Love To Hate You – K-Drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

Love is Just an Experiment, Life is the Real Thing

Episode 5 of Love To Hate You starts with Mi-ran in the restroom thinking about how her lie of being Kang-ho’s fan is going to cost her a lot. At work, Mi-ran is being yelled at for not putting enough effort into getting Soo-jin released. Mi-ran recalls her kiss with Kang-ho from the night before.

After seeing the actor up close and his unexpected initiation of the kiss, Mi-ran ends up reciprocating and kissing the actor back. As soon as things start getting serious, Kang-ho pushes her away. Kang-ho tries to cover up the push by claiming it was all part of his fan service. Mi-ran loses her mind and confesses that she never was a fan of Kang-ho.

She narrates her first impression of him at the hotel resort and claims she wanted to teach him a lesson. Kang-ho is upset and now realises that Mi-ran is only his anti-fan. Back in the present day, Kang-ho is lost while having breakfast with Won-jun. He tells the CEO about his dinner with Mi-ran but conveniently leaves out the kiss.

Mi-ran is breaking a sweat in the office gym and recalls how things ended with Kang-ho the night before. Kang-ho and Won-jun meet up with Se-na and her CEO in order for the actress to apologise to Kang-ho for their controversial breakup. Se-na has a pale face, all thanks to her makeup artist and apologises to Kang-ho.

At Gilmu, Mi-ran is a pro at her job with Soo-jin’s case but also at neutralising her colleagues’ efforts at asking her out. She ends up telling Jin-suh that she is not interested in him anymore but generally has a flirtatious personality that has nothing to do with him. Jin-suh and Mi-ran get called in about a controversy involving Kang-ho.

The same gossip network that released the rumour about Soo-jin has made a report that Kang-ho was in a homosexual relationship with Won-jun which is why he had a crystal clear dating record. Mi-ran knows that it is not true but cannot prove the rumours without solid evidence.

Kang-ho and Won-jun are spending time away from each other in order to avoid more rumours.  The makers of the movie have also put things on hold because of the scandal. Won-jun suggests that the actor should expose his past relationship with Se-na in order to get away from the rumour that he is gay. Kang-ho finds the idea absurd.

Soo-jin is finally released from the detention centre and tries to push Mi-ran in the right direction to diffuse Kang-ho’s gay rumour. The next day, Won-jun arranges a meeting between Kang-ho and Se-na without informing the actor. Se-na is crying and apologises to Kang-ho for the heartbreak but the actor is no longer affected by her.

After the two have left, Kang-ho thinks about how he would look in the noir movie but that the scandal had ruined everything for him. When Won-jun is dropping Se-na off, he gets a call from a report claiming he had solid evidence to prove that Kang-ho wasn’t gay.

Mi-ran tries to tackle the situation by talking to who she thinks is the informant. Turns out, the actress that worked on Kang-ho’s last drama was the one who spread the rumour about him. Mi-ran and Jin-suh give the actress and her boss notice about their other scandals in order to make things even.

On her flight, Na-eun is harassed by a rich pervert. She is frustrated when she tells Mi-ran about the incident. The two decide to blow off steam by hitting the club. At the club, Na-eun and Mi-ran dance the night away but end up running into the same pervert who was hitting on Na-eun on the flight.

He asks the girls to join him because he has something “fun” from America. Mi-ran drags Na-eun along because she is sure the man has illegal drugs on him. Together in the private room, Mi-ran starts secretly filming the pervert and his friends taking drugs and alerts the cops.

Meanwhile, Won-jun is shocked to see that the reporter has photos of Kang-ho kissing a woman from the night before the rumour was spread. Won-jun indirectly convinces the reporter to leak the photos and spread the news that Kang-ho is a taken man. In the private room, the pervert starts getting handsy with Na-eun and doesn’t let the girls leave.

This triggers Mi-ran and she beats all the guys in the room to a pulp. Na-eun also starts throwing hands at the men until the cops arrive and arrest everyone from the room. In lockup, Mi-ran and Na-eun wonder how much they will be sued for attacking the rich pervert and his friends. Mi-ran and Na-eun are released because they are informants.

Outside the station, Na-eun asks Mi-ran about the fighting sessions with Kang-ho. Mi-ran finally confesses that she called Kang-ho a jerk. She recalls how she hadn’t apologised to him for that. The next morning, Won-jun interrogates Kang-ho about the photos and is shocked when he learns that the woman in the pictures was Mi-ran.

Won-jun is more shocked to learn that Kang-ho did not have an anxiety attack when he kissed Mi-ran but finds it odd that the actor did not go all the way into sleeping with her if things were all good. Kang-ho confesses that Mi-ran didn’t like him like that which further shocks Won-jun.

Inside the house, Kang-ho receives a call from Mi-ran who is apologising for calling the actor a jerk. As the two try to sort out their differences, Won-jun overhears the conversation. The CEO is still unsure why Mi-ran rejected him despite being his fan. Won-jun asks Mi-ran to meet him for a private chat.

In private, Won-jun claims that the photos of their kiss will go viral the following day and asks for her consent in establishing a fake relationship between him and Mi-ran. It seems that Mi-ran agreed to fake date Kang-ho because of the news reports blowing up about the actor’s new girlfriend.

Se-na is heartbroken when she reads this news but Kang-ho’s fans are all rejoicing. In order to maintain their story, Kang-ho and Mi-ran go out on a date in his car. Mi-ran wants to put on a show for the reporters that may be tailing them and kisses Kang-ho on the cheek. The actor is surprisingly unfazed and gets up close to her to pull her seatbelt.

The Episode Review

This drama just keeps getting better and better. One would have assumed Kang-ho was gay from the trailer but for the actor to be involved in a gay scandal really shows how gossip channels thrive in Korea. From the rumour about Soo-jin’s affair to the rumour about Kang-ho’s sexuality, this show is highlighting how rumours are something every celebrity suffers from in equal measure.

The lawyers in this episode are not really doing a great job at the law aspect of these scandals and I wonder why the set-up was an Entertainment Company working with a Law Firm instead of the same set-up as Shooting Star where a lawyer was on call for a complete agency.

However, with that being said the show overall is one that will cause a laugh riot. The chaotic turn this first kiss between Kang-ho and Mi-ran took, only for them to fake a date, is one that I was looking forward to. Now we only have to wait until they will hopefully fall in love for real!

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