Made for Love – Season 2 Episode 3 “Diane… We’re in Trouble” Recap & Review

Diane… We’re in Trouble

Episode 3 of Made for Love Season 2 begins with the uploaded version of Byron gifting Hazel with a lounge he made. They both say they are very happy there, but Hazel wishes she could touch him. Byron says there’s other ways for them to connect. They start dancing, and color fills the white room.

Since Herb caught sight of Bennett, he no longer trusts Hazel. When she holds out his medicine for him to take, he pretends to swallow it.

Meanwhile, Herringbone and Fiffany continue to suffer in the pasture cube. Fiffany remembers her marriage to Ignacio. She tells Herringbone they have to find a way out. Later, a piano appears.

Herringbone knows the piano is intended to torture him. It’s the same one he and his ex-wife loved to play. He came home one day to find a letter from his wife on the piano, with a book to explain why she left him. He read the book and still couldn’t find an answer.

Herringbone knows the entire purpose of the pasture is to torture its inhabitants. He asks Fiffany what her trigger is. Fiffany says she hasn’t seen hers.

At the Hub, Keefus works with Zelda, but has no luck communicating with her until Jay gives it a shot. The dolphin immediately begins speaking to the FBI agent.

Byron talks to Hazel about the congressional hearing coming up, where he will give a speech about his project: to upload individual consciousness to preserve someone forever. Hazel isn’t charmed by the idea. She says they’d still be in a computer. You couldn’t hug or smell them.

When Byron leaves, she goes to his laptop to search for “Oz Winter,” one of the people the FBI is looking for. No file comes up for the name.

As Byron returns, Keefus arrives to tell them that Zelda is talking. Hazel and Byron rush there to see what’s going on. Byron ends up putting Jay on Zelda duty full time, as he has the “magic touch.”

Back at the house, Herb sees that the medical team is coming for him and fakes passing out. When they put him in the medical center, he gets up, and Bennet screams. He tells him he’s in the Hub, that they’re curing his cancer all because of Hazel.

Bennett explains the Hub to Herb. He takes him to different places, such as the moon. Herb soon agrees to stick around until his treatments are done–for Hazel. When a work matter comes up, Bennet leaves Herb in a beach simulation.

Bennett comes to Byron with “disturbing video footage,” which Hazel wants to see. He shows them a video of Judiff yelling on the news that Hazel has been kidnapped and trapped in a secret Hub.

Hazel tells Byron he needs to work on a response for the congressional hearing. She suggests that she go with him to D.C. People won’t think she’s kidnapped if she’s standing next to him.

Byron goes to see Herb at the beach, having found out about his situation. He tells Herb it’s best that he doesn’t tell Hazel he knows he’s in the Hub, and promises he doesn’t want to control Hazel anymore; he loves her. He’s simply asking for a second chance. Herb agrees, but he’ll inform Hazel if he senses any danger.

At home, Hazel tells Herb she’s going camping with Bangles to cover for her D.C. trip. Herb tries to convince her to stay. Herb says he wants them to have more openness in their relationship, that she never talks to him anymore.

Hazel tries to turn this accusation back on him. She says she used to talk to him after Mom died, when he was passed out drunk. He says she acts like the biggest victim in the world, and she storms out.

Later, she meets Jay on the rooftop cube. He tells her how to get in contact with the FBI. Whatever happens, Hazel insists that her dad needs to finish his treatment, and they need to get Zelda out of there. “What about you?” Jay asks. “What would make you okay?” But she doesn’t know.

Hazel asks if he remembers their date on the outside. She says that was one of the few moments she remembers feeling okay. She leans in, and they kiss, which leads to sex on the rooftop.

Hazel remembers Jay’s advice on how to deal with Byron. He said the best way to distract someone is to make them believe they’re about to get what they want.

She climbs into bed with Byron that night, saying she thought she’d sleep there since they’re leaving so early in the morning.

The Episode Review

For now, Made for Love is slowly building up to the season’s climactic action, weaving in smaller story threads here and there. There’s a lot of setting up for the future plot going on here, but that leaves several moments feeling anticlimactic and without purpose for this episode (i.e. Fiffany and Herringbone’s situation in the pasture cube; Herb’s knowledge of his surroundings).

The big reveal in this episode is Judiff’s attempts to get Hazel out. But it’s Hazel’s response that opens the story up for some exciting drama outside the Hub.

Does Hazel have bigger plans for Washington than simply contacting the FBI? Will she manage to con Byron into believing she’s truly coming to love him?

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