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What Kind Of Woman Is She?

Episode 14 of Lovestruck In The City begins with Eun-O making ramyeon for everyone. Although Rin-I and Geon’s have lots of cockles, Jae-Won’s unfortunately has none. Well, while sat at dinner together Geon tells Eun-O that the rent is going up by 20% which causes her to begin shouting loudly in annoyance. Jae-Won is puzzled over her attitude, trying to work out exactly who this girl is.

Back home, in a sense of irony, Jae-Won realizes that Eun-O has left her suitcase behind. Opening it up, it turns out to be empty. Will he give it back to her? Anyway, Eun-O continues to phone clients for O3, doing her best to try and drum up work to offset the rent increase.

Meanwhile, Keong-Jun makes some spaghetti for Rin-I as a way to cheer her up after she loses her job at the cosmetic store. While he thinks she’ll be upset, Rin-I is in surprisingly high spirits about it all. Well, Kyeong-Jun suggests she study to become a teacher, offering to pay for her tuition. Rin-I simply tells her she’s happy with her life as it is right now. Kyeong-Jun is not so sure.

At work, Jae-Won learns that O3 has won the bidding, which means the team leader will be Jae-Won. When he finds out, a wry smile crosses Jae-Won’s face while Eun-O simply sighs loudly. Well, Jae-Won checks online and notices numerous updates from Eun-O that hint toward their summer together. Realizing this means she does like him, Jae-Won drives up to her apartment. Only…he crashes into Eun-O’s car and completely ruins his romantic gesture.

This soon turns heated when Eun-o shows up and the two begin talking. Talking turns to accusations. Accusations turn to insults. And then Eun-O’s ring drops from around her neck. Now Jae-Won has confirmation that she hasn’t moved on. He pleads with Eun-O to admit her true feelings until she eventually leans forward and kisses him. Jae-Won kisses back as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Lovestruck In The City finally sees our main couple kiss after the reveal of the rings is shown off in all its glory. Now Jae-Won knows that Eun-o cares about him and the kiss at the end is the perfect way for them to heal and move on again.

This show hasn’t always had the smoothest rides but these later episodes are definitely bringing everything together in the best possible way. It’s nicely tied into the supporting characters too with Rin-I and Kyeong-Jun contrasting Jae-Won and Eun-O’s turbulent moments together.

The ending certainly leaves the door wide open though, promising a dramatic episode to come next week.

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2 thoughts on “Lovestruck In The City – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap & Review”

  1. Waaaoow I agree with both reviews. They gave a different perspectives. I look forward to reading your reviews.

  2. I am so bored by this series I have not even bothered to watch the last 1.5 episodes though I have read your reviews to confirm that the script is as predictable as I had foreseen: it was pretty evident that they would be working together professionally. You have been very generous in your review. The reason I started watching k-drama is because it’s quirky and different. With this series trying hard to be a cross between Friends and Sexless in the City, it’s fallen flat for me. I know it’s just a drama but it’s hard to enjoy it if the lead characters start to get annoying.

    I can’t stand narcissistic Eun-O. The wooden actress Kim Ji Won has only made her more unlikeable. Despite having very caring close friends, a caring mother Euon-O only ever thinks about herself. We are supposed to believe she is capable of having excellent marketing consultancy that she magically built up in a year although we the audience have never seen rational coherent behaviour from her. She crys into her soup at the surfing place and is immediately offered a job by a caring couple. So much needless pathos where she walks through the sand in heels. Surely she had another pair of shoes in that huge suitcase? That’s when I stopped watching.

    People are always looking out for Eun-O and rescuing her from herself but she can’t even give the drunk sports teacher directions to her home to make sure she does not freeze to death. I would have liked a LOT more screen time for the writer and sports teacher, both are excellent actors. They have been short-changed by the script, one only has the function of being a loyal friend to an undeserving Eun-O and the other a drunken sex freak.

    With all the suspense that had been needlessly built up in past episodes, I was expecting a really spectacular reason for Eun-O’s psycho personality. Would she perhaps be a nuclear scientist from North Korea who was being chased by the CIA? What an anti-climax that was. And although she was so heartbroken, it didn’t seem to stop her from “marrying” Jae Won within the same month almost. Jae Won’s character is a litte incoherent too. If he is so quick to fall “in love” with someone without knowing one thing about them, I wonder how come he was still single anyway. His standards don’t seem to be very high.

    It would have been a better series if all three couples had equal time. At this point, the person I’m rooting for is Eun-O’s, ex, the one who had the good sense to get away.

    I think the only reason this drama has any viewers is JCW’s loyal female viewer base who think he’s adorable even when the character is little more than a doormat, albeit one who comes with all the bells and whistles that make him a good catch.

    I’ll be reading your reviews to see how it ends.

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