but regresses back to the same position due to his low-powered engine on the long straight. However, Kanata makes an exceptionally wise choice to join the slipstream that Kakeru and Nozomi have created, thereby minimizing his biggest flaw.

The episode also talks significantly about Takumi Fujiwara, a Japanese citizen who taught at a driving school in England. Surprisingly, the same racing school Kanata learned in. It almost seems like the man is Kanata’s father since the reason Kanata came to Japan was to find his father.

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