Mad For Each Other – K-Drama Episode 1 Recap & Review

Bathroom Blunder

Episode 1 of Mad For Each Other begins with a familiar sight for anyone currently living in England. Rain. Lots and lots of rain. This leads to one mishap after another as Hwi-Oh reflects on his bad luck to Psychiatrist Han Jin-Young. She listens to his story and believes he has PTED.

She also notices his bloodied knuckles too. This, as we soon find out, is a result of a run-in with an elevator door.

This coincides nicely with Min-Kyung’s experience, who also happens to be getting therapy. She’s paranoid, believing Hwi-Oh has been following her. That much is especially true given they met in the hallway for this very therapy session.

Hwi-Oh cuts his finger open on his umbrella. Seeing his strained expression, she interprets this as anger and rushes into the elevator, shutting it in his face.

These run-ins continue later in the day too, with Hwi-Oh eating some noodles that definitely don’t agree with him. As he rushes to the nearest bathroom, Min-Kyung is convinced he’s running after her.

Hwi-Oh rushes straight past her though and ends up at home…where he misses out on using the toilet at the last second. It’s a low point for him, prompting his Mother to hand-wash his garments.

While his parents fight and eventually call him lonely, Hwi-oh heads off to the bathhouse alone. At the same time, the shop assistant from earlier heads home where a flasher jumps out in front of her. She snaps a photo for evidence and calls out for help.

Min-Kyung meanwhile, finds a scared dog under the bins and follows it all the way to the parking lot. However, Hwi-Oh marches toward her questioning just what she’s doing. Min-Kyung hurries to the cameras, believing Hwi-Oh is trying to hurt her as the two start screaming in their own ways.

The Episode Review

What an absolutely bizarre Korean drama! Mad For Each Other starts off its three-episode-a-week run with a decent opening chapter, with lots of laughs and questionable bathroom humour.

Now, fans of this will be in their element but the misunderstanding trope is used wonderfully across this 30 minute run. Likewise, the two characters crossing paths “at random” is a nice inclusion – along with them both attending therapy too.

With each episode clocking in at 30 minutes, there’s not a lot to chew through yet but this light and breezy drama certainly gets off to a good start, setting things up nicely for tomorrow’s follow-up.

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3 thoughts on “Mad For Each Other – K-Drama Episode 1 Recap & Review”

  1. Have seen all 13 episodes. Movement was superb in the last five episodes not to mention the “true to life” romance and the effective unveiling of OYS’s reason for her trauma. This is exactly the drama I want to view. Can’t get tired of watching two lovely people in it (JW & OYS) with superb acting, the plot is simple but very well executed, relaxing, entertaining, amusing, and with happy ending. Acknowledgment to the actors, Director, Producer, and staff of this drama. I hope to see more Korean drama like this and with Oh Yeon Seo in it. My rating is five stars.

  2. I loved the show, iit was real life. The actors where great. Looking forward to 2 season.

  3. I have seen three episodes already and in all of that, the two have been shouting and angry with each other. When can this ravaging of each others emotion end so that viewers can also have a relax time with the series? I like them both but this series is making me restless as well. Hoping for a scenario where the two can have a win-win relationship so we can also be happy and relax while viewing the drama.

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