Made for Love – Season 2 Episode 5 “You’re Not the First” Recap & Review

You’re Not the First

Episode 5 of Made for Love Season 2 begins with “Other” Hazel communicating to Herb through the television. Herb believes her when she tells him Byron trapped her. “I need your help.”

“Other” Hazel says Bryon put someone in her actual body. That’s who’s been checking in on him. She has a plan to get out, but she needs a body she can borrow temporarily. She assures him that person will just “get paused.” Herb asks what he has to do.

On the plane, Hazel suggests to Byron they don’t go back to the Hub yet and instead go to Dutton, Montana, so she can see where he grew up. Byron is shaken up by the idea. He says he hasn’t seen his dad since he was 16, but he agrees.

They go into Byron’s childhood home. A man walks up behind Hazel, pointing a gun at her and asking her if she’s Alice. He tells her he’s Greg Benson, and demands to know why she’s in his house.

Byron tells him to put the gun down. It’s Aaron, his brother. He’s been using Byron’s real name ever since he started to face prison time. Aaron then shows him his dad’s grave. He drank himself to death.

Back at the Hub, Jay speaks with Zelda. She tells him there are a few more access tunnels like the one Hazel escaped through and promises to show him.

Meanwhile, Judiff meets up with a man named Donnie. He’s the same guy who saw Hazel on the street after her escape. He tells Judiff about the strange encounter. Judiff thinks this is more evidence that Hazel is now being held against her will. She wants to track Hazel down, and the first step is to go to Montana.

In the pasture cube, Fiffany and Herringbone run through the pasture. They eventually hit a wall and, finding an exit, they pass through. Herringbone says the pasture has different landscapes. They’re in a different one now. Here, he finds pictures of himself and his ex-wife, as well as a picture of Fiffany holding a baby in a hospital bed.

Byron tells Hazel he hasn’t seen his brother for years, but he’s lying. He asks Aaron not to say anything. They talk while Hazel snoops in Aaron’s house, coming upon a room full of guns.

At dinner, Hazel asks who Alice is. Aaron says it’s someone they used to know, and that Hazel could be her sister. The brothers claim they haven’t seen each other since they were eight, when their parents separated them.

Byron shows Hazel the rooftop he used to escape to. She asks why he married her. He says he thought she could save him and fix whatever was wrong with him. 

During Herb’s next treatment, he holds down Dr. Hau and puts “Other” Hazel’s chip inside her head. “Other” Hazel then wakes up in her body.

Herb asks how he will know when she is back in her real body. She says they need a code phrase. He’ll know it’s really her when she says, “No, you’re stupid.”

Before Hazel and Byron leave, Aaron goes to Hazel privately. He tells her she’s not the first one Byron has brought to the Hub. And things didn’t end well for her. Hazel then panics when she can’t find the tracking device the FBI gave her.”

After they leave, Aaron turns the device on and places it at his neighbor Leroy’s house (they have had a long-time feud.) He watches contentedly as the cops arrive and search Leroy’s place.

The Episode Review

The highlight of this episode has to be Angela Lin absolutely nailing Hazel’s mannerisms in this twist on the classic body-switch scenario. It’s a bit unexpected, given that “Other” Hazel herself couldn’t even get the nuances of real Hazel’s character down. But despite the inconsistency, Lin proves that she is going to be enjoyable to watch in this role.

This episode of Made for Love is not at all afraid of leaving some confusing strands hanging. Aaron’s theft of the tracking device and warning to Hazel make for an interesting turn of events, to say the least.

The show keeps the Hazel/Byron dynamic interesting by keeping us on our toes as to how each is feeling about the other. I have no doubts that Hazel still has murderous thoughts toward Byron and is fully committed to deceiving him. Still, it seems as if she–from time to time–has flashes of sympathy for her abusive husband.

What do you think about Hazel and Byron’s relationship? Do you think Byron truly loves her? Do you think Hazel truly hates him?

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