Love To Hate You – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

You Are Not What I Expected

Episode 4 of Love To Hate You starts with Kang-ho and Mi-ran signing a contract about their new arrangement. Mi-ran drafts the paper, stating that she will train him how to fight in exchange for a fee but keeps the terms amicable so as to not cause Kang-ho a lot of financial damage.

Kang-ho is shocked to see that she is not trying to get a lot of money from him. Mi-ran claims that as his lawyer, it is her duty to protect his finances. Kang-ho is impressed but tries to feign ignorance. The two shake on it and Mi-ran informs her boss about her new role as Kang-ho’s new trainer.

The boss warns Mi-ran against messing things up with Kang-ho as well as her responsibilities at the firm. Kang-ho tells the stunt coordinator that he had a new trainer who was training him to be a real thug. Won-jun is worried about Kang-ho now that he has invited Mi-ran into his house.

He claims that she could be an anti-fan of Kang-ho leaving the actor worried. Na-eun is also suspicious of the sudden arrangement that Mi-ran is in. She thinks that Kang-ho is into Mi-ran and wants to get with her by making up the training fiasco.

Mi-ran claims that she isn’t like Na-eun and won’t fall for the actor just like that. She claims that Na-eun’s exes were able to swindle money from her because she isn’t suspicious of the guys she is with like she should be. A gossip channel on the internet releases a video maligning Soo-jin’s reputation slut shaming her online.

Mi-ran and her boss talk to Won-jun and tell them that Mi-ran will be on top of this scandal. Won-jun tells the boss that he does not trust Mi-ran with Kang-ho and wants her taken off his cases. Soo-jin is upset that Won-jun is prioritising Kang-ho over her even during this call while Mi-ran is shocked by Won-jun’s accusations.

Soo-jin lashes at Won-jun but the CEO apologises to make things right with his actress. Grace shows up at Won-jun’s office and tells him that actress – Oh Se-na was picked as the female lead of the movie. Won-jun is worried. The episode moves to show Oh Se-na being stood up by her date. She calls her boyfriend and breaks things up with him.

On the way, she sees a billboard with Kang-ho’s face on it and sobs. She recalls breaking things off with Kang-ho back in the day when she was more famous than her because she was seen with him. Back then, Se-na had claimed that Kang-ho was a stalker and was following her.

Won-jun tells Kang-ho that in order to seek revenge on Se-na, he needed to become a more famous actor than her. Kang-ho is visibly upset with the breakup and can be seen crying as the two friends drink. Back in the present day, Won-jun calls Se-na and asks her to meet with him.

Mi-ran visits Soo-jin in the detention centre because she crashed her husband’s car out of rage over the rumour. Won-jun meets with Se-na and asks her to back off from the movie and leave Kang-ho alone but she claims that she wants to get back with her ex now.

The CEO tries to reason with Se-na but she is adamant about apologising to Kang-ho but doing the film nevertheless. Won-jun is amused by Se-na’s antics and knows that she stands no chance with Kang-ho after what she did to him. Soo-jin is throwing a temper tantrum and starts chatting with Mi-ran about everything but the incident. Mi-ran does not seem too fazed by her behaviour and follows along.

The two women bond and spend the day chatting with each other but make no progress in getting Soo-jin out of the detention centre. Kang-ho is training to drive like a pro noir actor and is anticipating his training session with Mi-ran.

Won-jun tells Kang-ho that Se-na will be his female lead and the actor is worried. He starts experiencing a panic attack and Won-jun asks him to back off from the film. Kang-ho wonders why it is he who always suffers when it comes to Se-na. Mi-ran texts Kang-ho and asks for a rain check as she won’t be able to make it to their first training session.

The two move the session to the next day and Mi-ran agrees despite it being her birthday. Kang-ho decides to do the film anyway while Mi-ran spends most of her birthday with Soo-jin in the detention centre without making a fuss. Soo-jin asks to be friends with Mi-ran and the two women enjoy the afternoon as besties.

Mi-ran shows up to train Kang-ho and the session is chaotic as ever. The lawyer is better than Kang-ho imagines and the actor cannot do anything to tackle her. Mi-ran manages to knock Kang-ho out. When he is passed out, Mi-ran tries to hack into his mobile phone to get the little girl’s phone number.

When she is about to call, Kang-ho wakes up. Just then, Sung-sup brings the girl over and Kang-ho introduces her as his niece. Mi-ran is shocked and starts berating herself for badmouthing a harmless guy like Kang-ho. As Kang-ho drops his niece off, he introduces himself to her friends over video chat in order to prove that Ji-woo is really related to Kang-ho.

Once he is back inside, Mi-ran starts patronising Kang-ho and feels bad for going too hard on her. Now, Mi-ran thinks highly of Kang-ho and wonders how he just became more appealing to her. Mi-ran is out of her element and Kang-ho ends up beating her to a pulp during their training session.

The actor calls it a day and drops Mi-ran outside when he overhears Jin-suh’s call to her that it was her birthday. Kang-ho is surprised that Mi-ran was happy to be kicked and hit on her birthday, a day on which most women expect princess treatment. He is upset and wants to treat her to dinner as an apology.

Kang-ho is smitten by Mi-ran and starts asking unnecessary questions like if she were single. When Mi-ran states that she was single, the two start chatting over drinks and food. Hearing Mi-ran’s story about how a perverted old man prompted her to learn fighting surprises Kang-ho further and he has it down bad for her.

He asks Mi-ran why she likes him and the lawyer starts praising Kang-ho’s looks and physique. Kang-ho is blushing by now and promises Mi-ran a special gift of one date with her idol – Kang-ho. Mi-ran is shocked out of her mind and tries to chicken out. She states that it was getting late, calling it a night.

Outside the restaurant, seeing how Mi-ran is still bruised from his attack, Kang-ho offers to hug her as compensation. Kang-ho claims that he was doing fan service for his fan and embraces the lawyer. Kang-ho is actually worried about why he is not having a panic attack now that he is so close to a woman. He tries to test a theory and gives Mi-ran a peck on the lips.

The Episode Review

This one came as no surprise. Viewers saw the romance between Kang-ho and Mi-ran from a mile away. Who does not want a guy that hates every other woman in the world but you? However, now seeing the reason behind Kang-ho’s anxiety attack, I can see why he hates actresses and ‘it girls’ so much.

Kang-ho was heartbroken by a materialistic girl and he now hates every woman who is materialistic as a result. However, when he sees Mi-ran, a woman who is unlike the rest and does not seek princess-like treatment, Kang-ho cannot help but contain his emotions.

However, I do not think Mi-ran’s hatred of men is similar in the least. Mi-ran has only had bad experiences with men and it seems like she is done trying to change men or find one that is the best one for her. Now, Mi-ran is more focused on paying her bills and enjoying her life.

The plot of the show is really interesting and the main couple really are the definition of opposites attract. I can’t wait to see how the couple deals with their first kiss in the episode to come!

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