Made for Love – Season 2 Episode 4 “Another Byron, Another Hazel” Recap & Review

Another Byron, Another Hazel

Episode 4 of Made for Love Season 2 begins with Hazel getting ready for the congressional hearing. 

Jay continues to communicate with Zelda, who implies that Fiffany didn’t willingly leave the Hub. In the pasture cube, Fiffany remembers back to giving birth and declaring to the nurse that there was no father.

She’s jolted back to reality by Herringbone. She tells him angrily that she doesn’t know who sold her out. It was Herringbone, but he promotes her idea that perhaps it was Bennett.

In the cloud, “other” Hazel watches the memories of the real Hazel and Byron on TV. She says it doesn’t seem fair that they get to live in real bodies. She and “other” Byron are the better version of them because they actually love each other.

But this other Byron is afraid of things happening to them if they went out there in the world. Hazel latches onto this “if.” Now she knows that they can go out there if they have bodies to enter.

In the Hub, Bennet is scared by a vision of Diane that isn’t really there. This has now happened to him multiple times.

In her hotel room, Hazel calls Hamilton Paints and says she’s looking for “Grey Fox,” just like Jay told her to. A knock sounds at her door.

But it’s just Byron asking her to listen to his speech. He wants her honest opinion, so she tells him it was boring. He’s talking about the human body like it’s “outdated and inefficient.” He needs to connect emotionally with his audience. So, he asks her to help him.

Jay investigates the Hub further, hoping to find the missing people. He comes across a speakeasy, where he finds Keefus and several other coworkers. One of them is Oz Winter.

He asks Oz and Keefus what happens in the Hub if someone gets fired or quits. After all, they’re supposed to be dead. Officially, they say, that’s never happened. Unofficially, someone has wanted out. The rumor is that he relocated to Europe.

Jay goes to Zelda late at night. He says he hasn’t met anyone in the Hub that feels like a real person, except for her. She asks if he has a girlfriend. He doesn’t do relationships; he had to train himself to not feel anything.

At the hearing, Byron says Gogol is no longer pursuing the chip for couples’ communication. He now asks for permission to pursue his new project. But they want to hear about the rumor that Byron already chipped his wife. They turn to Hazel to ask if Bryon violated her and kidnapped her.

Hazel denies it. She supports Byron’s research by telling them about her mother’s death. She says that if she could have anything in the world, it would be to have one more conversation with her mom. So, she can’t help but be personally invested in Gogol’s research.

At an after party, General Restrepo takes Byron away for a chat. She asks what would happen if he uploaded her consciousness into another body. Supposedly, this would suppress the other person’s consciousness, but they would still be alive. She wants to test this using death row inmates as subjects, but he has to think about her proposal.

Meanwhile, “Cloud” Hazel practices being the real-world Hazel. She thinks Herb can help her and the other Byron become real.

A man from the FBI takes Hazel aside to give her a tracking device that looks like lip balm. He instructs her to give it to Jasper (Jay). It will give the FBI the exact location of the Hub so they can storm it and take Byron down.

When she gets back to the party, Byron dances with her. He tells her she was amazing. He’s proud to be her husband out in the world.

They return to their rooms, with Hazel claiming to be a little drunk. She kisses him outside their room. But she stops, supposedly not wanting to rush anything.

In her room, she lies in bed and stares at the lip balm.

The Episode Review

That moment at the end of the episode really sinks in. After everything Hazel has been through, we know she must want to bring Byron down more than anything in the world. That is, almost anything.

Made for Love has well established Hazel’s motivations so that we know exactly what she must be thinking as she lies in bed, staring at the tracking device. She must know she can’t give it to Jay yet, or the FBI will discover the Hub and bring Gogol operations down. There would go her father’s cancer treatments, and who knows what would happen to Zelda.

As such, she finds herself stuck putting on a perfect face and supporting Byron. Cristin Milioti gives a stunning performance in this role, portraying Hazel as a compellingly strong-willed woman caught in her most well-intentioned webs of deceit.

The show does tie in a bit of a weird storyline with the “other” Byron and Hazel. It doesn’t feel like this other reality in the cloud quite yet meshes with the overarching plot. But for now, intriguing character developments save the story.

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