Mad For Each Other – K-Drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

Delightfully Daft Dodging

Episode 2 of Mad For Each Other begins at the police station as Hwi-oh and Min-Kyung both sit before a police officer and speak their piece. In fact, Min-Kyung claims Hwi-Oh is a sex offender because he’s wearing an anklet. In reality, it’s actually a key for the bathhouse.

Neither of them will apologize to the other – and in fact Hwi-oh is pointed out as a detective from an old friend who shows up. Well, former detective anyway. Hwi-Oh was fired and currently finds himself struggling with anger management issues and being dumped by his fiancé.

This all blows up when Min-Kyung confronts him outside, calling the man out for his temper. She even claims to have installed a wire in his ear. As she walks away, he follows and the two wind up snapping photos and taking videos of each other to use as evidence.

Eventually they both head home, with Hwi-Oh struggling to hold back tears in the wake of being left alone with his soup. Unable to control his emotions, he heads back to the doctor and asks her to prescribe him something stronger. She mentions his anger though and encourages him to channel this in a more constructive way going forward.

It seems like all of this stems from his moments in the past as a detective. Hwi-Oh and his crew were on a stake-out and denied a warrant to bust into a restaurant. However, Hwi-Oh head in anyway, intent on finding his culprits.

While Hwi-Oh bolted off to catch his culprit, detective Jong-Dae hung back to find evidence. In doing so, he’s smacked in the head with a glass bottle for his troubles. U-Jin meanwhile, is stabbed while Hwi-oh is arrested for assaulting a civilian.

It’s a very messy situation and explains why Hwi-Oh is angry and also at rock bottom in his life.

Well, after running into Hwi-Oh in the doctor’s hallway, he heads to the convenience store where the cashier who was assaulted is currently having her statement taken. However, the detective there notices Hwi-Oh and gushes over his impressive resume.

It’s short-lived though as Hwi-Oh vows to ignore Min-Kyung from now on. True to form, he turns and walks the other way every time she shows up. Only, this goes horribly wrong outside when Min-Kyung calls out Hwi-Oh, suggesting she visit a different psychologist.

As they talk, things grow heated and Min-Kyung calls him a crazy jerk. As he stands up and begins lashing out, she reveals her phone where she’s been recording this whole time. Oh no!

The Episode Review

Mad For Each Other returns for a delightfully daft second chapter as Min-Kyung and Hwi-Oh actively avoid one another in the wake of yesterday’s scandal on the car bonnet.

The two characters certainly have some good chemistry together and this time we learn a little more about Hwi-Oh’s troubled past too. This gig as a detective is a big talking point and clearly the catalyst for his anger issues.

Although we know Min-Kyung has anxiety and a slew of other mental health issues, they haven’t been explored in too much detail just yet. Hopefully they will in the foreseeable future though.

Still, this light and breezy Korean drama gets things off to a decent start across these episodes, setting things up nicely for tomorrow’s follow-up.

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