Melting Me Softly – Episode 9 (17&18) Recap & Review

The Identity Revealed

This week’s episode of Melting me Softly added some urgency to the drama as we finally find out who the mysterious man is. On top of that, we also see more struggles for our two protagonists as they try not to get too close to each other.

We begin right where we left off with Dong-Chan telling Mi-Ran to stop acting up or he will start liking her. Unable to say anything else, he takes her to get some ice-cream. Here, she asks if he’s still dating Ha-Young. He tells her that he’s not but also warns her that they can’t get any closer to each other as it will be dangerous.

In a bid to get ahead in his new political campaign, Hong-Seok explains to Ha-Young that he wants to tell people he was in charge of the cryonic experiment. He suggests that she become the new CEO while Mi-Ran and Dong-Chan discuss the show where he mentions that he wants to do one where people don’t have access to their phone for a week. At the same time, Hyun-Ki discusses with a colleague the potential interns coming to work, just as Dong-Chang arrives and orders them around.

Mi-Ran encounters Ha-Young in the bathroom where she tells her to be careful not to reveal her story as it could hurt Dong-Chan. Mi-Ranheads to a meeting about the new show soon after but clashes with the writer thanks to a text she sent.

Late at night, Dong-Chang meets with Ha-Young who reports what she found out about Lee Seok Du. He became president of the company but was in a coma for 50 years before miraculously waking up, defying the odds. She finally mentions the night in the hotel room to him and asks why he didn’t come to her room. He sighs, telling her he doesn’t feel the same way as she does, which upsets her greatly.

Ha-Young receives a call from the woman who has a witness of the car explosion and explains that she’s on her way over. As both Ha-Young and Dong-Chan wait for her to arrive, we see the woman being stopped and taken into an alleyway. There, she’s met by her brother-in-law, Lee Hyong Du. We find out that he has been living as his brother and asks her if he knows where Seok Du is. She tells him she has no idea where her husband is and to carry on living as him.

After looking at divorce papers, Young-Sun heads into her son’s room and is shocked to find a picture of him and Mi-Ran on his phone. Meanwhile we see Byong-Sim settling in to his new place and meeting Nam-Tae.

Driving Ha-Young back to her house, Dong-Chan tells her he’s sorry that she was alone for all those years but finally admits that he doesn’t love her anymore. Ji-Hoon receives a call from the broadcasting company telling him he has got the job. In the editing room, Dong-Chan explains to Mi-Ran why he loves his job. He wants to be able to make people happy and laugh more. After pouring his heart out, he thinks that Mi-Ran can do the same with their new show.

As Dong-Chang meets with Hyun-Ki and the CEO, he gets a call from his brother who tells him that Dong-Ju hasn’t come home. After wondering where she could be, he asks the CEO to be present the next time he meets Chairman Lee. Things are still confusing between the two protagonists as they’re trying not to get too close to each other. However, Dong-Chan changes his mind and drives her home. During the drive, she receives a call from Ji-Hoon to tell her he got the job. This makes Dong-Chang a little jealous and starts asking her questions about him.

Byong-Sim decides to send a video of himself to Dong-Chan where he tells him to stay away from his woman while Dong-Chang and his family discuss who Dong-Ju could be seeing. Mi-Ran heads home and finally finds out Byung-Sim is staying there. She rings Young-sun who ends up showing up to sort out her husband.

After seeing the video, Dong-Chan arrives to speak to Byong-Sim and offers him a part in the show. At the same time, an article is shared to everyone about the truth behind Mi-Ran’s identity and how she got the job. Worried, Dong-Chan looks for her everywhere and when he finally finds her, he promises to protect her. The episode closes with Dong-Chan pulling her in for a hug, much to her surprise.

With just four weeks left of this drama, we’re finally seeing the story move forward at a decent pace, partly thanks to the revealing identity of the mysterious chairman. He’s none other than the brother of Lee Seok Du who we find out has been in a coma. I’m guessing he doesn’t want his brother to wake up because he probably wants to stay in power and it looks like he’ll do anything to get his way so this could spell trouble for our protagonists.

While this show hasn’t been the strongest one this year, the finale should hopefully be quite tense and reach the climactic end we’re expected to see when it comes to Korean dramas.


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