Mad For Each Other – K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Min-Kyung’s Past

Episode 3 of Mad For Each Other picks up back in the park again as Min-Kyung claims her evidence as habitual blackmailing. As she walks away, Hwi-Oh wonders just what happened to make the girl this way.

Well, the two begin a Wifi username war, sparking all the other residents to jump in too with their two-cents. Eventually Min-Kyung settles down to learn some Mandarin but when it tells her to repeat “help me”, it brings back painful memories of the past.

Yesterday’s episode centered on Hwi-Oh’s past and this time we switch the focus to see fragments of Min-Kyung’s, as a man follows her from afar. However, sh’s awoken by the smell of gas and immediately races around the apartment. This, as it turns out, is all part of her anxiety and soon we find out why.

Min-Kyung suffered a nasty break-up. Her life was torn apart thanks to his man, Seon-Ho, who was already married but told her he was divorced. Seon-Ho’s wife showed up at her work office, pouring coffee all over her while she was sitting at the desk.

This news inevitably spread like wildfire across the office, as Min-Kyung ignored calls from Seon-Ho. He certainly didn’t get the message though, showing up at the office, pleading with her to listen and trust him.

He eventually blackmailed her into submission, with videos sent to her phone. In an angry, enraged state, he forced her into his car and drove maniacally while grabbing her hair. This forms the crux of her mental health issues.

Back in the present, Hwi-Oh receives a visit from the Hongjik Jungang Apartment Women’s Association.
They’re in charge of the matters involving the apartment block, and want Hwi-Oh to go out on patrol for them, especially with a pervert out flashing people.

Eventually he agrees, and heads out with the women to help patrol. While they do, Min-Kyung meets one of her old friends, Ji-Eun, who tentatively speaks to her while she’s sitting by the window. When she leaves, she overhears Ji-Eun badmouthing her with her friends. This completely breaks her, shattering the girl’s confidence. Given what we’ve seen about the past, it’s hardly surprising.

Anyway, out in the street the neighbourhood watch stop a crossdresser until Hwi-Oh talks them out of reporting him. After all, he’s not doing anything wrong and he implores the others to see this way of thinking.

When Hwi-Oh returns home, he finds Min-Kyung in a panic, crying over her dog going missing. She pleads with him for help. She believes Hwi-Oh is the one responsible, until Hwi-Oh shows off photo evidence to prove otherwise.

As she pleads with him, holding his arm and begging, Hwi-Oh refuses and walks away. When he does, Min-Kyung walks away with a murderous look.

The Episode Review

Mad For Each Other returns for its third and final episode this week, shedding light on Min-Kyung’s past and why she’s so paranoid and anxious. It’s a pretty devastating reveal too, especially seeing how badly she was treated by her maniacal partner. You can’t help but feel bad for her and being covered in coffee like that is just a complete low blow.

Poor Min-Kyung, it’s easy to understand why she’s reacting this way now but the interactions between the characters do often devolve into shouting matches. I’m guessing this will even out over the weeks though, hopefully with the pair finally easing up on the hostility and growing closer together.

Either way, Mad for Each Other is a solid watch and certainly leaves the door open for next week’s set of episodes.

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