Melting Me Softly – Episode 7 (13&14) Recap & Review

Regulating Body Temperature


This week’s episode of Melting me softly gives us some tense moments but also in contrast, we are seeing more romantic scenes between our two protagonists. The story is advancing at a decent pace too and we’re given enough character development here to keep things interesting.

The episode starts with Dong-Chan swimming to test how this would affect his body temperature. On his way out, he remembers the conversation he had with Ha-Young. She told him she wants to give their relationship another go but he’s unsure as he still resents her, explaining that she has matured a lot during those 20 years.

We then cut to the moment after Mi-Ran walked in on Dong-Chan and Ha-Young, wondering if Ha-Young has been waiting for him all this time. After finding out that her husband fell asleep at Kyung-Ja, Young-Sun tells his son she’s thinking of filing a divorce. He tells her that he will support her with whatever she decides. Ki-Bum leaves his office but after getting a phone call asking him for paperwork, he leaves his car. Just as he does, it suddenly explodes.

Mi-Ran heads back to the office where Dong-Chang tells her she has to make sure she doesn’t let her heart rate increase as it will make her temperature go up too. He also tells her that he likes one of her projects and they should start working on it soon. Mi-Ran meets with Young-Sun to talk about her husband. Young-sun admits that she started liking Byung-Sim a long time ago and still does now, even if he doesn’t love her. Dong-Chang gets a call from Ki-Bum from the police station. They then both discuss who could be responsible for the attempted murder.

From here, we then cut to the mysterious chairman who once again tells his assistant that Lee Seok-Du cannot come back to life. The hitman arrives and promises that he will not make a mistake again but the chairman pulls out a gun and points it at his face.

Mi-Ran gets a call from the school asking her to cooperate with her assault case as it was against a teacher. She heads there to attend the hearing where Byung-Sim admits that he deserved the assault as they used to be together. After leaving the school, he leaves her, telling her he will take care of things quickly.

The former president of the channel arrives at the station and meets with Hong-Seok. He offers him an application to his new National Party and advises him to use Dong-Chan’s story to help him in his political career. This then prompts Dong-Chan to ask Ha-Young to cover a story on Ki-Bum receiving death threats. When she tells him that she’ll protect him, he rejects her once again, telling her he’ll protect Mi-Ran instead.

Mi-Ran comes back to work but because she ran there, Dong-Chan is concerned with her well-being again. During the meeting, Dong-Chan pitches Mi-Ran’s project to everyone, consisting of several 40 year old people and making them go back 20 years by recreate their twenties. After leaving church, Young-Sun receives a text from Byung-Sim with instructions to send his clothes to his new address.

Mir-Ran, Dong-Chan and their colleagues go out eating and drinking to celebrate, which ends with karaoke where Dong-Chan sings a love song. He takes Mi-Ran back home and as he meets her brother, he remembers the reason why she did the experiment. Back home, Dong-Chan ends the evening by having some bonding time with his brother and sister.

The next day, Dong-Chan and Mi-Ran head out to look for the perfect spot to film their new show. Unfortunately, they get lost and as they get too hot, Mi-Ran realises she forgot her temperature shot. As she faints, he injects her with the serum but collapse in the process. Thinking he’s dead, Mi-Ran cries, trying to wake him up. Fortunately, pouring rain arrives and cools his body down. Relieved to see him alive, she kisses him and collapses in his arms.

Things were really touch and go for our two protagonists at the end of the episode, as the temperature problem is becoming more and more difficult to control. Thankfully some deus ex machina saved the day and in true K-drama fashion, things ended with the expected kiss.

The mysterious chairman is growing closer to what he wants too by trying to eliminate those involved. While we’re still not sure what his motives are, this story remains quite intriguing and brings more tension to the show. Melting Me Softly may not be the best drama out there, but the likable characters and the entertainign story should be enough to keep you coming back for more.


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