Melting Me Softly – Episode 8 (15&16) Recap & Review

Temperatures Rising

Melting Me Softly’s latest episode concentrates mainly on the aftermath of the surprising kiss but also on the urgency surrounding the ongoing temperature issue, which definitely brings a lot of suspense to the show.

After the kiss, Dong-Chan and Mi-Ran drive back home in awkward silence. She later calls him to apologise for the kiss and explains she only did it because she thought she was dying. The next day, Dong-Chan speaks with his brother-in-law about the previous suspect, Nikolai, and finds out that he has been killed, eliminating him from the list of possible murderers. This prompts him to visit the lab again and look through the other frozen men to see if it could offer up any clues.

Byeong-Sim looks through ads for a studio to rent and sees a good one which turns out to be in Mi-Ran’s house. Thinking this is an opportunity not to be missed, he calls Mi-Ran’s dad to arrange a viewing. Dong-Chan then receives a dinner invitation from Hung-Seok and the former CEO of the broadcasting company. As he arrives at the restaurant, they’re also joined by the mysterious man who calls himself Lee Seok Du. Dong-Chan looks at him closely and is shocked to see that he resembles the frozen man from the lab.

Meanwhile, Mi-Ran is having trouble; whenever she thinks of Dong-Chan her temperature goes up. As she leaves to get some fresh air, Byeong-Sim arrives to view the studio with her father. Just before going to sleep, we see that things are still a bit awkward for Mi-Ran and Dong-Chan, as they continue to wonder how they feel about the kiss.

The next day, Hyun-Ki arrives in the office to tell everyone about new regulations around sexual harassment and explains that there shouldn’t be any physical contact between members of staff. This news make Mi-Ran and Dong-Chan look really uncomfortable. They later meet in private where she apologises to him again and offers to give him some compensation for what happened. Surprised, he tells her he doesn’t understand and calls her crazy as people don’t usually apologise for kissing.

Ha-Young receives a call from a woman who claims to know who bombed Professor Jo’s car. She tells her she wants to meet but her condition is to have Dong-Chan there as well. Ha-young then calls him into her office to relay the phone conversation. After briefly discussing the caller, he asks her to get information on chairman Lee Seok Du.

Both Mi-Ran and Dong-Chan are questioned separately by Hong-Seok and Hyun-Ki. They have only good things to say about the other but mainly compliment their quality of work. Kyung-Ja and Yu-Ja arrive at the station to meet with Mi-Ran soon after. As Yu-Ja gets excited to see Mi-Ran after all these years, she also notices Dong-Chan and tells her he’s the one she mentioned in her fortune, the one she was meant to meet in 20 years time.

Back at her desk, Dong-Chan asks Mi-Ran to go Hongdae to check out the latest trends. We then cut to the evening where she gets a call from Ji-Hoon who invites himself to go out of town with her.

In Mi-Ran’s house, Byeong-Sim slowly moves his things in while Tae looks after the doctor, who tells him he started the experiment to help people like him. Dong-Chan visits Professor Jo to talk about their temperature problems and asks why they can’t use more than one shot a day. He explains that their bodies will eventually become immune and this could be lethal to them.

The next day, Mi-Ran and Hi-Joon share some fun moments together looking at the different trends in Hongdae, while Dong-Chang visits the filming location. Ha-Young decides to stay in the same hotel as Dong-Chan, hoping to get him to meet her in her room. Unfortunately, he doesn’t come and she spends the night crying in bed.

Following her trip, Mi-Ran arrives at the office with a gift for Dong-Chan and receives a text from Kyung-Ja asking her to borrow money to fix her phone. After wiring the money over, she gets a call from her friend and soon realises that she’s been the victim of a scam.

As Mi-Ran starts drinking heavily in a cafe, Dong-Chan receives a notification that her temperature is rising. He rushes to her location and she explains he doesn’t need to worry about her anymore. He tells her to stop acting up or she might start liking her. The episode then ends with both of them getting closer and the temperature on their bracelets slowly rising.

The mystery surrounding the chairman deepens here as he reveals himself to be Lee Suok Du. As he bears resemblance to the man in the frozen capsule (who we assume is the real Lee Suok Du), we’re left to wonder whether he’s related to him or if there’s a big conspiracy behind this. While we still don’t know what his motive is, one thing’s for sure – he doesn’t want him to wake up.

As both protagonists grow closer to each other emotionally, it’s bound to cause more complications with their health as their temperature rises. With only one injection a day, they’re certainly taking a lot of risks here and it looks like it’ll end up being a race against time to find the cure too. The story and pace has definitely improved in the last few episodes and if it carries on this same way, it should make this weekend drama an enjoyable one to watch next week.

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