Love To Hate You – K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

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Episode 3 of Love To Hate You sees Mi-ran being worried about the things Kang-ho was up to. She claims that he is a pervert and would bring him down now that she knows he is grooming a minor as a 36-year-old. Mi-ran hatches a plan to rescue the young girl knowing how influential the actor is. Kang-ho is at the press conference where he fakes a picture-perfect image.

His co-star is no longer fazed by Kang-ho’s words. At Gilmu law firm, Mi-ran is shocked at how these so-called lawyers handle celebrity cases with little to no care about the women involved in the scandals. After losing her mind at the meeting, Mi-ran goes to the office gym to blow off some steam.

While Kang-ho is out for dinner that evening, a large group of female fans mob the restaurant. A girl who is the President of Kang-ho’s fan club orders the girls to calm down but the fans seem to be excited to see their favourite actor. Won-jun is worried that the mob will start to grow more vicious and asks for Kang-ho’s lawyer – Jin-suh to help calm things down.

At the same time, Mi-ran wonders how she can help save the young girl from Kang-ho, the predator. She calls Jin-suh with the hope of working on one of Kang-ho’s scandals with him but the guy is drunk out of his mind. He assumes that Mi-ran wants to get together with him and brags about it to his colleague.

Immediately after that, Jin-suh gets a call from Kang-ho’s manager who asks Jin-suh to show up at the restaurant. With no one to help him out, because he is drunk, Jin-suh asks Mi-ran to follow up with Kang-ho’s manager and sort things out. Mi-ran is elated and rushes to the restaurant.

She manages to threaten the fans with a stalking charge and manages to tame the girls into leaving the place. At the team dinner with the cast, Won-jun hears from Kang-ho’s manager, Sang-sup about Mi-ran being a joint attorney to manage Kang-ho’s scandals.

Won-jun is shocked but agrees to meet Mi-ran. Kang-ho asks if Mi-ran was trying to get with him by working for the actor. Mi-ran is shocked by the accusation and demonstrates her moves on Kang-ho to show him she would be great as his bodyguard. When Kang-ho tries to grab her hand, Mi-ran twists his arm and immediately tackles him.

Despite the attack, Kang-ho seems impressed but Won-jun apologises to Mi-ran and states they would not need a new lawyer. Outside, Kang-ho is still thinking about Kang-ho’s moves leaving Won-jun shocked. Meanwhile, Jin-suh sings praises of Mi-ran to his colleague claiming that she is too good for anyone she is with.

Mi-ran waits outside the restaurant for Kang-ho to leave and offers to drive him home when Won-jun gets busy. As Sang-sup is unwell and there are no cabs at the time, Kang-ho accepts the offer. Seeing how Mi-ran is swift with her driving skills, Kang-ho asks Mi-ran to take a turn from a very narrow alleyway on purpose to throw Mi-ran off.

Mi-ran manages all the turns and alleys without a scratch to the car leaving Kang-ho further impressed with her. Meanwhile, Won-jun is stuck having drinks with the assistant director of Kang-ho’s show. Mi-ran’s driving not only shocks Kang-ho but he ends up allowing her to handle his cases.

Mi-ran is excited and Kang-ho claims that she shouldn’t hope that this would get the two to date. Mi-ran gets awkward and leaves but is happy about getting to work closely with Kang-ho in order to save the little girl. Won-jun is with Grace, a producer who tells him about a noir film by the popular filmmaker – Yoo Sung-jun.

Grace claims that the director was still looking for his main leads and Won-jun recommends Kang-ho as the main lead. He claims that Kang-ho really wants to do something out of the romance genre and would love to read the script. Grace claims that Won-jun should care for her as much as he did for Kang-ho.

The next day, Mi-ran and Jin-suh are interrogated by their boss about the sudden change in Kang-ho’s personality. He wonders how Mi-ran got Kang-ho to change his mind about dealing with a female lawyer. Won-jun too is shocked by the change in Kang-ho’s behaviour towards women but ignores that to surprise the actor with the script.

Kang-ho is elated about the film and immediately agrees to be in the movie without even reading the script. Kang-ho grabs Won-jun and starts kissing him, thanking his friend and boss. At the same time, Mi-ran learns shocking details about Kang-ho’s aversion to his female actresses.

That night, Mi-ran tells Na-eun how both Kang-ho and Soo-jin are the most chaotic clients in the law firm. The next day, Kang-ho is prepping for his intense role in the noir movie. The meeting with Mr Yoo is short and intense because the director does not speak at all.

Grace does all his talking and tells Won-jun and Kang-ho that the director is still looking for the main lead. Kang-ho stops Won-jun from making a recommendation for his female lead and claims that he will be comfortable working with whichever actress the director decides.

They discuss details about the stunt coordinator who will be working with Kang-ho to prepare him for the role. The stuntman claims that Kang-ho is too stiff and not well-suited for the role because his fighting is very mechanical. The stunt coordinator is not impressed with Kang-ho’s performance in the least and the actor is dejected.

Mi-ran looks up more information about Kang-ho and arrives at his house in order to gather evidence about him. Just outside, Kang-ho calls and asks to meet with Mi-ran. She lies that she was around his house and could meet him soon. Kang-ho wants to ask Mi-ran to teach him how to fight but Mi-ran thinks he is trying to get with him.

Kang-ho invites her inside and explains that he wants Mi-ran to train him to fight like a non-traditional fighter. Mi-ran is amused but gives Kang-ho a demonstration of her skills. The two fight off and Mi-ran is able to overpower Kang-ho as if it’s nothing.

The Episode Review

This one keeps getting better and better. From Mi-ran’s chaos, which always puts her in messy situations, to Kang-ho’s hatred for women that seems to haunt him like a plague, these characters are definitely ones that grow on you. I love the bromance between Won-jun and Kang-ho but I am sure there is something going on between him and Grace.

It is possible that the two are past lovers or that Grace has a one-sided crush on Won-jun but he is unwilling to commit. I suspect there is going to be some romance between him and Na-eun but that will likely happen with time. For now, the chaos between Kang-ho and Mi-ran is hilarious and I can’t wait for more chaotic moments in the episodes to come.

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